DOTC offers funding opportunities to NAC members through monthly solicitations called Request for White Papers (RWP).  The RWP offers NAC members the opportunity to propose prototype technologies to the Government’s technology requirements. 

As of 2021, DOTC will be releasing a new Request for White Papers (RWP) each month according to the below schedule. The White Paper submission window will be open for 21 days from the solicitation release date. If you have requirements you would like to release in an upcoming solicitation, please email us at usarmy.pica.usamc.mbx.dotc-mailbox@mail.mil.

To view complete solicitation information please visit the NAC Members Only site. This site is only accessible by NAC Members who have a member login for the site. Government users can view complete solicitation information on the Government Only site. If you do not have a username and password, please click here to request access.


*Note, all dates are subject to change.