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0 Base Design LLC

0 Base Design LLC is a small business that specializes in research, development, and prototype manufacturing and integration for mechatronic systems. We design and develop highly integrated mecheanical-electrical systems exploiting advanced processing, sensing, and actuation. We have expertise with mechatronic systems that exploit nano-composite thin film coating technologies and structural composites to produce disruptive solutions. We have extensive expertise with adaptive signal and data processing technologies, data analytics and multi-physic simulation. We have a prototype laboratory that includes vertical milling machine, CNC lathe, MIG/TIG welding, plasma cutting, micro-gram measurement scales, ultra¬sonic cleaning and 64-processor server cluster for simulation. We have expertise with OpenFOAM, use and development, including compressible external and internal flow, explosives simulation and structural impact, reacting chemical flows, Lagrangian particle tracking. We have the ability to simulate media (e.g., sand) flowing over or through structures and simulating erosion of the surfaces during the flow events for compressible flow with mixed rotating and static reference frames. We work with a broad range of organizations in support of larger development efforts.

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A.T. Kearney Public Sector and Defense Services, LLC

A.T. Kearney, Inc. is a high value global management consulting firm that combines strategic insight, tailored solutions and a collaborative working style to help clients achieve sustainable results. We work with government defense organizations and commercial aerospace and defense companies to tackle their most complex and mission-critical challenges while delivering unmatched returns on consulting investment. A.T. Kearney is known for its distinctive, collegial culture and down-to-earth, approachable consultants with a passion for doing innovative client work. We focus our resources, leverage our purpose-built organization, and drive excellence in all we do to ensure we are collaborative, authentic, and forward-thinking.

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A-Tech Corporation d.b.a. ATA Applied Technology Associates

Applied Technology Associates (ATA), headquartered in New Mexico, provides advanced technology and products for directed energy weapons, laser communications, and space systems, specializing in inertial navigation, precision pointing and stabilization, and controls systems. ATA personnel have designed, developed, integrated, delivered, and field-tested beam control systems for space, flight, maritime, and ground high energy laser (HEL) and laser communication applications. ATA is a market leader in integrated pointing control, tracking and image processing systems crucial to acquiring and tracking targets. ATA also manufactures fast steering mirrors and optical inertial reference unit components and beam control subsystems.

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AAI Corporation

AAI Corporation develops, produces, supports, and upgrades complex equipment for U.S. Department of Defense and international defense customers. Their manufacturing capabilities range from production of one-of-a-kind prototypes to full production of complete sophisticated systems. In the field, our highly skilled engineers and technicians are embedded with platoons standing shoulder to shoulder with U.S. warfighters, developing creative and resourceful support techniques that go well beyond manuals and ordinary training in support of mission success. In addition, our asset management team works around the clock to keep components and morale flowing to many sites where AAI systems are deployed.

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Accurate Energetics Systems LLC

AES has a variety of presses with specialty tooling to press most high explosives into a wide range of cylindrical sizes within the constraints of density and length to diameter ratios. They can also melt pour various high explosive formulations into a wide range of military and commercial applications. AES also has the capabilities to L.A.P. products for various applications such as severance charges, breaching systems and demolition blocks.

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Ace Electronic Defense Systems

Ace Electronics Defense Systems is a privately held, Service-Disabled, Veteran-Owned Small Business and is ISO 9001:2008 certified. The company specializes in electronics manufacturing services to include electronic and mechanical design, manufacturing of cabling assemblies, diagnostic repair and integration services including higher-level assemblies and box builds for a wide range of military requirements. Our manufacturing facility supports rapid prototyping and full scale production runs and is equipped with the latest manufacturing and test equipment, as well as injection molding machines. Ace Electronics is also an IT Services provider with many years of experience in designing and installing building infrastructure. As a distributor for many of the major hardware manufacturers, we are able to provide our customers with a significant cost savings. Ace Electronics has performed numerous facility installations to include many of the new facilities constructed as a result of the Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) in Aberdeen Proving Ground. Ace has recently integrated the new C4ISR SIL in the TCD facility.

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Acquisition Systems Associates, Inc.

Acquisition Systems Associates, Inc. (ASA), is a certified, non-traditional, small business focused on fielding major weapons systems. Our staff provides professional, technical, engineering and life-cycle services supporting the Defense & Space industry and have been involved with fielding many high visibility systems in use today. We have consistently delivered quality performance, on or ahead of schedule and under budget. ASA has a DCAA compliant accounting system. ASA was founded in September 2010 by Gary J. Gray.

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Action Manufacturing Company

Action is a major manufacturer of precision ordnance products. The company's two divisions-- Fuze/Safe & Arming and Explosives/Pyrotechnics--serve the U.S. Government, friendly foreign governments, and numerous domestic and international commercial firms.

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Adranos, Inc.

Adranos, Inc. is currently developing a groundbreaking solid rocket propellant called ALITEC that uses an aluminum-lithium alloy fuel that increases rocket performance by up to 16.4%. ALITEC improves upon traditional propellants by eliminating the inefficient large molten droplets that form during metal combustion (i.e., slag formation). ALITEC has the potential to increase range of certain missile systems by more than 40%.

Advance Concepts Engineering, LLC

Advance Concepts Engineering provides world-class System of Systems Engineering and Software Engineering expertise throughout the system lifecycle to solve complex problems and deliver innovative solutions exceeding customer satisfaction. Specifically, our expertise includes: •System of System (SoS) System Engineering
•Architecture Engineering
•M&S Engineering
•Software Engineering
•Decision Support Technologies
•System Integration, Test & Prognostics
•Training including advance Computer Based Training (CBT)
and the application of these technologies to address and solve real world issues. We have all the resources your organization needs to successfully guide your projects from concept to implementation. We leverage our experience, wealth of best practice resources, and state-of-the-art techniques to provide you with high-value services and deliverables that will ensure your goals are achieved.

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Advanced Hydrogen Technologies Corporation

A newly developed Non-Explosive Technology (NEXT) produces ultra-high pressure hydrogen. This technology has been applied in the development of welding (impact bonding) similar and dissimilar metals, whereby a projectile material is launched into a stationary material. Specific impact conditions form a superior cold weld with no heat-effected zone, thus preventing degradation of the material properties of each of the joined materials. A variety of materials that previously could not be joined through conventional welding methods have been achieved through NEXT with funding provided by the NSF. North Carolina State University has verified and quantified that the bonded test materials have symmetrical wave morphology and a hermetically sealed transition, exhibiting superior strength - greater than that of the materials being bonded. Unlike traditional Explosive Welding (EXW) used to bond dissimilar metals, NEXT is portable, allowing near-net shaped and net-shaped parts to be bonded directly to one another or onto large fixed objects. Additionally, the welded joint prevents galvanic corrosion and electrical arcing between sensitive electronic components. Due to eliminating the shockwaves associated with explosives, AHPT is exploring the joining of ceramics and carbides to steel. The research has led to the discovery of the propulsion characteristics that may achieve vast improvements over conventional gun powders for small and large munitions as well as testing devices.

Advanced Materials & Manufacturing Technologies, LLC

Advanced Materials & Manufacturing Technologies is an eclectic team of materials scientists, product engineers and diverse industry experts with over 150 years of hands-on problem solving expertise in engineered materials and new product development. AM2T is a member of the National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA), National Warheads and Energetics Consortium (NWEC), Metal Powder Industries Federation (MPIF).

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Advanced Powder Products, Inc.

Advanced Powder Products, Inc. (APP) is a small business located in Philipsburg, PA. For over 10 years, APP has specialized in the design and development of advanced metal, ceramic, and plastic components that find particular application in ordnance fuzing, MEMS S&A devices, and warhead fabrication. APP’s innovative engineering staff has provided many unique solutions using our technologies for our client’s applications.
Our capabilities include prototype fabrication, testing, assembly, and production utilizing our high value net shape fabrication technologies. These technologies include powdered metal injection molding, powder ceramic injection molding, plastic injection molding and micro assembly. APP has particular technology in micro components fabricating using MEMS scale tooling in conjunction with injection molding technologies. APP processes enable production of complex three-dimensional high aspect ratio MEMS components as well as plastic and magnetic materials. APP’s competitive advantage comes from its ability to perform netshape mass manufacturing utilizing a very broad range of materials utilizing non-conventional tooling, powders, and polymer technologies. APP technologies have improved the performance, reliability, and cost on products for many of our clients. For further information on our development and manufacturing capabilities, please contact Donald F. Heaney, (814-280-0627, dfheaney@4-app.com) or visit our website.

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Aerojet Rocketdyne, Inc.

Aerojet has been in the business of designing, manufacturing and testing of shaped charges, explosively formed projectiles (EFP’s), and blast fragmenting warheads for 25 years. Our capabilities for design and analysis are centered around three locations; Sacramento, CA, center for new warhead program management and engineering with a satellite site at Socorro, and Orange, VA, our site for energetic materials development and insensitive munitions technology development. Aerojet works with PBX explosives cast and cure warheads at our Camden, AR, Orange, VA and Sacramento, CA sites with the majority of the cast/cure working being performed at Camden. Our pressed and melt/pour facilities are located in Socorro, NM. Our testing capabilities are extensive with Camden focused on environmental and IM testing and Socorro performing live fire testing using state of the art data collection instrumentation. In addition to our explosive simulation, design, manufacturing, and test capabilities, Aerojet Ordnance Tennessee, a wholly owned subsidiary of GenCorp Aerojet is an industry leader in the design, development and manufacturing of specialty metal and powdered metal components. AOT is the only facility in the U.S. that builds depleted uranium (DU) weapons components and is an industry leader in the development of new metallurgical components.

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Aeryon Defense USA, Inc.

Aeryon Defense USA, Inc. is a U.S. defense contractor delivering the next generation of high-performance, small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) and software to U.S. military forces and government agencies. Building off Aeryon’s battle-tested sUAS, Aeryon Defense partners with the U.S. Department of Defense and Federal Government Agencies to develop mission-specific solutions for specialized payloads, enhanced command and control, greater network interoperability and more. Based in Denver, Colorado, the Aeryon Defense team has the military UAS experts and resources needed to deliver innovative, multi-role sUAS that empower the modern warfighter. Visit www.aeryondefense.us to learn more.

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AGM Container Controls Inc.

For six decades, AGM Container Controls, Inc. (AGM) has led in the design and fabrication of products that control and monitor moisture (desiccators and humidity indicators), pressure and vacuum changes (breather valves) and shock and vibration (tie downs and shock overload indicators). These products are used for a variety of applications in defense and aerospace, electronics, electro-optical, industrial and commercial markets to protect and extend the life of critical equipment.

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Akita Innovations, LLC

Akita Innovations LLC is a small business and non-traditional defense contractor specializing in development of novel chemicals, materials, and sensor systems for U.S. government and commercial customers. Our expertise includes synthetic and polymer chemistry and thermally & light-cured coatings, light absorbing and emitting chemicals and coatings, production of energetic materials including encapsulated oxidizers, and sensory materials and systems. We design and produce specialty chemicals and polymers at small scales and selectively-permeable membranes and coatings that protect surfaces from chemical and biological agents. Our laboratory in Billerica, MA is fully equipped and licensed for chemical synthesis and handling of hazardous materials. Akita frequently works for or partners with U.S. government agencies as well as small and large companies and universities.

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Alloy Surfaces Company, Inc.

Alloy Surfaces, along with our sister companies, Chemring Countermeasures and Kilgore Flares, are world leaders in the design, development and manufacture of advanced air and naval countermeasures. Alloy Surfaces has over 30 years’ experience in designing and developing unique IR emitting pyrophoric materials for military applications, including infrared (IR) Air Countermeasures and Infrared Marker Devices. Alloy also engineers and develops high surface area materials for use in other DoD applications. The world's only manufacturer of covert multi-spectral IR decoys fielded today, Alloy Surfaces is a major supplier to the US DoD and militaries world-wide. Alloy's patented, proprietary technology employs pyrophoric materials that radiate in-band IR energy to decoy the guidance systems of attacking enemy missiles.

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Altavian Inc.

Altavian Inc. is located in Gainesville, FL and has been building unmanned aerial systems (UAS) since 2011. We design and manufacture high quality drones to carry the best sensors into the toughest environments. Our extensive history includes working alongside organizations including U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, NASA, and the U.S. Army. We embrace open architectures in our systems design to bring proven commercial concepts to Group I UAS. As an original equipment manufacturer of UAS, we are at the forefront of new American engineering and manufacturing technologies, as well as the #2 provider of Group I UAS components to the military.

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American Ordnance, LLC

American Ordnance has years of experience with ammunition and explosive production, pressing, development, and test fire. American Ordnance strives to produce high quality, reliable ammunition that consistently meets rigid specifications and guidelines set forth by the U.S. Government and other customers. There are various development, manufacturing engineering, product support and storage capabilities available at American Ordnance including: Production Capabilities, Test Fire , Close Combat , Indirect Fire, Direct Fire, and Warheads and Special Projects.

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American Pacific

American Pacific Corporation (AMPAC) (Nasdaq: APFC) is a leading custom manufacturer of fine chemicals, specialty chemicals, propulsion products, and water treatment equipment within its focused markets. With over 50 years of experience providing high quality products, technical and manufacturing expertise, and a focus on customer service, AMPAC has achieved a reputation for quality, reliability, technical performance and innovation. Given the mission-critical nature of our products, we have established longstanding strategic customer relationships, and we work collaboratively with customers to develop customized solutions that meet rigorous U.S. federal and international standards.

A worldwide leader in the production of ammonium perchlorate (AP) and other perchlorate chemicals and derivatives, Western Electrochemical Company (WECCO), an operating division of AMPAC, has supplied AP for use in aerospace, national defense programs and commercial applications for over 40 years. We have been the exclusive manufacturer of AP in North America since 1998. AP is the leading oxidizing agent for solid propellant rockets, booster motors and missiles. www.ampac.us

AMPAC In-Space Propulsion (ISP), a subsidiary of AMPAC, is a leading supplier of propulsion systems and components for commercial and defense applications, with U.S. offices in New York and California, and international offices in the UK and Ireland. Products include monopropellant and bipropellant engines, propellant tanks, valves, regulators, launch vehicle structures and propulsion systems. Our products support missile defense, global communications and space exploration.

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American Plastic Cartridge and Shell, LLC

American Systems Corp.

American Systems Corporation the company provides systems engineering, technical, and managed services to government customers. Within the government sector, our focus is on Command, Control, Communications, Computer, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (C4ISR); Acquisition and Logistics; Readiness; National Security; Citizen Safety; Healthcare; and Energy.

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Andrews Space

Applied Poleramic, Inc.

Applied Poleramic, Inc. (API) develops and manufactures resin matrices for composites based on epoxies, benzoxazines, bismaleimides, polyimides, cyanate esters, and ceramic precursors. In response to industry needs, Applied Poleramic, Inc. continues to develop new technologies to advance composite performance and manufacturing. Through this investment and working in close collaboration with our customers we are able to develop matrix materials that exceed expectations. Resin systems are offered for all composite manufacturing processes with emphasis on infusion (VARTM, RTM, RFI), filament winding, pultrusion, laminating, and prepreg. A range of curing technologies is offered including thermal, UV, and E-beam. Innovative technologies have been developed at API to enable the development of the highest performance matrix resins from a range of proprietary toughening modifiers to a series of molecular fortifiers. Composite performance is enhanced through these matrices having unique molecular and network design and morphology control (single phase, multiphase, IPN, etc.). Many API products have become industry standards and have been extensively studied (over 100 publications) and referenced in the literature. In addition to resin matrices for fiber reinforced composites, API has many synergistic product technologies including adhesives, foams, coatings, and potting compounds.

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Applied Technology, Inc.

Applied Technology, Inc. (ATI) is a small business headquartered in King George, Virginia, with primary business areas in: (1) research, development, engineering, and program management services to Department of Defense customers and (2) hardware design, development, and fabrication. ATI has subject matter experts in several areas, including infrared (IR), laser, radio frequency (RF), electronic warfare countermeasures; directed energy, including high energy lasers and high power microwave technologies; energetics; missile systems, particularly IR and RF seekers; radar systems; surveillance systems; and signature control technology. ATI has served as both a prime contractor and subcontractor to design, develop, test, evaluate, and improve multiple types of U.S. military armaments including missile systems, ordnance, high energy lasers, high power microwave, and non-lethal weapons, in addition to similar functions for defensive systems such as electronic warfare, force protection, surveillance, and stealth technologies.

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Aquabotix Technology Corporation

Aquabotix is the leader in revolutionary smart, small, and easily deployable technology for the underwater domain. Specializing in the rapid development, prototyping, and manufacture of autonomous unmanned underwater and surface vehicles and the conceptualization of various methods and strategies for use of those vehicles to support a range of missions. Aquabotix products are innovatively and simplistically designed to be cost effective offerings that are unmatched in their versatility and rugged reliability elsewhere in the market.

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Archarithms, Inc.

Archarithms, Inc. is a Technology Solution Provider headquartered in Huntsville, Alabama specializing in Artificial Intelligence, Immersive Technologies, Kill Vehicle and Command and Control solutions. Archarithms provides technology solutions to the Missile Defense Agency, US Army, US Navy, NASA and large prime contractors who need to: detect, track, and discriminate threat objects; task sensors; optimize the placement and utilization of resources; perform data mining and pattern recognition; and assess current resources and courses of action. Archarithms solutions produce insights, predict events and make probabilistic recommendations to: perform detailed metric comparisons, perform defended area analyses, assign resources and visualize gaps.

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Armaments Research Company, Inc.

ARC develops sensors that generate and transmit tactical information from the battlefield useful in improving situational awareness and integrating into command and control systems.

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Armtec Defense Products Esterline Defense Group

Esterline Corporation is a specialized manufacturing company serving principally aerospace and defense markets. Esterline management views the company’s businesses in three segments related to its set of core competencies: Avionics & Controls, Sensors & Systems, and Advanced Materials. Operations within the Avionics & Controls segment focus on technology interface systems for commercial and military aircraft and similar devices for land- and sea-based military vehicles, secure communications systems, specialized medical equipment, and other high-end industrial applications. The Sensors & Systems segment includes operations that produce high-precision temperature and pressure sensors, fluid and motion control components, and other related systems principally for aerospace and defense customers. Advanced Materials focuses on process related technologies including high-performance elastomer products used for a wide range of military and commercial aerospace purposes and combustible ordnance and electronic warfare countermeasure products.

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Arnold Magnetic Technologies Corp.

Arnold Magnetic Technologies is a world leader in magnet production and fabrication, magnetic assemblies, and precision thin metals. Arnold’s manufacturing capabilities range from production of one-of-a-kind prototypes to full production of complete sophisticated systems for mission critical applications in the aerospace and defense market. Arnold supports motor systems that are smaller, lighter and more efficient while operating in high speed, high heat environments. Permanent magnet materials such as RECOMA® samarium cobalt and Alnico are DFARS compliant. Visit us at arnoldmagnetics.com.

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Arrow Tech Associates, Inc.

Arrow Tech is an engineering services company providing ammunition development and analysis services to the munitions industry and to the government. Our specific areas of expertise include: technical program management; weapon system effectiveness analysis; interior and exterior ballistics; aerodynamic prediction; ballistic test data reduction; structural analysis; ammunition/weapon interface; guidance, navigation and control of guided munitions and; analytical software development. Arrow Tech also offers our proprietary analysis tools to the Munitions industry under the trade name PRODAS. PRODAS is an integrated software toolkit including over sixty analyses for the design, analysis and simulation of conventional and guided munitions. PRODAS is licensed to over 600 users at government agencies and prime contractors in 25 countries.

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Artis, LLC

Artis was established in 1999 by Keith Brendley, Jed Marti and outside partners. With its headquarters in Reston and a lab in Salt Lake City, Artis specializes in contract R&D and analysis services for security, health, IT, energy and other markets. Artis provides R&D for cutting-edge active protection systems, distributed sensor systems, rapid prototyping, simulation and geospatial software, and defense and homeland security systems analysis. Its pioneering research has led to the development of Iron Curtain, an active protection system for light vehicles, as well as other active protection systems. Additionally, it has developed MOCOVE, a unique, drug-free motion sickness prevention device; distributed sensor networks; mobile robotics systems; and other futuristic systems. Artis’ customers include DARPA, ARDEC, Night Vision and Electronic Sensors Directorate, Office of Naval Research, DoT, CDC and others. Artis has created a rich culture of creativity and innovation, a capability to develop complex systems, and an ability to form teams to leverage manufacturing and support capabilities of much larger companies.

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Ascent Vision Technologies, LLC

Ascent Vision Technologies is a U.S.-based company that provides precision optical payload technology for Counter UAS and stabilized imagery to the manned and unmanned aerospace industry. In particular, Ascent manufactures and distributes best-in-class Gimbal systems and integrated Counter UAS solutions. Our gimbal lineup includes the CM202U for counter-UAS missions, the CM202G for gas leak detection, and the CM202, CM160, and the CM100 for applications such as guiding autonomous vehicles, small UAV optics, and marine environments.

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Asymmetric Technologies, LLC

Asymmetric Technologies is a small, advanced technology business located in Columbus, Ohio. We are focused on development, testing and deployment of cutting-edge technologies for our clients, who range from national security organizations to commercial and industrial firms, with a focus on sensor systems and unmanned aerial systems (UAS) technologies. Asymmetric Technologies is committed to assisting our customers with advanced technology development and implementation. Asymmetric grew out of the combat and military support experience of its founder, Brian Borkowski, who saw an opportunity to create a company committed to guaranteeing the success of critical product innovations. With staff members positioned globally, our experienced, agile, and professional Operational Subject Matter Experts, engineers, and trainers understand strategic requirements and are focused on communicating those to operational users and our clients - wherever they are needed.

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ATA Engineering, Inc.

ATA is an employee-owned small business that provides high-value aerospace engineering (AE) and mechanical engineering (ME) services in the areas of product design, analysis, and test. ATA’s capabilities address all of the major AE and ME disciplines, including structural mechanics and dynamics, kinematics, acoustics, thermodynamics, fluid dynamics, controls, mechatronics, aerodynamics, and multidisciplinary analysis and optimization. With more than three decades of experience working with our customers to solve the most challenging design, test, and analysis problems, we have gained a reputation for excellence in the engineering community. Our work on a wide range of products in the aerospace and defense, military and commercial vehicle, and consumer-product industries has been recognized with a number of technical and service awards for excellence—most recently including the NASA George M. Low Award, which is the aerospace industry’s premier quality and performance award. Through IR&D and SBIR efforts, ATA has also developed unique measurement and simulation technologies, such as a coupled multiphysics capability for analyzing hypersonic vehicle structures.

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Advanced Technology International (ATI) builds and leads applied research collaborations comprised of government agencies, research universities and hundreds of innovative industry partners - ranging from Fortune 500 companies to small and emerging businesses. ATI currently manages over 100 national and international programs worth over $1.3B in applied R&D contract value. ATI’s results-based management approach assures delivery of creative technology solutions to complex client challenges.

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ATI Flowform Products LLC

Flow forming is an advanced, net shape, cold metal forming process employed for the manufacturing of dimensionally precise, rotationally symmetrical, hollow components. Precise tubular components such as motor bodies and warheads for tactical rockets, having large length to diameter ratios, made with thin walls and requiring a high degree of dimensional accuracy are excellent flow formed parts. Titaniums, nickel-based alloys, high strength carbon steels, high fragmentation steels, Maraging Steels, high strength aluminums, and Tantalum Tungsten alloys are routinely flow formed. Internal and external features for the interface of fuzing, imbedded sensors, explosives, and propulsion are also routinely accommodated.
Well known for its efficiency and economic benefits, flow forming has been widely accepted as the process of choice in the fabrication of difficult-to-manufacture, round and thin wall, military and aerospace components requiring superior metallurgical and dimensional controls. Flowforming is currently employed for the production of missile war heads, outer shells and nose cones, housings for flight and launch motors, casings for rocket motors, large caliber cartridge casings, thin wall mortar tubes, projectiles, bomb bodies; as well as tubulars for the nuclear, petrochemical and aerospace industries. Flow formed parts are formed to net shape or near net shape, eliminating machining operations and expensive material losses.
A cylindrical work piece is attached to a rotating mandrel; 3 rollers hydraulically compress against the outer diameter of the preform. The desired geometry of the flow formed tube is achieved when the preform wall thickness is compressed above its yield strength and plasticized "made to flow" in the longitudinal direction onto the surface of the inner, rotating mandrel.
As the preform material is thinned out and lengthened onto the mandrel, preforms are formed into seamless, thin wall, very round and concentric tubular-shaped products; with increased mechanical properties from the cold work, refined microstructure, oriented crystallographic texture and excellent surface finishes, all with repeatable accuracy.

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Auburn University

Auburn University is engaged in research important to DoD achieving its mission as well as fielding the best, most advanced armaments in the world. Specifically, Auburn is engaged in technical research in GPS APNT, cyber-security (or more broadly CEMA), hypersonic materials, communications both wired and wireless, additive manufacturing, model-based engineering, extreme environmental testing, shelf-life and aging, thermal modelling and simulation, human factors and safety, and human performance. Additionally, Auburn is committed to providing quality graduates to government and industry.

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AURA Technologies, LLC

AURA Technologies, LLC is a HUB Zone company with extensive, Senior-Level Key Personnel, and past performance providing direct leadership and management of over $80M in funded work providing on-site Program and Analysis Services, PhD-level Scientific and Technical Assistance, Systems Engineering and Technical Assistance (SETA), AI/IT/Network System Operations, Administrative Services, as well as on–site laboratory R&D in physical science disciplines. Aura's strategic business centers around 3 major capabilities - Advanced Manufacturing (Additive Manufacturing /3D Printing of metals, polymers, energetics and electronics), Cyber & Artificial Intelligence, and Tactical Power.

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Avatar Partners, Inc.

Avatar Partners, Inc. (API) specializes in Simplifying Complex Systems™ for the Warfighter and Business User Communities. As a Woman-Owned Small Business (WOSB), our solutions include Curriculum Development, Integrated Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality, Software, Logistics, Hardware and Training Solutions for Government and Commercial Fortune 1000 customers. Innovation, flexibility and cost-effective solutions are what we do best. We have a fourteen year track record of providing superior solutions on-time and within budget, ensuring highly satisfied customers. API has been key participants in architecting and developing Mission Planning Information Architecture for the USN, USAF, and USMC. Our solutions include the design and development of Integrated, Interactive Multimedia Training and Documentation for JMPS (Joint Mission Planning System) and the Electronic Kneeboard (EKB). We designed and developed systems that increase the effectiveness, efficiency, and safety of the warfighter by using a simplified Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETM) providing the user a “Single Book of Knowledge” for JMPS while substantially decreasing the cost of “paper” documentation maintenance by using an S1000D format.

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Averatek Corp

Averatek specializes in very high-density interconnect technology capable of achieving 5 micron lines and spaces while using cost effective processes and techniques which are available and practical for printed circuit board fabricators. In addition to proprietary techniques, Averatek develops and manufactures key chemical products that enable very small feature sizes in printed circuit boards, IC packaging, interposers and in-situ interposers. This technology is applicable to a wide range of materials including metals, polymers, ceramics, glass and fabrics.

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Azimuth Consulting Services, Inc.

AZT Technology, LLC & Co., Inc.

Azimuth Technology (AZT Technology, LLC) is the leading precision manufacturer of major firearms related components, Explosives (EOD / IED) detection equipment, and other products and components used in defense, aerospace and the military. The company serves discerning customers in the global military, law enforcement and civilian markets. It’s leadership team has a more than 50-year legacy of success in delivering exceptional manufacturing quality for industries where precision operation is critical. Azimuth is ITAR Registered; EAR, US Department of State DDTC and ATF compliant; and has also passed the rigorous DCMA audit. In addition to machining major component parts and assemblies like world-class aftermarket drop-in barrels, slides and bolt carrier groups, Azimuth produces major OEM component parts for well-known, trusted firearms brands in the US and worldwide. The company is ISO 9001:2015 certified.
The company is headquartered in Naples, Florida and has a proud tradition of focusing on American manufacturing with American workers using US-sourced raw materials. Azimuth Technology commitment to American manufacturing extends to hiring top talent, utilizing the best equipment and machining tools available, and employing proven manufacturing and total quality control methods that produce consistently superior products and results.

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BAE Systems

BAE Systems is a global leader in the design, development, production and support of armoured combat vehicles, major and minor caliber naval guns and missile launchers, canisters, artillery systems and intelligent munitions.

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BAE Systems Land & Armaments L.P.

BAE Systems Land & Armaments L.P. provides design, development, production, through-life support and upgrade of armored combat vehicles, tactical wheeled vehicles, naval guns, missile launchers, artillery systems, munitions as well as military and law enforcement products.

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Bailey Tool & Manufacturing Company

Bailey Tool & Mfg. Co. (BTM) is a small business headquartered in the Dallas suburb of Lancaster, Texas. Since 1969, BTM has been producing metal components in machining and press-forming methods for a variety of industrial sectors. BTM collaborates with customers on product design and simulation using advanced nonlinear FEA and solids design tools, performs prototyping, development and testing services and builds prototype and sophisticated production tooling and assembly equipment. BTM has a wide range of CNC, mechanical, laser and robotic machining, forming and welding equipment to accomplish these tasks and has additional capabilities in hydroforming and hot-forming processes. Post-grad metallurgical and material science engineering professionals assist in the design, development and maintenance of processes employed in development and production and materials characterization efforts. Relationships with academic research resources at state and private university systems augment BTM’s technical capabilities. BTM has current experience in the production of shaped charge liners and true deep-drawn components for warhead applications. For further information on BTM and other inquiries, contact John Buttles at jbuttles@baileytool.com.

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BANC3, Inc.

BANC3, Inc. is a dynamically growing Product Development and IT firm delivering innovative mission-critical solutions to the Department of Defense. Headquartered in Princeton, NJ, BANC3’s core business areas include mission Command and Control (C2) Mission Systems Development, software and system integration; advanced EO/IR/Laser/Sensor systems, and rapid prototyping of creating embedded systems from initial concept through deployed system support. BANC3 was awarded multiple IDIQ contracts, namely the Software and Systems Engineering Services (SSES) ($7B), and the Warrior Enabled Broad Sensors (WEBS) ($1.78B) providing life-cycle software solutions and services, sensor technology engineering, and operations support to their CECOM SEC, and CERDEC Night Vision and Electronic Sensors Directorate (NVESD), and CP&ID customers. BANC3 engineered PAWS®: The Next Generation Advanced Combat Weapon Sight system featuring a "One Shot – One Kill", quicker time of engagement, and featured an in-scope direct view HUD to display field tactical and situational data. PAWS® also included embedded software ballistics processing and custom embedded electronics, integrating LRF & a variety of sensors. BANC3 has utilized PAWS® technology to support multiple R&D efforts such as the Small Tactical Optical Ranging Module (STORM), Low Profile Displays and Light Weight Sensors Component Technology, and the development of fieldable prototypes. BANC3’s main objective is to provide best value services in the advancements of mission critical technology to the implementation of Best-of-Breed war-fighting capabilities. Please visit our website for a full scope of BANC3’s capabilities.

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Barrett Firearms Manufacturing, Inc.

Headquartered in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, Barrett is the world leader in large-caliber rifle design and manufacturing. Our products are used by civilian sport shooters, law enforcement agencies, the United States military and more than 73 State Department approved countries across the world. The Barrett Quality Management System (QMS) has received the prestigious ISO 9001:2015 certification for the design and manufacture of firearms, ammunition, accessories, and to provide training for those systems.

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Battelle provides a complete range of assessment, engineering, modeling, product development, processes, procedures, and testing capabilities. These technology-based products and services range from theoretical studies and projections of future trends, to full-scale hardware demonstrations through type classification.
Battelle supports U.S. Government agencies and commercial clients that are concerned with war fighting/defense, counterterrorism, and law enforcement. This business is based on expertise in energetic materials and high-speed interactions as applied to lethality, survivability, security, and intelligence missions. Weapons and threat surrogates, passive and active protection, security, and research and development (R&D) support are all integral components of Battelle.

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BlankSafe LLC

BlankSafe LLC is the manufacturer of the Enhanced Blank Fire Adapter, a weapon-based safety device that prevents a live round from being accidentally chambered during blank fire force on force training. The system is compatible with MILES and other laser engagement systems and functions as a live round interrupting blank fire adapter. The enhanced BFA is currently compatible with the 14.5” barrel M4 platform using the traditional A2 flash hider, but can be adapted if needed to additional platforms and configurations.

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Boston Engineering Corporation

Boston Engineering provides product design and engineering consulting across the entire product development process – from concept through product launch. Certified for ISO 9001 and ISO 13485, the company’s industry expertise includes consumer products, defense & security, medical devices, robotics, and industrial & commercial products. Founded in 1995, Boston Engineering is headquartered in Waltham, Mass. with an additional office at UMass Dartmouth’s Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

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Bradshaw Engineering and Technical Services, LLC

Bren-Tronics, Inc.

Bren-Tronics is a technology based power and energy company with over 45 years’ experience designing/manufacturing rechargeable batteries, chargers and complete power systems. We support Worldwide Military/Commercial customers providing batteries and complete systems from watts to kilowatts, in any climate. Our Lithium-Ion battery systems are ideally suited for today’s demanding Directed Energy applications including lasers and electronic counter-measure devices.

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BlackBar Engineering

BlackBar Engineering is a small engineering and manufacturing company that specializes in the research, design, development and operation of unmanned systems, subsystems and components. BlackBar Engineering believes in innovation and diversification, and the vast portfolio of work performed attests to the creative, collaborative and entrepreneurial spirit that is the foundation of the organization. From Government & Defense to Commercial & Civilian Organizations, BlackBar Engineering rapidly delivers effective, efficient and flexible UAS solutions to not just meet, but exceed expectations. BlackBar Engineering is a wholly owned subsidiary of AllSource Global Management – a WOSB defense contracting firm. BrockTek is ISO 9001:2015 Certified.

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C Z and Associates, Inc.

C-2 Innovations, Inc.

CACI Inc.- Federal

CACI provides information solutions and services in support of national security missions and government transformation for Intelligence, Defense, and Federal Civilian customers. CACI’s proven and advanced engineering solutions are embedded within its rigorous systems engineering approach and implemented in both software and hardware solutions for successful delivery to meet customer needs. A Fortune World’s Most Admired Company, CACI is a member of the Fortune 1000 Largest Companies, the Russell 2000 Index, and the S&P SmallCap600 Index. CACI’s sustained commitment to ethics and integrity defines its corporate culture and drives its success. With approximately 18,700 employees worldwide, CACI provides dynamic career opportunities for military veterans and industry professionals to support the nation’s most critical missions.

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Carleton Technologies, Inc dba Cobham Mission Systems

Cobham Mission Systems has more than 50 years of experience in high pressure pneumatics, pyrotechnics, and cryogenic cooling. Within this vast pedigree in weapon and weapons carriage applications, Cobham has the unique ability to offer tip to tail control solutions from weapon ejection, target identification, and in-flight weapon control. Cobham designs and manufactures the critical systems that make weapons control and carriage systems a reality.

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CeraNova Corporation

CeraNova Corporation, founded in 1992, specializes in process and product development of innovative, high technology ceramic materials. Since 2003, CeraNova has been developing transparent ceramics, with most of this effort focused on transparent optical ceramics for windows and domes to protect MWIR guidance sensors, including near-net shape forming processes for the production of hemispherical and aerodynamic dome blanks. Our technical approach to achieving transparent ceramics produces materials with high mechanical strength and high optical transmission, and enables conformal shapes. We have received funding from several Department of Defense agencies, and we have an established record of working successfully with Prime Contractors to provide prototype domes and test coupons for advanced evaluation. We actively seek application partners and commercialization opportunities for transitioning our technology developments to prototype and pilot-scale manufacturing.

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Cerion, LLC

Cerion, is a leading company in the field of nanoparticle research, development and manufacturing. Our company was born out of decades of experience creating nano photographic film emulsions at Kodak, and we are best known for our work developing ultra-small, non-agglomerated metals, oxides, and mixed metal nanoparticles. In addition to our research capability, we are one of the largest independent manufacturers of nanoparticles in North America, with current capacity to produce over 150 metric tons per annum. For more information, check out our website at www.cerionadvancedmaterials.com.

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CGS Group, LLC

Chaos Gear Supply Group LLC (CGS) produces ultra-precise, custom built, bolt action and semi-automatic rifles. We also manufacture a full line of cutting edge firearm sound suppression devices or silencers innovatively designed and built using state of the art manufacturing processes. We are currently working toward fielding products in the dynamic entry technology market as well. CGS provides strategic design manufacturing and consulting services to commercial, not for profit, and government organizations. We can design, build and mobilize the right hardware, skills, and technologies to help organizations improve their performance. CGS is committed to excellence and creating innovative and flexible end user based solutions for our clients.

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Chemring Ordnance

Chemring Ordnance is a world leader in the manufacture of ammunition and pyrotechnic products. Chemring Ordnance is a center of excellence for the design, development and production of ordnance, pyrotechnic products, and other munition components for military, homeland security, and first responders. We manufacture all types of 40mm low and high velocity ammunition; pyrotechnic marking, signaling, and tactical illumination devices; battlefield effects simulators; hand grenade fuzes and other ammunition components such as large caliber electronic primers. We also provide load, assemble, and pack (LAP) services. We are a supplier to the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) and other allied Ministries of Defense around the world. With more than 50 years’ experience in our field we have built a worldwide reputation for supplying high quality products – on time and to our customers' precise specifications. We are world leaders in pyrotechnic compositions, energetic materials, and illumination technology with established links to many of the recognized research and development centers and academic institutions in the USA and abroad. We have a highly experienced team of engineers and scientists who work with government and other industry partners to research and develop a wide range of pyrotechnic and high energy products. We work to the latest international standards such as MIL STDs, STANAGs, and ISO regulations. Particular emphasis for our military range of products is on IM compliance. Our design activities are carried out in accordance with our ISO 9001:2000 registration. We have an extensive portfolio of pyrotechnic products for defense and commercial applications.

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Choctaw Defense Manufacturing LLC

For over twenty-nine (29) years, Choctaw Defense has provided a vast array of complex manufactured items to all branches of the United States Military, as well as numerous major Government contractors. Choctaw Defense is the Nation's leading Native American aerospace and defense manufacturer. Our superior track record includes a 20-year history of proven manufacturing success with military and prime contractor customers. Our three facilities are all ISO 9001:2008 certified and encompass over 350,000 square feet of manufacturing space and house state-of-the-art machinery and equipment that aid in our achieving quick turnaround time and quality end products that can range from low quantity short-run to high-volume long-term contracts. We excel as a precision metal fabrication, tool kitting, and wood fabrication manufacturer that is centrally located within scenic southeastern Oklahoma with locations in McAlester, Antlers, and Hugo. Choctaw Defense is 100% owned by the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, the third largest Native American tribe in the United States. Choctaw Defense is certified by the Small Business Administration as a tribally owned 8(a) manufacturer.

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Cintel, Inc.

Cintel, Inc. offers our customers nimble, unique and value-focused services and solutions with an emphasis on people, connectivity, communication and team work. Cintel is a small business that provides services and innovative solutions/products to government and commercial clients in the areas of modeling and simulation, energy and cybersecurity. The following are services and innovation capabilities within our areas of expertise:
• Modeling and Simulation – autonomous path planning, machine learning, computer vision, algorithm development, software development, and analytics
• Energy – hybrid power, thermal mitigation, systems engineering/integration, efficiency management, measurement & verification, and system design
• Cybersecurity – Cyber-physical systems security, information assurance, vulnerability analysis, and risk mitigation

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CKS Technologies

CKS Technologies is a WOSB and non-traditional contractor specializing in structural and thermal analysis, engineering design and test planning, with niche expertise in fatigue/fracture, composite structural analysis, welded/bolted joint analysis, and transportation/handling of very large pieces of critical hardware. CKS employs subject matter experts with up to 60 years of individual experience in all our areas of expertise, multiple Silver Snoopy recipients and multiple licensed Professional Engineers. CKS has subcontracted for several large primes on DoD and NASA projects, including major components for NASA’s Space Launch System (SLS), a USSOCOM asset, and as a partner to the Aviation Engineering Directorate in the Aeromechanics Dynamics Group, where we perform analyses on several rotary-wing aircraft.

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CLogic Defense

CLogic is a small woman-owned, developer and supplier of progressive armament technologies to the U.S. Army. We are an ISO 9001:2000 registered developer of Armament Products and a winner of three 2007 Army Invention of the Year Awards for our team efforts on the Gunner Protection Kit, the Picatinny Blast Shield, and the XM32 Abrams Reactive Armor Tile. Since 2002, CLogic has been committed to excellence in revolutionizing the armaments fabrication industry with a first-to-market, asset-light business management model utilizing unparalleled manufacturing technology to tackle ARDEC’s complex challenges.  CLogic, LLC has brought rapid prototyping/fielding of unique force protection solutions for the war fighter to the Army using precision manufacturing and optical processing technologies that provides the highest level of efficiency and turnaround time, while minimizing waste and scrap of key strategic raw materials. Advancements in optical processing and other unique technologies that CLogic, LLC has developed for DoD reactive armor manufacturing have brought together the ability to develop a number of next generation armament solutions rapidly and at lower costs. This includes laser cutting, robotic welding, automated forming and finishing operations that increase the survivability and corrosion resistance of our products.  Examples of prototypes produced include: electronic fire control hardware; vehicle integration kits; reactive, active, and passive armor tiles; performance enhancement add-ons; ballistic barriers; gun cradle, platform, mounting, and recoil assemblies; and prototype engineering , manufacturing, and energetics laboratories and facilities.

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CMA Technologies, Inc.

Colorado Engineering, Inc.

Colorado Engineering Inc. (CEI) is certified as a women’s business enterprise by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC), the nation’s largest third-party certifier of the businesses owned and operated by women in the U.S. It was founded in 2003 with engineering and production facilities located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. CEI supplies COTS hardware and software, as well as tailored solutions, working directly with government agencies and for commercial prime contractors, offering quick turn, innovative solutions with lower cost and higher quality while minimizing risk. CEI leads or partners on new radar systems, software and hardware projects, including leading edge efforts in MOSA applications, reconfigurable RF, THz EM propagation modeling, and associated remote sensing system development.

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Combined Systems, Inc.

Combined Systems Inc. is well known in the defense industry as a customer centric engineering and manufacturing firm that has proven to be an excellent development partner for its customers. CSI has recently developed and deployed 40mm anti-personnel munitions, 12 gauge and 40mm Flare-Bang™ warning signal munitions, rapid dispersion irritant grenades, and thermite incendiary grenades. CSI holds numerous long-term U.S. military contracts for tactical munitions and pyrotechnic products such as the Venom™ multiple launch system, various caliber warning signal rounds, rocket components, 40mm impact rounds, the Sting-Ball grenade system and three separate fuze contracts for a variety of hand grenade products. CSI's military customers and development partners include the U.S. Army, USMC, U.S. Navy, USSOCOM, Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Directorate, U.S. Customs & Border Protection, U.S. Department of State, General Dynamics, L3 Communications, Rafael Armament Development Authority, Israeli Military Industries and many other top tier defense industry supporters. CSI has over 70 years of combined engineering, manufacturing and R&D experience in the munitions and pyrotechnics fields. CSI holds over 25 patents, has numerous patents pending and vigorously defends its intellectual property rights around the world. In addition to its military products, CSI markets its innovative line of less-lethal munitions, tactical munitions and crowd control products to domestic law enforcement agencies under its law enforcement brand name, CTS. CSI also supports its wide base of international military and law enforcement customers with its line of non-lethal munitions. CSI engineers and manufactures military and law enforcement products in the UNITED STATES and follows strict proprietary procedures in order to promote product SAFETY and RELIABILITY — all with COMPETITIVE PRICING in mind.

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Concurrent Technologies Corporation

Concurrent Technologies Corporation (CTC) is an independent, nonprofit, applied scientific research and development professional services organization providing innovative management and technology-based solutions to government and industry. As a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, CTC's primary purpose is to undertake activities that serve the public interest.
CTC has extensive experience as a prime contractor and systems developer/integrator. Since its inception in 1987, CTC has gained experience operating national Centers of Excellence. CTC often joins with other nonprofit, research-based organizations and universities to develop solutions and to solve technology challenges.
CTC’s commitment to quality is exemplified by its early participation in the national and international standards-setting organizations and its subsequent ISO 9001:2008 (Quality) and 14001:2004 (Environmental) certifications. CTC’s quality system is enhanced through product-specific certifications such as the AS9100 certification for all aerospace activities and the Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI®) for Development.
CTC’s reach is broad; areas of expertise are diverse. Clients can take advantage of a wide breadth and depth of core services available through CTC’s science, engineering, and technology professionals. Areas of expertise include advanced materials, manufacturing, and engineering; demilitarization and armaments; combat vehicles; environment and sustainability; healthcare solutions; information technology solutions; intelligence and cyber solutions; learning and human performance; logistics and readiness; power and energy; safety and occupational health; and special missions.

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Consult M and P LLC

Consult M and P LLC (CMP) is a boutique consulting firm based out of New York, NY providing polymer chemistry and materials expertise. We are a Minority and Woman-Owned Business Enterprise (MWBE) that services a wide range of industries, which use different types of materials to serve their needs and those of their costumers and clients. We specialize in knowledge in polymer chemistry, ceramics, metals, amongst others. Our aim is to lower production costs, increasing effectiveness and quality while decreasing sensitivity to unplanned stimuli.

Control Proudcts, Inc.

Founded in 1946, Control Products, Inc.’s first sales were to the US government in military applications. Today, CPI provides creative control solutions to a diverse group of markets, including the military, where high reliability is needed in demanding applications. As an engineering firm we also develop new solutions or expand on existing technology to resolve challenging issues.

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Control Solutions, LLC

Control Solutions LLC is engaged in developing and manufacturing protection and survivability systems for government customers. In particular, the company works closely with DoD organizations such as Armament Research, Development And Engineering Center (ARDEC) Picatinny, NJ and the Tank and Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center (TARDEC), Detroit, MI along with major vehicle and survivability OEM's. The company has a focus on manned turret systems and power door assists for military vehicles. The key technologies and products the company brings to these applications include: motor controls, battery charging systems, software development, and electro - hydraulic - mechanical systems. Research is ongoing into inductive power transfer, turret slip rings, precision position sensors, 360 degree vision, system remote control and automation.

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Copperhead Chemical Company Inc.

Corficient Engineering Inc. provides a broad range of information Technology (IT) Services, Engineering, Manufacturing, and Prototyping Services & Enterprise Program Management support. Our primary customers include the US Army, Marine Corps, FAA, and NSA/CSS. Our Manufacturing Technology Readiness practice has been designed to complement our Engineering and Technical Services practice areas by providing our engineers and subject matter experts with the facilities and equipment to design and manufacture subsystem and component prototypes and to test these prototypes for form, fit, function, and performance.

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Cornerstone Research Group, Inc.

Cornerstone Research Group Inc. (CRG) conducts research and development, from molecule to manufacturing, in an array of markets. Providing technology and product development services, we have established a no-nonsense ability to invent breakthrough technology, bridge the proverbial "valley of death," and deliver a viable product. Our core competencies are systems design, non-metallic advanced materials, and manufacturing process development. Our success stems from the way we couple our technological development with aggressive entrepreneurial business practices. We provide solutions, driving new technologies from early research through final production. We have the proven ability to commercialize products in a number of ways, including spinning off new independent divisions and companies focused on promising technologies mature enough to fulfill a customer’s specific needs. Each viable technology stemming from government SBIRs and other research programs has its own potential target market or target system for implementation. To address these diverse business needs and opportunities, we create independent divisions or even spin-off companies that focus on commercializing promising technologies. These spin-offs leverage millions of dollars in research and development of a product or system to support application in other business areas. The formation of a new company focuses on maturing a technology for specific customers. While our R&D services business model is to pursue innovative ideas and foster emerging technologies, some of which may not be realized for many years, the spin-off companies customize, refine, standardize, and market technologies that are ripe for implementation. These non-competitive spin-offs are designed to work with our current customers, complementing and supporting their business interests. They also provide involvement possibilities for angel and venture investors and opportunities for employees to pursue new career directions.
So far, CRG has spun off two viable businesses with customer pull and steady revenue:
CRG Industries LLC, a manufacturing business focused on syntactic laminate materials and their applications, shape memory thermoplastic and an isolation repair system for composites
Spintech Ventures LLC, a new company commercializing Smart Tooling technology and consumer repair products based on shape memory materials

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Crossflow Technologies, Inc.

Established in 2012 and based out of Huntsville, AL, Crossflow Technologies, Inc. has focused on providing a highly knowledgeable workforce that is dedicated to providing the best service to our customers at the Missile Defense Agency, NASA, The United States Army, and other federal agencies. The company is strategically focused to handle complex capabilities such as Modeling and Simulation, Cyber Security, System and Software Engineering. Crossflow expertise has be integral in the development, evaluation, and testing of mid-fidelity and high-fidelity simulations for the MDA. The team has worked to develop and analyze designs for multiple booster vehicles as well as provide assistance to integrate with various agency tools to provide complete support to our customers. The Crossflow team helps our clients develop the best system and component models to help defend our nation through the continued support of technical research and simulation development.

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Cruz Associates, Inc.

Cruz Associates, Inc. (CAI) is a minority-owned, small business headquartered in Yorktown, VA with over 24 years of proven experience in providing extensive technical support services to the United States Army and Navy. CAI and its over 170 employees worldwide, have the proven skills and experience to provide value added services to support Department of Defense (DoD) agencies in meeting their operational objectives. Services include the full spectrum of leadership, technical and management skills necessary to support strategic planning initiatives, technology integration, engineering, logistics and operational safety. Specific functional capabilities include the following:
• Acquisition and Life-Cycle Management
• Program Management and Integration
• Resource Management and Life-Cycle Cost Analysis
• Concept and Requirements Development
• Test and Evaluation Planning and Management
• Field Service Support and Engineering
• Integrated Logistics Support
• Explosives, Ordnance and Safety Services
• Risk Management and System Safety

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Custom MMIC Design Services Inc.

Custom MMIC is a leading developer of performance driven monolithic microwave integrated circuits (MMICs). Embracing their customers' challenges, the company offers both a growing family of high-performance MMIC standard products and innovative custom-design services. Custom MMIC specializes in RF through millimeter-wave circuits serving diverse markets including wireless and wired communications, satellite, radar systems, cellular infrastructure and instrumentation. The company was founded in 2006 and is based in Chelmsford, MA.

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Custom Electronics, Inc.

Custom Electronics, Inc. (CEI) is a global leader in the design and manufacture of high-voltage capacitors and electronic assemblies. Serving the military, aerospace, industrial, commercial and medical markets since their inception Customs’ products have been involved with some of the world’s most demanding applications from aircraft power supplies to missile detonation systems. Strict quality standards and superior workmanship set CEI apart from the rest and have made their name synonymous with the terms dependability, reliability and high-performance. Over 45 years of design experience gives the CEI staff the know-how and confidence to deliver all of your electronic needs from customized capacitor solutions and highly complex bus bar assemblies to tailored electromagnetic components and printed circuit board population.

D&G Machine Products, Inc.

D&G Machine Products, Inc. D&G Machine is a full-service Precision Machining, Precision Welding, and Fabrication Center. Our capabilities and support services include Quality Management, Project Management, and assembly support of high volume complex programs / projects. From their facilities in Westbrook, Maine, D&G Machine offers a complete range of services from product concept to fabrication. D&G Machine employs highly trained designers who use sophisticated engineering component modeling software to produce the best product concepts in the least amount of time. D&G Machine is an AS9100, ISO-9001:2000 registered company. Industry standards are rigorously applied to all products as an integral part of their manufacturing process and they keep a licensed professional engineer on staff. D&G Machine has extensive experience in prototype manufacturing of critical military hardware and has a total of (110) employees at both of their locations. Their manufacturing facilities, including the plant in Westbrook, Maine have full production capability from technical data package receipt to reducing the cost and enhancing quality, to successful first article testing (FAT) to meet the large quantity production. D&G material capabilities include Titanium and have provided the U.S. Army (ARDEC WSEC) with titanium parts for the M24A1 Machine Gun Mount, M240 Bipod, and ALAS Drive Train parts.

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Darkblade Systems Corporation
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Darkblade Systems Corporation offers clients highly experienced and specialized professional expertise in Engineering, Operations & Intelligence, and Cyber, Computer Network Operations (CNO) & Information Technology functional areas. Darkblade Systems excels in operationalizing and deploying new and emerging technologies. With a staff of highly specialized, cleared professionals, the Darkblade Systems team strives to represent the quiet professional approach to project success and growth. Across these core areas of expertise, Darkblade Systems provides innovative technical support. Engineering specialties include development and design services for hardware and software systems fulfilling mission needs of the Department of Defense and Intelligence Community. Operational services include full spectrum project and program support, including planning, training, maintenance, management, and technical evaluation.

Day & Zimmerman Lone Star

Founded in 1901, Day & Zimmermann (D&Z) is a privately-held, century-old corporation.; The thriving munitions portion of the business has spanned many decades of delivering quality products and services to the United States Department of Defense (DoD) and defense systems contractors and other private industry, both domestic and abroad. Until recent closure decisions as a result of BRAC 2005 (Base Realignment and Closure), Day & Zimmermann successfully operated the Lone Star Army Ammunition Plant at Texarkana, Texas for almost 60 years and the Kansas Army Ammunition Plant at Parsons, Kansas for almost 40 years. In addition, approximately 90 miles east of Texarkana, D&Z has a commercial munitions manufacturing facility located in an industrial park at Camden, Arkansas. The primary mission at these sites today is the Load, Assembly, and Pack (LAP) of finished munitions products or components.
D&Z Lone Star has long been recognized as a center of expertise for production of an array of explosive-loaded ammunition components (tiny detonators, artillery primers, delays, and other extremely-sensitive initiating devices); melt-poured M67 Fragmentation Hand Grenades; ICM-Improved Conventional Munitions and submunitions (M915, M864, MLRS M77 Grenade); FASCAM-Family of Scatterable Mines (Volcano, Gator, MOPMS mine-dispensing systems); and the non-lethal MCCM-Modular Crowd Control Munition.
D&Z Camden is a prime contractor for LAP of 60mm and 81mm Full Range Practice Mortar Cartridges and Electric Primers for 5 Inch Navy ammunition.  LAP operations for which D&Z is a subcontractor in support of DoD prime contractors include HE mortar fuzes, MOFA (multi-option fuzes for 155mm artillery), electric primers and tracers for 120mm tank ammunition, igniter bags for 155mm MACS (Modular Artillery Charge System), and explosive pressing and machining capabilities.

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deciBel Research, Inc.

deciBel Research, Inc. is a small business founded in 2002, specializing in research, development, and integration of radar systems and sensor technologies. We focus on designing, developing, integrating, testing and fielding advanced radar/sensor system concepts, algorithms and applications. Our core competencies include high fidelity modeling and simulation, threat engineering, sensor system design and performance analysis, sensor algorithm design and testing, mission planning, sensor data exploitation, sensor fusion, and sensor test support. deciBel Research’s primary customers include MDA; US Army PEO MS, SMDC/ARSTRAT and AMRDEC; US Air Force NASIC, AFLCMC and SMC; and DIA MSIC. We are headquartered in Huntsville, AL with a presence in Dayton, OH and Colorado Springs, CO.

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DE Technologies, Inc.

DE Technologies, Inc. (DET) is a minority-owned, disadvantaged, small business located in the Philadelphia, PA area. We are a full-service engineering organization specializing in the design, development, manufacture, and test & evaluation of explosive warheads, kinetic-energy penetrators, and armor protection systems; and the computer-aided design and analysis of innovative metallic and composite structures for both military and commercial applications. DET is a renowned leader in the field of ballistic design and development. Our capabilities span the entire spectrum of ballistic development, from basic research through armor and warhead design, to the fabrication and evaluation of developed items.

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Decilog performs fire control software systems design, implementation, test, training, field support and maintenance. Decilog currently supports the Army’s Paladin Howitzer as well as the M777 (155 mm) and the M119 (105 mm) towed howitzers. Decilog also performs computer resources management functions for the Apache Helicopter program. Decilog has performed a number of fire control optics programs and currently provides technical support to ARDEC fire control and small arms-group.

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Decisive Analytics Corporation

Founded in 1996, DECISIVE ANALYTICS is a Veteran Owned Small Business providing innovative solutions to complex problems for the Department of Defense, other Federal Agencies, the intelligence community, and commercial clients. As an employee owned company, we have been honored to be an award-winning organization earning numerous workplace accolades reflecting our dedication to our customers as well as to our family-friendly and community-involved culture. Our areas of expertise are: Systems Engineering, Space data processing, Space Superiority, Cyber Security, Machine Learning applied to “big data” processing and analysis, and Radar design, fabrication, and testing.

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Defense Engineering Services, LLC

Defense Engineering Services, formed in August of 2013, was created to serve the growing need for flexible, competent engineering resources in the defense and security industry. We are a Veteran Owned Small Business (VOSB) and Non-traditional Defense Contractor (NDC). Our core competency is mechanical engineering for military, defense and security applications. We have particular expertise in projectile, EFP, shaped charge, and buried charge defeat, and engineering surrogate charges for testing. DES is comprised of a team of highly skilled engineers led by Mr. Robert Cole and Mr. Greg Gordon. The team has over 80 years of combined experience in mechanical engineering, MIL-SPEC engineering, manufacturing, research and development, and automotive engineering.

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Defined PRO Machining LLC

DESE Research, Inc.
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DESE Research Inc., headquartered in Huntsville, Alabama since 1982, has established an experienced and distinguished team of scientists and engineers forming the corporate core capabilities of Systems Engineering, Modeling and Simulation, Cyber Security, Supply Chain Risk Management, and Software Engineering. At the forefront of Cyber Security and Supply Chain Risk Management, DESE engineers are performing advanced analytic research providing the DoD Acquisition Community with the capability to identify and manage risk, and counter cyber threats to missile systems during the full weapons systems lifecycle. Our engineers are using DESE developed processes to decompose and perform criticality analysis across a wide spectrum of major weapons systems.

Design West Technologies, Inc.

Design West Technologies, Inc., (DWT), is a precision manufacturing company for Defense and commercial customers, headquartered in Southern California near John Wayne Airport. In secure multi-plant facilities (totaling over 90,000 sqft) populated with state of the art automated manufacturing equipment in Orange County and San Diego, CA., DWT demonstrates superior performance building components and subsystems for their customer base. DWT has received over 40 (DoD) contracts and has shipped over 1.25 million parts to Government and Commercial customers for Weapon Systems-CBRN Systems-Aerospace Systems- & Commercial products. DWT is a certified SDB by the U.S. Small Business Administration.

DWT has been involved in contract manufacturing and Electrical, Chemical, and Mechanical product developments for high precision components, products and systems since its founding in 1994. DWT currently has government and commercial contracts for Weapons Systems and Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) systems focusing on chemical detection and filtration product lines. DWT’s laboratory is certified by the Army for CBRN filtration testing and we conduct in-house chemical sensor research. The facility is vertically integrated providing R&D, engineering, final assembling and testing. In addition, DWT has environmental and life cycle testing capabilities per MIL-STD-810E for drop, shock, vibration, immersion and temperature requirements.

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DroneShield LLC

Based in Warrenton, Virginia, DroneShield is a worldwide leader in drone security technology. The Company has developed the pre-eminent drone security solution that protects people, organisations and critical infrastructure from intrusion from drones. Its leadership brings world-class expertise in engineering and physics, combined with deep experience in defence, intelligence, and aerospace. The Company’s flagship products include DroneGun (a portable rifle shaped counterdrone jammer), DroneSentinel (a 5 sensor drone detection product, fusing together radar, radiofrequency, acoustic, thermal and optical sensors), and DroneSentry (an integrated detect-and-defeat counterdrone battlestation).

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DRS Network & Imaging Systems

DRS Network & Imaging Systems (NIS), LLC is an operating company of Leonardo DRS.
DRS NIS designs and manufactures defense electronic systems for ground Combat and Tactical vehicles. The DRS NIS systems include:
• Tactical Computing & Networking Systems
• On-Board Power: Generation / Management / Distribution / Storage
• On-Board Power Generation & Energy Storage For Directed Energy Mission Equipment Packages
• Combat Vehicle Embedded Diagnostics
• Advanced Electro-Optical Sensor Systems
• Ground Combat Vehicle Sensor Fusion Systems

DRS NIS has also been directly involved with enhancing combat/tactical vehicle performance, mobility, readiness, fuel efficiency, stealth capability, electric power, and survivability for over 35 years.

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DRS Power Technology, Inc.

Leonardo DRS is a prime contractor, leading technology innovator and supplier of integrated products, services and support to military forces, intelligence agencies and defense contractors worldwide. The company specializes in a wide range of electro-optical/infrared systems, naval and maritime systems, ground combat mission command and network computing, global satellite communications and network infrastructure, avionics systems, and intelligence and security solutions. Headquartered in Arlington, Virginia, Leonardo DRS is a wholly owned subsidiary of Leonardo S.p.A., which employs more than 45,000 people worldwide. For our full range of capabilities, visit our website or Twitter @drstechnologies.

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DRS Sustainment Systems, Inc.

DRS Technologies, headquartered in Arlington, Virginia, U.S.A., is a leading supplier of integrated products, services and support to military forces, intelligence agencies and prime contractors worldwide. Focused on defense technology, the Company develops, manufactures and supports a broad range of systems for mission critical and military sustainment requirements, as well as homeland security.The Company has been recognized as one of the fastest growing defense technology companies in the world and holds leading market positions in (among other areas) thermal imaging devices, precision targeting and fire control systems, combat display workstations, electronic sensor systems, power systems, rugged computer systems, as well as the systems integration of these technologies on relevant combat and tactical platforms.

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Dynamic Air Engineering, Inc.

Dynamic Air Engineering and its affiliated companies produce a wide range of products ranging from air moving, environmental control and motion control components to small arms, non-lethal munitions carriers and sound signature suppression equipment. Our products are used on a wide variety of armored ground vehicles and airborne systems around the world. From our main headquarters in Santa Ana, California, we can provide a full service engineering solution from a clean sheet of paper through to supply of qualified production hardware. We pride ourselves on the depth and breadth of our engineering knowledge and endeavor to work with our partners very early in their design cycle so we can provide true value for money and measurable return on investment. Our goal is to provide the utmost in quality and service to our customers whether on a singular development contract or on a multi-year production opportunity.

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Dynamic Structures and Materials, LLC

Dynamic Structures and Materials, LLC (DSM) offers products and technical services, with a focus in high performance actuators and specialized motion control. In addition to conventional electromagnetic actuators, DSM has expertise in piezoelectric (PZT) and other smart materials actuators. Some of our capabilities include non-magnetic construction and immunity to high magnetic field, superior SWaP, zero backlash, high bandwidth, setback survival to over 30,000 G, and other features needed in guided munitions. DSM also produces actuator drive electronics and has a shop suitable for prototype and production volumes. Our experienced design staff takes pride in its efficiency and customer focus.

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Dynetics, Inc.

As an industry leader in missile technologies, Dynetics provides support to the U.S. Army, Air Force, and Navy, as well as other government agencies. Our capabilities in system development include advanced seeker technologies, EO/IR/RF sensors, aerodynamics, GNC, enhanced-lethality warhead design, ISR, electronic support measures, system simulation, and more. Our expertise enables us to respond quickly to meet urgent needs: Our participation in the Massive Ordnance Air Blast (MOAB) system development and deployment exemplifies this agility.

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EaglePicher Technologies, LLC

EaglePicher Technologies, LLC, an OMG company, is the leading producer of batteries and energetic devices for the defense, space and commercial industries, and provides the most experience and broadest capability in battery electrochemistry of any battery supplier in the United States. EaglePicher Technologies offers a wide range of battery technology including thermal, nickel hydrogen, lithium carbonmonofluoride, lithium thionyl chloride, lithium manganese dioxide, lithium sulfur dioxide, lithium ion, reserve lithium oxyhalide, custom battery assemblies and silver zinc batteries. It also provides other energy products and pyrotechnic devices for the defense industry, as well as advanced battery chargers and other power solutions for business, industrial and recreational applications. EaglePicher Technologies is headquartered in Joplin, Missouri, and is an AS9100 certified supplier.

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Eikon Research, Inc

Eikon Research has extensive experience in the development of radar and infrared sensor technology, radar signal/data processing algorithms, sensor data fusion, radar control processors, and sensor modeling and simulation. We specialize in developing signal processing and communication algorithms for advanced radar applications, such as distributed aperture radar and interferometry. Eikon has experience in integrating the radar hardware onto platforms. We are currently integrating a Ku-band Acquisition and Tracking System (KATS) radar on the Mobile Expeditionary High Energy Laser (MEHEL) laser platform. Eikon is developing the concept of a dual mode missile seeker system that includes a dual-band radar and an infrared sensor. Eikon is involved in the development of All-Digital Radar (ADR) technology. This is next generation radar technology that will be used to develop radars for future armament programs to include laser systems, missile systems, UAS platforms, sense and warning systems, and communication systems. We have extensive experience EO/IR sensor technology and image processing algorithm. Eikon has experience in development of cancer detection and discrimination from mammogram imagery. We have a patent in this area for breast cancer detection.

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Electronics Development Corporation

Electronics Development Corporation (EDC) is a small business located in Columbia, MD. For over 20 years, EDC has specialized in the design and development of advanced ordnance electronics in particular proximity fuzes, height of burst sensors (HOBS), electromechanical and electronic S&A devices, and fuze setters. Associated technologies include shock-hardened telemetry and on-board data recorders, sensor system design, and special test equipment for the evaluation of fuzing systems.
Our capabilities include the overall system design and analysis to assure that system performance and safety requirements are met, detailed electronic and mechanical design of the hardware, breadboard and prototype fabrication of demonstration hardware, and limited production. We have an explosives manufacturer’s license specifically to support test and evaluation of electronic S&A device fire sets and EFIs.

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Elmet Technologies, LLC

Elmet Technologies is a fully-integrated manufacturer of the molybdenum, tungsten and their alloys. These metals are used in a wide range of defense applications including kinetic energy penetrators, fragmentation sleeves, missile main and pre-charges, radar components, x-ray shielding, high reliability electronics and others. Elmet’s manufacturing begins with chemical precursors to molybdenum and tungsten which are reduced in house to pure metal powders. We then follow powder metallurgy processes to dope (if needed), press, sinter, roll, and swage the materials into fully dense mill products. We have industry leading fabrication, assembly and machining capabilities. Our lathes, VMCs and other equipment have large work envelopes and manufacture with industry-leading precision. All processing takes place at our 220,000 square foot Lewiston, Maine plant under the supervision of our experienced engineering team. We employ over 220 professionals including 30 engineers and metallurgists. Our well-equipped on-site lab supports both production and R&D activities. Elmet is a US-owned small business with over 85 years of molybdenum and tungsten production experience. Our quality systems are AS9100 certified.

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Elta North America

ELTA North America is a global leader in the design, development, manufacture and support of innovative electronic systems for the United States government. These proven high performance systems, and a focus on customer satisfaction, are the foundations of the company’s commitment to provide solutions to the nation’s warfighters, security personnel and first responders. The company provides solutions in the ground, maritime, airborne, counter UAS, counter ISR and security domains. ELTA North America is located in Annapolis Junction, MD. We are proudly partnered with ELTA Systems Ltd, Israel’s leading defense company and Center of Excellence for advanced radars and integrated solutions.

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Energetics Materials & Products

EMPI is an employee owned company founded for the purpose of developing and commercializing advanced energetic formulations and products enabled by recent advances in metal-based energetic materials. Our novel energetic materials are designed to provide significant performance and functionality gains for applications where tunable, high-mass and high-energy density energetic materials with desirable IM and environmental characteristics are required. EMPI has developed a new class of explosive materials, which have higher energy densities and use the power of nanoenergetics to tailor explosive energy release in space and time in ways that conventional, organic explosives cannot. EMPI has also developed a new class of tunable reactive materials (RM) based on nanometer and micrometer length-scale metals and special metal and organic oxidizers that are more versatile than conventional reactive materials. The Green Energetics market is driven by the need for environmentally friendly and safer solutions to replace lead and perchlorate based compounds for commercial and defense applications. Green solutions are highly sought for pyrotechnics and primary explosives as well as electric igniters and primers replacing existing materials which pose severe environmental hazards beginning with the manufacturing process through end use applications.

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EnerSys Advanced Systems Inc.

EnerSys, the world’s largest industrial battery company, is a US owned corporation with its headquarters in Reading, PA. With revenues of approximately $2 billion in FY09, EnerSys has customers in over 100 countries and employs over 7,000 people. Battery products for motive power, reserve power, and aerospace and defense are manufactured in 22 facilities on 3 continents. EnerSys’ technologies include lead-acid, nickel based, lithium-ion, lithium oxyhalide, and thermal batteries.
EnerSys Advanced Systems Power Sources Center, located in Horsham, PA is the lithium primary reserve battery center of excellence for EnerSys. EnerSys Advanced Systems (EAS) is a leading producer of lithium reserve batteries in the U.S. having delivered over 30 million batteries to the US DoD and allied governments in its 45 year history. In Horsham, EAS produces lithium reserve batteries in a state-of-the-art 52,000 sq. ft. automated manufacturing facility. EAS has an experienced staff and all of the physical assets and facilities required to design, develop, manufacture, test, and analyze high energy density lithium oxyhalide batteries and high power density thermal batteries for use in high-dynamic environments. These batteries are used in electronic fuzing, guided munitions, missiles, launch vehicles, proximity sensors, torpedoes, and other weapons systems.

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Engineering Research and Consulting, Inc.

Founded in 1988, Engineering Research and Consulting, Inc. (ERC) is an engineering and scientific services company providing independent assessment support, IT support, and operation s and maintenance (O&M) support to Department of Defense and NASA customers in five states. ERC provides support to every phase of the developmental/acquisition life cycle of advanced military and space systems, including research and development, test and evaluation, and system sustainment support. Capabilities include:

  • Engineering and Technical Services (Aeronautical, Chemical, Electrical, Mechanical, Structural, Sustainment, Systems, Safety)
  • Research and Development
  • Test and Evaluation
  • System Acquisition Support
  • Advanced Systems Operations and Maintenance Support
  • IT and Software Development Support
  • Safety, Quality, and Mission Assurance
  • Configuration and Data Management
  • Prototyping and Fabrication
  • Independent Verification and Validation
  • Modeling and Simulation
  • Technical Documentation

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Ensign-Bickford Aerospace & Defense Company

No other company can match the range of innovative energetic solutions that we’ve manufactured; this breadth of energetics application and technology is the foundation on which our success—and yours—rests. Satellites delivered into orbit, precision-guided weapons facing one shot/one kill requirements, pilots ejecting under critical circumstances—these are energetic components and systems at work. Such systems require minimal collateral damage. They require solutions optimized for performance, weight, cost, and size. EBA&D has served the aerospace community since the earliest days of strategic missile and launch vehicle technology. Linear Shaped Charge was first manufactured by EBA&D in 1957, and remains a core separation, severance, and flight termination component. EBA&D’s explosive signal transfer lines are the standard in the US launch vehicle industry. EBA&D products are used on essentially all US launch vehicle fairing separation systems, as well as motor ignition and booster separation. Today, our products are aligned with future combat system requirements: agility, ease-of-deployment, supportability, survivability, lethality, and flexibility. From a single component to an intricate system, our broad capabilities allow us to continue our heritage of developing solutions to whatever application challenges a customer presents. EBA&D continues to evolve energetic solutions for emerging defense requirements.

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enVention LLC

ENVENTION, a small business founded in 2010 and headquartered in Huntsville, Alabama, develops world-leading Force Operations (FO) and C3 technologies for key fielded Air & Missile Defense (AMD) systems. We provide software, algorithm and framework development services and systems engineering support for multiple defense programs in the areas of Force Protection and interoperability applications. ENVENTION’s unique, world class expertise includes: massively-parallel, GPU-accelerated algorithms and AI technology, Integrated Fire Control (IFC) network capabilities and new messaging protocols, software protection technology for Linux applications, real-time track collision and correlation engines that work with most tactical and commercial track data feeds, and advanced applications drawing upon massive geospatial data sets.

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Eutectix, LLC

Eutectix manufactures superalloys, master alloys, bulk metallic glass, NdFeB , SmCo and other magnetic materials, hydrogen storage alloys, rare earth metal alloys and rare earth metals. Its large scale capabilities include, inert atmosphere grinding of metal powders, vacuum induction melting to produce high purity alloys, vacuum annealing, hydriding, strip casting, melt spinning and lab scale atomizing for additive materials. Eutectix also processes custom battery electrodes. Eutectix is the only domestic facility capable of industrial scale conversion of rare earth fluorides and oxides to rare earth metals. Eutectix is ISO 9001 certified.

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EWI is the leading engineering and technology organization in North America dedicated to developing, testing and implementing advanced manufacturing technologies for industry. Since 1984, we have provided applied research, manufacturing support, and strategic services to leaders in the aerospace, automotive, consumer products, electronics, medical, energy & chemical, government, and heavy manufacturing industries. By matching our expertise to the needs of forward-thinking manufacturers, our technology team serves as a valuable extension of our clients’ innovation and R&D teams to provide premium, game-changing solutions that deliver a competitive advantage in the global marketplace.

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Excelitas Technologies

Excelitas Technologies is a global technology leader focused on delivering innovative, customized solutions to meet the lighting, detection and other high-performance technology needs of OEM customers. From aerospace and defense applications to medical lighting, analytical instrumentation, clinical diagnostics, industrial, and safety and security applications, Excelitas Technologies is committed to enabling our customers' success in their specialty end-markets. Excelitas Technologies has approximately 3,000 employees in North America, Europe and Asia, serving customers across the world.
Excelitas is a leader in the design, test, and manufacture of energetic products for initiation, actuation, and detonation applications. Our scientific and engineering personnel have spent many years developing a fundamental understanding of all aspects of energetic device performance. Knowledge of the basic properties of these devices allows the performance of our products to exceed aerospace and defense requirements. This makes them the energetic systems of choice on many Department of Defense and NNSA systems that help keep our troops safe. Many of the tests and analyses incorporated into ISO and Military standards were developed by Excelitas personnel. Our staff provides decades of unequaled energetic device experience to satisfy design requirements from highly engineered components for complex missile systems to cost efficient designs for aerospace applications. We will work from initial design concept through a complete qualification and manufacturing program to provide a device that will meet all of your application requirements. A full range of environmental, destructive, non-destructive and functional test equipment will fully characterize all aspects of energetic device performance.

Our energetic product offerings include:
• Electronic Safe Arm and Fire Modules (ESAFs)
• Ignition Safety Devices (ISDs)
• Detonators
• Actuators
• Custom Energetic Components
• Pyrotechnic Devices
• CAD/PAD Devices
• Energetic Powders and Pellets

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Expal USA, Inc.

Fairlead Integrated, LLC

Fairlead Integrated, LLC provides high quality, cost effective manufacturing and integration services to the Department of Defense (DoD) and commercial customers. Over the past 15 years, FPMI has become an industry leader in the performance of complex manufacturing and electro-mechanical systems integration programs. The company’s state of the art facilities allow for lights out operation, reducing customer costs and meeting delivery schedules. FPMI is ISO 9001:2008 and AS9100C certified.

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Fairwinds Technologies, LLC

Fairwinds Technologies is a small woman owned business that is ISO 9001:2015 certified. Founded with a strong desire to build a highly agile and effective C4ISR solutions. Fairwinds Technologies enables both Government and commercial Customers to procure, support and manage communications system requirements within given budget and schedule parameters. Fairwinds specializes in modernization projects; enabling our Customers to transition to NextGen communication equipment and sensor technologies.

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Florida Turbine Technologies, Inc.

Florida Turbine Technologies (FTT) designs small turbine engines for missiles and UAVs and technologies for component and engine testing. Located in Jupiter, Florida, with affiliates in Oklahoma, Germany and the UK, FTT is a Small, Woman-Owned business and member of the VAATE/ATTAM steering committee. With over 200 engineers and technicians and a deep, broad base of turbomachinery expertise, FTT provides low cost and efficient propulsion solutions for the warfighter. Over the last 18 years, in addition to small turbomachinery, FTT has designed turbomachinery for aircraft engines, rocket turbopumps, and large, industrial power plants. Cost and schedule constraints have driven our business, and we bring an “Affordable Innovation” mindset to the weapon systems customers. With over 60,000 square feet of office and laboratory in Jupiter, Florida, FTT has the ability to deliver prototype and production systems to the Weapon System Integrator and to the DOD. Our laboratory includes multiple assembly and test areas, a clean room, a water flow lab, ovens and lift equipment, an extensive instrumentation shop, and component test capabilities for aero and mechanical tests.

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FN Manufacturing LLC

Fraen Corporation

Fraen Corporation (“Fraen”) was founded in 1941. We are a high volume, precision, quality manufacturing company. Fraen has decades of experience in the automotive industry as well as several others. Our capabilities include the manufacturing of injection molded, precision turned metals, and stamped components, as well as subassemblies and assemblies. In the defense industry, we have made millions of firing pins and light weaponry components such as muzzle breaks and barrel extensions. Fraen employs highly skilled electrical and mechanical engineers as well as program and project managers to help ensure the success of our projects. This encompasses the full lifecycle from design, research and development to prototyping, and full high-rate production.

Our combined operational and quality capabilities, certifications and registrations in ISO, IATF, and ITAR as well as our Center of Excellence enable us to move from concept to production, develop the appropriate supply chain, apply lessons learned and process improvement all within, or managed by, our own organization.

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Franklin Engineering Group, Inc.

Franklin Engineering is a multi-disciplinary engineering and environmental services company. Our capabilities and services include: process engineering; detailed mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and controls engineering, construction, startup and operations support; and environmental engineering, permitting, and regulatory compliance services. We provide these services to a broad range of clientele, including chemical manufacturers, explosive/munitions manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, mining/waste material recovery operations, hazardous waste disposal companies, remediation contractors, the U.S. government, and a variety of consumer goods manufacturers. Many of our projects involve troubleshooting and retrofit of existing facilities, either to increase production, improve quality, or to comply with new environmental regulations. In addition to dedicated project activities, we maintain task order continuing service agreements and long-standing relationships with a number of our clients. This work usually involves support of in-house project activities. Our participation is dependent on the client's workload and/or a desire for a third-party review/evaluation. Franklin Engineering offers complete design-build services. We have executed projects from initial conception through design, procurement, construction, start-up, and operational support.

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Frontier Performance Polymers Corporation

Frontier Performance Polymers Corporation (Frontier) is a technology-driven interdisciplinary company capable of integrating R&D, system design, lightweight material development, component molding, material testing, prototype fabrication and manufacturing expertise with state-of-the-art computer modeling and simulation technology for the defense, energy, environmental, and manufacturing markets. Frontier has a research development facility located at the Picatinny Technology Innovation Center within the Picatinny Arsenal. This ideal location allows Frontier to bridge the gap between industry and military application-oriented research and development. Frontier partners with industry, academia and government to create practical and cost-effective system solutions that address cost, performance, functionality and productivity across the entire product life cycle. Frontier’s technical expertise spans polymers and composites, and maintains extensive modeling capabilities and databases on materials, processing, tooling and machinery. Building on more than two decades of experience in cutting-edge product designs and solutions and successfully commercializing novel products for automotive, industrial, energy and defense markets, Frontier continues to lead in developing "next generation" cost-effective lightweight solutions to today's challenges to product development.

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Future Skies, Inc.

Future Skies delivers innovative technology solutions to federal and commercial customers. We have a strong reputation for providing high quality software capabilities, iterative development and integration in the areas of information management, data exchange and interoperability. We integrate the capabilities of warfighter systems, providing flexible and scalable solutions in a net-centric environment. We have demonstrated these core competencies on several programs of record, including Advanced Field Artillery Tactical Data System (AFATDS) and Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD). We also provide key messaging, mediation and addressing capabilities used by the Fires Community of Interest (COI).

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G. Schneider & Associates, Inc.

G. Schneider & Associates, Inc. is a Quality Management Systems; and, Legislative Affairs. Since its formation in June 2001, the firm has provided professional services to a wide variety of domestic and international small, medium and large businesses engaged in the research, development and production of conventional ammunition; rocket and missile systems; weapon signature management systems; biological agent detection and identification systems; seeker/sensor signal processing technologies; and, prescriptive intelligence solutions. As a direct result of the professional services provided by the firm, contracts in the aggregate of more than $466 million have been awarded to our Clients.
The Mission of our firm is to help our Clients increase their value proposition by providing the skills, knowledge and resources they need to build their strategic competencies and enhance their ability to develop, pursue, capture and execute high-value programs in the Defense, Aerospace, Biotechnology, National Security, and other related Commercial Sectors.
Our dedicated team of senior executives and professional technologists, all with a wide variety of diverse experience in the private sector, active duty military and government civil services, can help our clients understand and navigate the highly complex business environment that exists within Department of Defense and other Federal Agencies and Departments. In the arena of small companies and non-traditional defense contractors our established network of contacts can help facilitate the introduction of client technologies and capabilities to the right Government users, developers, and acquisition authorities, as well as, to the appropriate personnel within the defense industrial base. For the larger more well established defense Prime Contractors and System Integrators the firm can perform a variety of services to supplement and enhance their defense business development operations. More specifically assistance can be provided to help the client develop and execute comprehensive pursuit and capture plans and strategies; customer contract plans and messages; solicitation shaping strategies; competitive black-hat analyses; proposal outlines, themes, and win strategies. In addition government compliant services are available in the following functional areas:

  • Program Management
  • Systems Engineering
  • Contract Management
  • Financial Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Quality Systems Management
  • Systems Safety Management
  • Test and Evaluation Planning

General Atomics

Founded originally in 1955 as a division of General Dynamics, General Atomics ("GA") and its affiliated companies now constitute one of the world's leading resources for high-technology systems ranging from the nuclear fuel cycle to electromagnetic systems, remotely operated surveillance aircraft, airborne sensors, and advanced electronic, wireless and laser technologies. GA had an initial charter to explore peaceful uses of atomic energy. Leading scientists came to GA, forming the nucleus of a staff which, including affiliated companies, currently numbers about 5,000. GA carries out the largest and most successful nuclear fusion program in private industry. The company has been the primary developer of modular helium-cooled nuclear power reactor systems, and its TRIGA® research reactors have operated around the world for over 45 years. GA and its affiliated entities also manufacture, operate, and service state-of-the-art unmanned aerial vehicles, are engaged in uranium mining and processing, and provide nuclear instrumentation, aircraft launch and recovery systems, superconducting magnets, systems for hazardous material destruction, magnetic levitation systems, medical diagnostic products, information technology and many other products and services for government and industry. For over 50 years, GA and its affiliates have been qualified by U.S. Government organizations, including the Department of Energy, Department of Defense and the National Science Foundation, as a government contractor and facilities operator. GA and affiliates' facilities contain over three million square feet of engineering, laboratory and manufacturing installations in the San Diego area. GA and its affiliates also have operations in Berlin, Dresden, Moscow, Tokyo, Adelaide, Washington, D.C., Denver, Los Alamos, Oklahoma City, Tupelo and Ogden.

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General Dynamics Land Systems, Inc.

General Dynamics Land Systems (GDLS) is a global leader in the design, development, production, support and enhancement of tracked and wheeled military vehicles around the world. Our primary focus is partnering with those who protect our freedom to ensure their readiness for tomorrow. GDLS has a strong foundation of delivering innovative engineering and production capabilities to our clients across the military vehicle spectrum. Our team is focused on continuous process and productivity improvements that provide our clients with solutions, while reducing costs and speeding up delivery for urgent requirements. The Abrams Main Battle Tank, the Stryker and LAV Family of Vehicles, Specialty Wheeled Vehicles, and the AJAX armoured fighting vehicles, provide the DNA our customers need to defend freedom around the world.

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General Dynamics Mission Systems, Inc.

General Dynamics Mission Systems, Inc. is a trusted prime contractor and provider of ‘network-centric’ solutions from core to edge, specializing in command and control, communications networking, computing and information assurance, and training range solutions.  As a leading integrator of secure communication and information systems and technology, the company delivers world-class capabilities that create high-value, low-risk solutions for use on land, at sea, in the air and in space. General Dynamics Mission Systems, Inc. provides solutions for defense, government and select commercial customers in the United States and abroad. On January 1, 2016, General Dynamics C4 Systems and General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems legal entities merged to become General Dynamics Mission Systems, a business unit of General Dynamics.

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General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems Company

General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems Company is a world leader in the design test and manufacture of warhead payloads for bombs, missiles, rockets projectiles, and of large, medium, and small caliber direct and indirect fire munitions, mortar weapons and systems, artillery projectiles, bomb bodies, and ball powder propellant. GDOTS also manufactures precision metal components, provides explosive load, assemble, and pack services for a variety of munitions, tactical missile and rocket programs, and designs, produces and tests all types of warhead payloads and control actuator systems. Our expansive array of capabilities and services include innovative engineering and design, advanced modeling, effectiveness studies, simulations, system integration and management, precision machining and forging, as well as testing and evaluation. Combining proven development and production capabilities with advanced research and development in key technological areas, we continue to meet the needs of the armed forces of the United States with the highest quality combat solutions.

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General Sciences, Inc.

General Sciences, Inc. is a leader in innovative applications of reactive materials to solve complicated problems. For24 years GSI has worked with DoD, NASA, Sandia and MIT/LL providing excellent solutions to a variety of problems. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Enhanced Lethality Concepts/Materials For MDA Interceptors
  • Warhead Development - Thermobaric Munition Research, Chem/Bio Agent Defeat, Thermal Accelerant Materials For Facility Defeat
  • Countermeasures- Decoys, Obscurants, High Altitude Flares, Heated Objects and Surfaces.
  • Mine Neutralization- Military Land, Beach/Surf Humanitarian Applications
  • Advanced Materials- Reactive Shaped Charge Liners, Reactive Fragments, Ceramics, Metal Matrix Composites, Reentry Reactive Heat Shield Materials For Lethality Enhancement, Intermetallic Reactive Composites
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General Technical Services, LLC

General Technical Services L.L.C. (GTS) is a Veteran Owned Small Business (VOSB) which provides on- and off-site technical (research and development), management, administrative support, technology development, integration, prototyping, and technology insertion for the development of optical and RF electronic sensors and devices and traditional and alternative power sources to US Government agencies and their prime contractors, universities, and industry partners.

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Geocent, LLC

Geocent provides innovative technology and high-end engineering services. We use the latest methods and technology to solve the most difficult problems across a wide variety of functional areas; steadily earning our clients’ trust, becoming an invaluable part of their organization, and advancing them beyond expectations. We deliver customer-focused subject matter expertise combined with corporate core competencies to serve the needs of our clients. Geocent exists at the intersection of technology and engineering where we meld disciplines to craft innovative, future-focused solutions that fundamentally change how industries evolve. Our history of successful contract management and sales support has made us a sought-after supplier to the federal government. We are geographically dispersed. Key Geocent capabilities include:
• modelling and simulation
• virtual prototyping
• precision guidance
• autonomous solutions
• advanced/additive manufacturing
• big data processing and data links
• command and control
• DevOpsSec
• Agile development/deployment
• continuous integration
• continuous automated testing
• infrastructure/cloud expertise
• graphical information system
• propulsion engineering
• avionics
• structural design
• metallurgy
• materials engineering
• hardware-in-the-loop
• facilities engineering/operations
• metrology
• research and design
• in-space research
• logistics

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Georgia Tech Applied Research Corporation

GTARC provides business management services for GTRI as it conducts focused programs of innovative research, technical assistance, and economic development that advance the global competitiveness of Georgia, the Southeast region, and the nation. GTARC serves as the sole contracting entity for GTRI.

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Gleason Research Associates Incorporated

Gleason Research Associates, Incorporated (GRA) is a trusted provider of advanced weapons systems engineering, inventory management solutions, training and operational support to the Department of Defense (DoD) and other federal agencies since 1982. GRA has earned distinction as a key player in the evolution of the AGM-114 Hellfire missile system from its origins as a one-platform tank buster to a robust, flexible, multi-platform, multi-target system capable of serving from Rotary-Wing, Fixed-Wing, Ground-based and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. GRA continues to lead the industry in innovative adaptations to the Hellfire platform to meet the evolving needs of the modern battle space. GRA specializes in 6DOF/Mission Analysis, Testing and Integration, Modeling and Simulation, Data Visualization, and Safety and Reliability. GRA also specializes in mechanical hardware design and analysis, design integration, project management, conducting trade studies, EPDM administration, and technical drawings.

GRA also specializes in inventory management solutions. GRA developed the Auto Scan Tracking Software (ASTS®) to provide logistics readiness through inventory management. ASTS® is the only software on the market that is developed specifically to supplement and run in parallel to the following systems: GCSS-Army, PBUSE, and DPAS Web through data reconciliation. The software allows DoD Government and Contractor personnel to maximize accountability and minimize liability of all durable and non-expendable property. ASTS® can handle barcode and IUID compatible labels/plates, perform asset tracking, maintenance tracking and provides mobile scanning solutions. GRA synchronizes logistics and sustainment activities to provide readiness solutions that streamline and accelerate logistics support to customers locally and globally. GRA strives to utilize industrial and technical assets in order to provide vast capabilities to our customers’ requirements, directed priorities and missions.

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GPS Source, Inc.

GPS Source is a veteran-owned small business founded in 1999. We are an AS9100 certified company that designs, manufactures and supports innovative GNSS and RF solutions for the aerospace, commercial, telecommunications and defense industries. GPS Source products can be found all over the world in military aircraft, ground vehicles, aircraft hangars, wireless infrastructures and commercial manufacturing facilities. Our technical expertise includes Signal Distribution, GPS Retransmission, Contract Electronics Manufacturing, and Wireless Digital Communication Systems. Position, Navigation, and Timing (PNT) is critical for effective military operations. Therefore, GPS Source offers several solutions that support US Army GPS Modernization efforts, including sustainment of existing technology and future system development. GPS Source offers cost-effective pathways to Assured PNT for the military ground vehicle market. Contact us today to discuss your vehicle's PNT needs.

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Gradient Technology

Gradient Technology (GT) is an applied chemical engineering firm with expertise both in chemical processing and in high-explosive ordnance technologies. The company’s core staff consists of highly skilled engineers and scientists with advanced degrees and a passion for developing novel solutions for complex problems. GT has championed and applied advanced chemical engineering for the recovery, reprocessing, and conversion of propellants and high-explosives. Among the many projects that GT’s engineers have worked on include the recovery and conversion of nitroaromatics to commodity chemicals, the recovery of constituents from multi-base propellants, the recovery and reprocessing of nitramines, and the conversion of perchlorates into commodity chemicals. GT has also advanced the use of high-pressure waterjets for the safe demilitarization of high-explosive ordnance, missiles, and rockets.
GT and its core staff has also been recognized with the Tibbitts Award by the Small Business Technology Council (SBTC), the Tekne technical achievement award by the State of Minnesota, American Chemical Society’s award for innovation, NDIA Technical Achievement Award, an appointment to the Minnesota Governor’s Clean Energy Technology Collaborative, and a growing number of patents for innovative solutions from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

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Grid Logic, Inc.

Grid Logic develops new manufacturing solutions for production of high-performance components and advanced materials. The company works with a wide variety of metals, metal matrix composites, nanostructured powders and superconducting materials. It transitions laboratory techniques into production, develops custom capabilities for customers, and fabricates components from its 60,000 square foot facility in Michigan. The company has developed new techniques for 3D printing, nanostructured material production, and composite part fabrication. Grid Logic primarily addresses defense, energy, and other industrial applications and has successfully delivered R&D projects for DARPA, ARPA-E, the US DOE, the State of Michigan and commercial customers.

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GTDS America, LLC

GTDS America LLC is a defense consulting firm based just north of Boston, Massachusetts which specializes in providing assistance for clients for US Department of Defense Solicitations. Our firm assists our clients in the review and preparation of US Government Requests for Proposals. GTDS America has thirty eight years of experience with ammunition and weapons technology and is looking forward to sharing that technical experience with members of DOTC.

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Gunger Engineering

Gunger Engineering’s research areas include explosive survivability in set back and during deep earth penetration events. This includes the fuze response and characterization in those environments. Other areas include IM response including sympathetic detonation, thermal events, bullet impact, fragment impact and shaped Charge jets.

Harris Corporation – Space and Intelligence Systems

Harris Corporation (NYSE symbol HRS) is an integrator of tactical communications, electronic warfare, avionics, air traffic management, space and intelligence, and weather solutions. With 17,500 employees world-wide, Harris delivers its innovative solutions through its three business segments: Communication Systems, Electronic Systems and Space and Intelligence Systems.

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Hernon Manufacturing Inc.

Hernon Manufacturing, Inc. is known in ammunition manufacturing industry as the world leader in ammunition sealant. Hernon Sealants make ammunition waterproof to a full atmosphere, but they also grant manufacturers greater control over ammunition specifications by augmenting crimping and reducing the standard deviation of case neck tension. Initial experiments show these capabilities produce more consistent projectile trajectories which improve shot group precision. Additional tests have shown consistent increases in bullet velocity with simultaneous decreases the extreme spread of bullet velocity. Corresponding reductions in muzzle flash/crown kick are leading Hernon research teams to suspect a complete powder burn is resulting in the increases in bullet velocity. Hernon also manufactures custom dispensing equipment to apply ammunition sealants with 100% effectiveness.

More broadly, Hernon develops high performance adhesives, sealants, UV LED curing lights and precision dispensing systems for manufacturing clients around the world. With over 5000 unique formulas, Hernon adhesive and sealant products are utilized in virtually every industry. Located in Sanford, FL., Hernon products are proudly manufactured in the USA. In 2018 Hernon Manufacturing celebrated 40 years in business with a 5th consecutive year of double digit sales growth.

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Heron Systems Incorporated

Heron Systems is a leader in the coordination and collaboration of robotic systems. The company has developed novel technologies that support the development and implementation of swarms in a variety of missions. We offer a mature swarming architecture, MACE, designed to work with heterogeneous platforms across operating domains. MACE is built to support rapid system integration and the incorporation of custom capabilities via a modular design. Our proprietary technology enables the automated resource and task allocation of agents within the swarm, freeing the command and control node from micromanaging the swarm and creating a solution robust to communication dropouts or jamming. Through the implementation of specific behaviors, novel tactics can be rapidly developed and shaped to fit demanding mission requirements.

In addition to our flagship swarming capability, Heron Systems can offer partners research, development, engineering, and testing services to bring advanced autonomy to existing platforms and solutions.

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HM Defense & Technology

HM Defense & Technology, a division of Luxus Arms,LLC, located in Mt Orab, Ohio is an Engineering and R&D company. The company also does DoD contract work and manufactures AR based weapons for LE and Military customers. HM Defense & Technology was recently awarded patents for the Monobloc barrel and HMB bolt for M4, M16 and AR based weapons platforms. The company continues to innovate and improve weapon technology for our WarfightersHM Defense & Technology, a division of Luxus Arms,LLC, located in Mt Orab, Ohio is an Engineering and R&D company. The company also does DoD contract work and manufactures AR based weapons for LE and Military customers. HM Defense & Technology was recently awarded patents for the Monobloc barrel and HMB bolt for M4, M16 and AR based weapons platforms. The company continues to innovate and improve weapon technology for our Warfighters.

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Honeywell Advanced Fibers and Composites manufactures Spectra® fiber, one of the world's strongest and lightest manmade fibers. Additionally, Spectra Shield® composite materials based onSpectra® high performance fiber, as well as Gold Shield® composite materials using aramid high-performance fibers are part of the broad portfolio of ballistic materials offered. Honeywell also offers Spectra Shield and Gold Shield materials as molded armor panels or finished end articles for direct use in armor designs. Our extensive applications experts and laboratories compliment and support the product offerings in a variety of armor end uses providing light weight, high performance armor solutions.

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HT MicroAnalytical, Inc.

HT MicroAnalytical, Inc. was incorporated in Albuquerque, NM with three founders in December 2002 and began operations in April 2003. HT Micro was recognized as a New Mexico Flying 40 (fastest growth amongst technology companies) company in 2008 & 2009.
HT Micro utilizes batch high aspect ratio metal based processes, to fabricate metal MEMS switches as components. These processes enable production of complex three-dimensional mechanisms. HT Micro’s competitive advantage comes from its ability to perform wafer level or "batch" processing in a very broad range of materials. The technology for wafer level processing is well known in the integrated circuit (IC) industry; however, precision mechanical fabrication in a wide variety of metals is not. HT Micro has advanced processes that enable miniaturization of magnetic and mechanical switch components without sacrificing performance. In many cases, HT Micro’s switches have improved performance, reliability, and cost over our customers’ current suppliers. HT Micro’s highly innovative engineering staff also enables design for unique value-added benefits in the form of packaging. Our self packaging methodology lends itself directly to hermetically sealed components which are rugged enough for many military and industrial applications. The components have the unique ability to withstand extreme temperature variations, vibration, and g-forces.

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Ibis Tek, Inc

Ibis Tek is a small business specializing in the development, testing and manufacturing of transparent and opaque armor, tactical vehicle accessories, and military lighting solutions. Facilities extend over 415,000 square feet enabling vertical integration of core processes to support rapid transition from design through production.
Capabilities include:
• Design of system solutions for protection against bullet, blast and fragmentation threats
• Autoclave lamination of transparent and opaque armoring materials
• Machining, welding, coating, and assembly of military components
• Design and manufacturing of LED lighting systems for visible and infra-red applications
• Platform integration and kitting of survivability enhancement suites
• Application of Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) coatings for enhanced wear resistance
• Environmental, ballistic and optical testing to commercial, military and law enforcement standards

Additionally, Ibis Tek supports a wide range of research initiatives that fuel product innovation and provide uncommon solutions to complex military requirements.

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IERUS Technologies, Inc.

IERUS is a HUBZone small business headquartered in Huntsville AL. IERUS specializes in electromagnetic spectrum technologies. This includes antenna design, RF materials design including ultra thin absorbers, RF measurement and characterization techniques, EOIR modeling design and analysis, adaptive optics and lasers. IERUS is a highly educated company with 1/4 of technical staff holding PhDs and over 3/4 holding Masters level or above in engineering, math of physics.

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IllinoisRocstar LLC

IllinoisRocstar LLC is a limited liability company founded in 2007 to perform computational engineering analyses for commercial industries and U.S. government agencies. Using the Rocstar suite of integrated simulation software, the members of IllinoisRocstar employ first-principles based physics for high-fidelity numerical analysis of fluid flows, combustion, materials, structures, and their interactions in complex changing geometries. The principals and members of the company are experienced leaders and senior scientists using advanced computation and simulation techniques to understand the implications of three-dimensional fluid-structure interactions on the design and application of engineered devices. IllinoisRocstar seeks to commercialize, extend and implement simulation software developed at the University of Illinois Center for Simulation of Advanced Rockets and other sources. The Rocstar simulation suite provides IllinoisRocstar LLC with capabilities to perform engineering simulations in three dimensions of many different types of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) problems, and to couple those simulations with the responses of structures that interact with the fluids.

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Imperial Machine & Tool Company

Imperial Machine & Tool is a state-of-the-art machining, fabricating, and manufacturing facility in northwestern NJ whose credo over 60 years has been a consistent demand for excellence. From concept to completion our technical expertise, strict standards, and quality control are enhanced and balanced by creativity, insight and vision and our willingness to embrace challenging projects and difficult applications. We take great pride in being regarded as a consistent and reliable "go-to" resource for our customers.

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InertialWave, Inc.

Inertialwave was founded in 2014 to develop advanced inertial MEMS, RF Electronics, and the Ultimate Navigation-On-Chip solutions. As a start-up, our key resource is our people and the ideas they have. We are in the process of developing Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs) for universal MEMS resonator control. We have partnered with universities and industry to make a new generation of CVG’s coupled with state of the art ASICs a reality for both military and commercial applications. By improving performance, reducing size and cost, and allowing for simple integration, we believe inertial sensing can become a significant enhancement to many products, both today and in the future.

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Innovative Defense Technologies

Innovative Defense Technologies (IDT) is committed to delivering technologies that ensure system quality, functionality, and readiness. Our engineers collaborate in a secure, disciplined environment utilizing patented Automated Test and ReTest (ATRT) technologies and disruptive innovation to create high-performance solutions. Our dedication to discipline, innovation, and quality is foundational to the solutions we develop and has transformed the delivery of software capabilities for our customers in the DOD.
Our capabilities include: Continuous Integration, Automated System Testing and Certification, Automated Data Analysis, Cybersecurity, and Cloud Computing.

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Innoveering, LLC

Combustion, Propulsion and Harsh Environment Engineering Services & Products:
• Innoveering has pioneered a multitude of propulsion systems, sensors and controls for harsh environments in both ground and air applications, as well as, high energy gasification techniques, and advanced catalysts.
• Customers: NASA, DARPA, DoD, DOE, prime aerospace and weapon system contractors.

Sensors & Actuators / MEMS Micro-Systems:
• The uniquely harsh environments that high performance propulsion systems produce require novel measurements and activation solutions.
• We’re developing sensors capable of operation at uniquely high pressures, temperatures, and locations while delivering ultra-high sensitivity, dynamic response, and small packaging.

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Integrated Solutions for Systems, Inc.

IS4S is a growing small business with experience in all of the fundamental research disciplines required to support ordnance technology development. These disciplines include structural mechanics, material science, explosives/energetic materials, and advanced weapon development. IS4S employees have engaged in R&D activities for AFRL, DTRA, DARPA, and other agencies of the DoD, for many years on ordnance development programs. IS4S is currently the prime contractor on AFRL’s Enhanced Lethality Ordnance and Modeling (ELOM) contract. This contract has efforts underway conducting R&D on technologies focused on high-speed-strike weapons, close-combat-support weapons, selectable-effects weapons, agent-defeat weapons (addressing targets containing chem and bio agents), as well as related modeling and simulation. These projects include both fundamental investigations, such as experimental characterization and modeling of blast propagation in structures, to weapon development activities, such as conducting arena tests and participating in live drop tests of prototype warhead concepts. IS4S was just recently awarded the Agile Acquisition IDIQ Contract by the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center. The IS4S staff is a diverse mix of scientists and engineers, most with advanced degrees, who are committed to helping DoD customers develop solutions to some of the military’s most complex challenges.

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Integration Innovation, Inc.

i3 is a privately held small business headquartered in Huntsville, Alabama, with 220 employees in a growing number of CONUS and OCONUS locations. i3's diverse set of technical capabilities include rotary and fixed wing global flight and maintenance training; aviation support services; unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) development, integration, and training; intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) simulators and training; software engineering; information assurance and security engineering; systems engineering & integration; cyber warfare; virtualization and cloud computing services; combat training systems development, testing and fielding; L-V-C modeling and simulation; bio-energy systems, C4ISR & battle command systems development and engineering.

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Intelligent Automation, Inc.

Intelligent Automation Inc. (IAI) is a R&D organization with over 25 years of stable growth. Historically, much of our work has been funded by the U.S. Government through fully open and competitive research contracts and through competitive awards from the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program. IAI's success is reflected by its selection in both 2000 and 2007 to receive the prestigious Tibbett’s Award from the Small Business Administration (SBA) and the Small Business Technology Council (SBTC) for excellence in technology research and commercialization. In recent years the company has evolved to become a developer of productized services and technologies and an important R&D provider to first-tier integrators including BAE Systems, Boeing, CSC, EDS, Honeywell, Lockheed Martin, Motorola, Northrop Grumman, and Raytheon as well as to commercial firms within the United States and internationally.

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Invisible Interdiction, Inc.

Invisible Interdiction designs and manufactures counter-drone defeat solutions. We specialize in RF jamming, making the smallest, lightest and most effective jamming modules and stand alone systems for use against commercial drones. Our engineers use their 50+ years’ experience manipulating the RF spectrum to design custom antennas and unique electronic techniques that set us apart. We provide both military and non-military solutions.

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IOMAX USA, Inc., a small business and non-traditional defense contractor, is a global provider of aerospace, surveillance and weapons system design, manufacturing and integration. Our solutions are tailored to customer requirements and rapidly brought to reality with IOMAX’s demonstrated quick reaction capability. Our company has over 200 years of combined experience (military and civilian) providing solutions for aircraft, ISR and weapons systems. The team of experts is uniquely qualified in weapons design, guidance and control systems, precision navigation and timing, and low cost alternatives to precision-guided munitions manufacturing. Based in Mooresville, NC, the IOMAX team has the facilities (USG Certified Secure Facility to Top Secret) and the resources necessary to deliver innovative capabilities to the warfighter.

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Iris Technology Corporation

Iris Technology Corporation is a Non-Traditional, United States Defense Contractor that has been supporting DoD and agency systems since 1986. We are a provider of unique solutions to difficult engineering problems with proven performance in research & development, rapid prototyping, testing, and manufacturing. Iris has successfully completed a range of armament projects including: electro-optical sensors for weapons, safe and arm interfaces, explosives manufacturing equipment, and certified Special Test Equipment (STE) for missile Divert and Attitude Control System (DACS) actuators. In addition, unique specialties and capabilities exist in power generation, control systems, cryogenics, radiation hardening, for tactical and space environments. We view strong, mutually beneficial relationships as fundamental to complete customer satisfaction. Our team is driven to deliver the most innovative, reliable, and affordable technologies to our warfighters and our strategic partners in pursuit of our national security.

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Island Pyrochemical Industries

ISLAND PYROCHEMICAL INDUSTRIES CORP (IPI), established in 1982, is a global manufacturer and supplier of specialty chemicals for the military, airbag and general industrial sectors. IPI’s worldwide administrative headquarters are based in Long Island, New York, USA. Our manufacturing facilities are located in: Bitterfeld-Wolfen, Germany Fujian, China. Hyderabad, India Pennsylvania, USA IPI maintains strategic partnerships and alliances with leading global chemical manufacturers for the procurement and development of chemicals that IPI does not produce. All materials are independently tested by IPI prior to distribution, ensuring strict compliance with our customer’s specifications. All IPI manufacturing facilities and administrative locations are certified to ISO 9001:2008 operating standards. IPI and all associated companies are ISO-9001-2008 certified. IPI is licensed by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. IPI is Trace Certified (TC00-5440).

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JAKTOOL is a leading provider of integrated engineering, research and development, and precision prototyping value to the US military for over 10 years. Delivering engineered turn-key solutions, testing, sourcing, and innovative manufacturing, we support the American Armed Services with highest level of quality, service, and speed.

JAKTOOL excels at freeing up military engineering assets with project management, product development, analysis, and precision prototyping across systems and materials. While JAKTOOL's service offering to the military encompasses our complete range of competencies, we have achieved particular success in quickly iterating prototype ballistic hardware with increased lethality, high insensitivity, and applying innovating forming techniques for fragmentation. JAKTOOL has also delivered competitive advantages in fuse development, energetics, and pyrotechnics, as well as modular weapon mounting systems, munitions testing fixtures, and simulation platforms.

From weapons systems, to safety equipment, to specialty research and qualification projects, we have met or exceeded the exacting conformity requirements of the US military with the highest rate of success. If it has to done right the first time, it has to be done by JAKTOOL.

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Jankel Tactical Systems, LLC

Jankel Tactical Systems (JTS) is a world class specialist in protection systems. Undertaking design, development, prototyping and production of armored vehicles, light tactical vehicles, counter terrorism vehicles and equipment, and customized occupant survivability solutions for military, security, government, aid agencies and NGOs throughout the world.

The on-going protection of men and women in dangerous places relies on the creative development of tomorrow's life-protecting technologies. Working with researchers, scientists, front-line troops, experts and industry leaders, Jankel is continuously exploring and developing new ways of refining and improving our protective products.

With secure manufacturing facilities in the UK, Jordan and USA, Jankel is able to provide high volume production, whilst still offering a flexible approach to exacting customer requirements. A partnership approach to every solution ensures a smooth journey from concept to delivery. Jankel has achieved ISO 9001 and 14001 for its security, engineering, manufacturing and vehicle production capabilities.

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JENOPTIK Advanced Systems, LLC

Jenoptik is a premier international supplier of high quality and innovative products for the security and defense industries. We offer solutions that enhance warfighter effectiveness and protection by providing robust stand-alone products and/or subsystems that are integrated into state-of-the-art weapons platforms. Jenoptik’s products include electric and hybrid power supply systems which enable military ground vehicles and sustain air defense systems. We manufacture electromechanical stabilization systems and electrical drives that are the heart of many armored vehicles and naval platforms. Jenoptik’s electro-optical thermal imagers, rangefinders, and targeting systems are used for military reconnaissance and protection. The extensive product portfolio also includes radomes, heaters, rescue hoists, and cargo winches for fixed and rotary wing aircraft. In short, we offer a comprehensive product portfolio that epitomizes precision, durability, and performance.

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Jim Sutton & Associates LLC

Jim Sutton & Associates LLC is a Veteran-Owned Small Business providing consulting services and advice. With a strong background in defense systems program management, provides consulting solutions for industry and government. The solutions provided range from the strategic to the tactical; from program life cycle strategy to program execution. Company focus is in munitions, combat and tactical vehicles, combat engineer systems, electronic sensors, and services contracts.

Kaman Precision Products, a division of Kaman Aerospace Corporation

For more than 70 years, Kaman Precision Products (KPP), a division of Kaman Aerospace, has been a leader in the development and manufacture of safing and arming solutions for the ordnance industry. We offer a wide range of services, from research and development to full-scale production, for safe & arm devices, fuzes, motor igniters, flight termination devices, and related equipment.
KPP fuzes can be found on many of the U.S. military’s missile and bomb systems. KPP provides mechanical, electro-mechanical and electronic safe/arm products for conventional and penetration bombs, missiles, and rockets, including the Joint Programmable Fuze (FMU-152 A/B) that is used in the MK 80 series bombs, BLU-109, and in conjunction with JDAM and Paveway weapon kits.   KPP is the Micro-Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) fuzing technology leader with MEMS Verge Escapement Safe and Arm.   We are forward-looking and growth-oriented, pursuing and applying innovations in development and manufacturing technology. 

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Keysight Technologies, Inc.

Keysight Technologies is a large non-Traditional contractor and a world leader in electronic test and measurement solutions that expand across the aerospace and defense (A&D) ecosystem enabling the backbone of defense innovation. The Internet, wireless communications, satellites, space, navigation, and electrification all evolved from A&D. Pushing the boundaries of technical limitations requires a combination of in-depth knowledge and imagination to explore these new possibilities. We help fuel leading-edge technology innovations in A&D that enable commercial applications, which in turn open new areas of innovation back into A&D. We have expertise in electronic warfare, military communications, space & satellite, radar, signal monitoring, cyber, network security, and field test.

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Keystone Automation, Inc.
  • Machinery Design & Fabrication
  • Electrical Programming
  • Machining

Keystone Automation is happy to provide the following quick turnaround factory automation services with competitive pricing.

  • Sheet Metal Welding
  • Embedded Systems Design for Factory Automation
  • Electrical Panel Fabrication
  • Machinery Assembly & Rebuilding
  • Electronics Design Services
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Kilgore Flares Company, LLC

Kilgore Flares Company, LLC ("Kilgore”) has developed and produced a variety of countermeasure, signaling and marker pyrotechnic devices for the United States Government service branches and select foreign governments for over fifty (50) years. These items have been produced in accordance with USG, allied government and Kilgore’s own proprietary technical data packages (TDP).
Kilgore’s rich experience in developing and producing IR countermeasure flares, coupled with its world class facilities and personnel provides a solid foundation for assuring the successful manufacture of flares to the technical specifications and at the production levels required by the U.S. Government.
Beginning in 1983 Kilgore has been an industry leader, having remained in continuous countermeasure flare production thereafter. Kilgore possesses extruded, pressed and cast IR decoy flare manufacturing capability.
Examples of these type flares produced include the M206, M212, MJU-2/B, MJU- 8/B, MK46, MJU-8A/B, MJU-7A/B, MJU-10/B, MJU-32/B, MJU-38/B, KC-001, KC-004, ALA17C, MJU-39/B, and MJU-40/B. This demonstrated overall expertise in the field of IR flare manufacturing has enabled Kilgore to be selected for the design effort and sole manufacturer of the ALA-17C IR Flare replacement for the upgraded B-52H, as well the developer and sole manufacturer of MJU- 39/B and MJU- 40/B IR decoy flares for the F/A-22 Raptor. Kilgore was also selected to improve the design of the M212 countermeasure flare for the US Army, with follow on production contract.
Kilgore offers design, development and test services for countermeasure and other pyrotechnic devises. The design center is collocated with the 265 acre manufacturing complex and 245 acre test range. Test capability includes 0.9 Mach windstream and indoor 100 yard firing range for testing or ammunition and countermeasures. This gives Kilgore the ability to design, develop, test and manufacture all at one location in west Tennessee.
Kilgore is without a doubt, the most experienced and technically capable IR flare designer and manufacturer considering this industry’s most important discriminators: Experienced design staff, product quality, manufactured quantities, manufacturing technique, diversity of technologies and longevity.

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Kord Technologies, Inc.

Kord Technologies, Inc., headquartered in Huntsville, Alabama, is a woman-owned small business providing engineering, information technology, training, and programmatic support solutions to NASA, DoD and DHS. Founded in 2008, Kord has achieved steady growth and employs personnel in Huntsville, AL; Mobile, AL; Aberdeen, MD; Fort Hood, TX; Nellis AFB, NV and the national capital region supporting the US Army, NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center, Missile Defense Agency, US Air Force, and the Department of Homeland Security. Kord offers a wide range of services including Systems Engineering, Installation Management, Information Technology, Threat Systems Analysis, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Software Engineering, Scientific Research and Development, Optical Engineering, and Program Management.

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Kratos Defense & Rocket Support Services, Inc.

Kratos Defense & Rocket Support Services (KDRSS) is known throughout joint services for providing top notch engineering, programmatic, and technical support services. The KDRSS Division has extensive experience providing program and acquisition management, range operations and mission support for key DoD programs. KDRSS provides full spectrum system engineering, test and evaluation, and technical services support for multiple weapon system development/improvement programs at NSWC Dahlgren some of which include: Railgun, Dragon Spear, Littoral Combat Ships (LCS) Gun & Missile Mission Modules, the Northern Border Initiative and the Battle Management System (BMS) program . KDRSS also plans, conducts and manages range operations support providing technical services in designing, developing, coordinating, and executing Test and Evaluation (T&E) programs for lot acceptance test (LAT), first article test (FAT), performance, characterization, lethality, vulnerability, integration, hazardous assessment, safety, and other testing as required to determine/evaluate the suitability of explosive and non-explosive components and weapons systems.

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Kyma Technologies, Inc.

Kyma Technologies is a privately held small company with two close by facilities located in the Research Triangle region of North Carolina. Kyma is a leading supplier of crystalline wide & ultra-wide bandgap semiconductor (U/WBGS) materials, including GaN, AlGaN, AlN, Ga2O3, and diamond. Kyma also supplies large area crystalline graphene and a number of metallic thin films including Cu and Al. Kyma has decades of experience in designing & fabricating crystal growth tools & processes based on plasma vapor deposition (PVD), chemical vapor deposition (CVD), and hydride vapor phase epitaxy (HVPE) for Kyma’s own use and for select customers. Kyma also offers GaN based photoconductive semiconductor switch (PCSS) devices and is actively developing GaN FINFET and GaN photodiode devices for proprietary customers. Kyma has a full machine shop for internal needs and to make specialty parts for others.

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L3 Adaptive Methods

Adaptive Methods provides Command and Control solutions, Advanced Sensor Design and Processing solutions, and Autonomy Solutions, in support of detect and engage operations. The company’s skill sets include system engineering, SW development, SW/HW integration and Mechanical subsystem design, fabrication and low rate production. The company has offices in Centreville VA, Rockville MD, Newport RI, Keyport WA and Clearwater FL.

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L-3 Applied Technologies, Inc.

L-3 Applied Technologies, Inc. (L-3 ATI) is an industry leader in Pulsed Power Physics, Engineering, Prototyping and Production Services. L-3 ATI has nearly 50 years experience designing, building, testing and operating high voltage, high current, pulsed power and power electronics systems. We have delivered more than 300 major pulsed power systems to government and commercial customers world-wide, including:
• Electromagnetic Railgun Systems
• Directed Energy Weapon Systems
• Pulsed Electron Beam and X-ray Sources
• Flash X-ray Radiography Systems
• Lightning Simulators
• Pulsed Plasma Devices
• High-Energy Capacitor Banks
• High-Power Microwave Systems
• Electromagnetic Pulse Generators
• High-Average Power Modulators
• Large Area EMP Simulators

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L-3 Fuzing & Ordnance Systems

L-3 Fuzing & Ordnance Systems (L-3 FOS) L-3 FOS, formed in 2009 from the merger of two legacy L-3 divisions — KDI Precision Products and BT Fuze Products, confronts today’s technological challenges by devoting our resources, experience and expertise to fuzing and ordnance for the U.S. and our international military allies.

L-3 FOS is globally recognized as ordnance systems integrators and fuzing experts for tube-launched, air-dropped, infantry-employed and missile-driven ordnance products. L-3 FOS is leading the way in the development of reliable and affordable fuzing, ESADs and ESAFs, safety & arming devices, proximity sensor products and ordnance systems.

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L-3 Interstate Electronics Corporation

L-3 Interstate Electronics Corporation (IEC) is a recognized leader in the development and production of advanced systems and products for military navigation systems. L-3 IEC Navigation Systems’ portfolio includes GPS Selective Availability and Anti-Spoof modules (SAASM) technology, GPS fast acquisition receivers, GPS digital translators, and GPS denied systems. In addition, L-3 IEC Navigation Systems provides subsystems, board level products, components and precision location enabling technology used in a wide variety of weapons and systems, including warheads and ordnance.
L-3 IEC Navigation Systems reports under the Precision Engagement sector within the Sensors and Simulation group of L-3. L-3 is a prime contractor in Command, Control and Communications, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C³ISR), Government Services, Aircraft Modernization and Maintenance (AM&M) and has the broadest base of Electronic Systems in the industry. L-3 is also a major provider of homeland defense products and services for a variety of emerging markets.

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L-3 Mustang Technology

Mustang exploits modern technologies to provide state-of-the-art radar performance at mass-market prices. Their team includes nationally-recognized experts in designing and developing weapon systems, RF systems, antennas, phased-array antenna systems, advanced missile systems and seekers, radar and anti-radiation homing (ARH) modes of operation and imaging infrared (IIR) systems.

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L3 Technologies, Inc., ComCept Division

L3 ComCept is a division of the Aerospace Segment of New York-based L3. L3 ComCept specializes in system-of-systems network integration, data reduction/data mining/information superiority, big data analytics, modeling, simulation, systems integration and antenna/beamforming solutions. We are defining and developing networking concepts that greatly enhance the utility of our nation's airborne intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance platforms.

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Lancer Systems, LP

Lancer believes that every product it engineers should provide a significant, relevant improvement to performance. It's an engineering company that uses advanced technologies, many proprietary, to enhance performance not just in the gun industry, but in aerospace, defense, pump, oil & gas, etc. Lancer is re-defining what it means to reduce weight and dissipate heat in modern weapons - polymer magazines and a growing line of carbon fiber components, as examples - while always exceeding military standards. The company uses advanced technologies and gathers feedback directly from end users to develop relevant, easy-to-implement products that improve shooting performance and reliability for Soldiers, law enforcement officers, and consumers.
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Laser Techniques Company, LLC

Laser Techniques Company, LLC is the industry leader in laser-based measurement and inspection systems. LTC is changing the way gun tubes and bores are measured by using laser-based sensors for non-destructive inspections and testing. A product of LTC’s Defense Systems Group, the BEMIS™ Bore Erosion Measurement Inspection System is designed for use by field operators, maintenance, manufacturing and testing facilities. BEMIS™ laser-based inspection systems and sensors detect and measure difficult-to-inspect features such as erosion, corrosion, asymmetrical wear and deformation in gun tubes, rifle barrels and mortar systems from 5.56mm to 155mm.

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Lehigh University

Lehigh University has a strong focus on use-inspired research, informed by industry involvement and largely aligned under three Interdisciplinary Research Institutes: • The Institute for Functional Materials and Devices with expertise in synthesis, fabrication, processing, and characterization of materials, and including accessible user facilities.
• The Institute for Data, Intelligent Systems, and Computation with expertise in machine learning, probabilistic modeling, high-performance computing, signal and image processing, modeling and simulation.
• The Institute for Cyber–Physical Infrastructure and Energy with expertise in smart infrastructure, energy delivery, cybersecurity, and infrastructure systems risk and resilience.

Lehigh can support NAC-DOTC interests in areas such as:
• Polymers and composites
• Ceramics
• Metals, metal forming, welding/joining
• Lightweight carbon fiber and composite structures
• Functional materials for sensors and electronics
• Battery/fuel cell materials and technology
• Advanced/Additive Manufacturing
• Cybersecurity
• Optimization of reliability, performance, and cost
• Tribology/wear

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Leidos has a strong commitment to supporting programs of national importance – helping to solve or undertake our country’s most significant problems. We offer a broad range of services and products to address our customers’ most complex and critical technology-related needs. These services include the following:

  • National Security
  • Energy
  • Environment
  • Critical Infrastructure
  • Health
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Liberty Consulting Solutions

Liberty Consulting Solutions (LCS) is a Veteran-Owned Small Business. With a strong background in DoD, DHS and First Responders, LCS provides consulting solutions for industry and government. The solutions LCS provides range from the strategic to the tactical, from Operations to Logistics and from Program Management to Business Process Improvement.
While Liberty Consulting Solutions' core competencies are in manned and unmanned aviation and surface assets, using our background in the armed forces, Liberty Consulting has also conceived of a new weapon that could have immediate impact for our warfighters.

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Lockheed Martin Corporation

At Lockheed Martin, we specialize in providing solutions to the most complex and challenging technological issues imaginable. To address these issues, we have built a company with unparalleled technological depth. Our Lean 21 discipline drives out waste while our focus on Six Sigma and service level commitments ensure the lowest cost with the highest level of performance. And our program management skills will get the job done consistently and efficiently. Lockheed Martin's Continuous Appraisal Method (CAM) Definition document is also available. The Lockheed Martin team has the largest concentration of software expertise you'll find anywhere, and our clients tell us they choose us because of our experience and expertise. Our technology with engineering discipline to meet their tough business challenges, leads to our total commitment to their success.

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Logistics Engineering and Systems Integration Services, LLC

Logistics Engineering and Systems Integration Services, LLC provides Systems Engineering, Research and Design, and Integration solutions, Demilitarization and Life Cycle Logistics Engineering expertise, technical and Program Management support from product inception through disposal.

Lynntech, Inc.

Lynntech is a technology development company that has been active in the SBIR community since 1987. Currently employing more than 100 people, the company specializes in new energy systems for DOD applications. Notably and among many other projects, the company is developing a new reserve battery for electronic fuzing, improved capacitors that will be used in munitions applications, new additive manufacturing techniques for energetics, and 3D printing of pyrotechnic material for flares and countermeasures. Lynntech’s current 75,000 foot space includes laboratory facilities occupying 45,000 sq-ft, 30,000 sq-ft of office space and conference areas with additional room available for expansion. Technical capabilities include general chemistry laboratory space, an analytical chemistry laboratory, an electronics shop, a state-of-the-art machining, prototype fabrication facility, electrochemical system assembly area, and several high bay areas where scale-up hardware can be assembled for testing and evaluation.

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MAC’s mission of development and manufacturing of advanced polymeric ammunition is well suited to support NAC’s mission, with the entire family of MAC lightweight ammunition (5.56mm, 7.62mm, 50 CAL and 30mm) already demonstrated in varying stages of maturity. MAC’s personnel are well qualified for execution of this project and MAC’s facility features 30,000 ft2 of production space in full compliance with 4145.26-M, including full Function and Casualty and EPVAT testing capability for all small calibers and stands ready to support NAC’s mission.

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Mad Minute, LLC

Mad Minute designs and produces an innovative line of suppressors for small arms. We employee a patented design that utilizes a unique energy conversion mechanism that converts pressure in the barrel from the fired round into mechanical/kinetic energy within the suppressor. We also utilize a spiral cut centerpiece under tension that not only allows evacuation of barrel gas and pressure reduction, but also enhances rigidity of the suppressor. This internal tension enables superior performance under extreme firing conditions while creating a sound signature that is fundamentally different than all other suppressors. The integrated technologies suppress every critical parameter of operational interest to include sound, heat/flash, pressure, recoil, and blowback. These design features are scalable to larger and much larger caliber weapons and extensible to the most extreme firing rates and conditions. Mad Minute designs have been demonstrated under extreme conditions and offer the armaments industry a collection of technologies that will create the leap in suppression performance required of our next-generation systems and expected future operational scenarios.

Mainstream Engineering Corporation

Mainstream Engineering Corporation has been developing and manufacturing advanced thermal control systems since 1986. Areas of expertise include complete thermal control systems, energy conversion devices, heat transfer, fluid flow, thermodynamics, mechanics, chemistry, materials, nano-technology and new emerging technologies. Mainstream is currently providing solutions to NASA, DOD, DOE, DOT, DOC, and industry. The company has been involved with several Directed Energy Weapons programs and provided Thermal Management Systems (TMS) for a number of these initiatives. By way of example, most recently, we developed an integrated system for an optical laser demonstrator. Our TMS was designed to remove heat from the laser subsystem (through an intermediate heat exchanger with a two-phased pumped loop), from the beam control system, environmental loads, and the electrical power subsystem. Our TMS used a vapor-compression (i.e., refrigeration) cycle to provide cooling in basic, hot, and cold climates in accordance with AR 70-38 and MIL-HDBK-310. The system acquired heat through our laser subsystem evaporator, vehicle platform evaporator, and other subsystem evaporators and rejected the heat through two rear-door-mounted condensers. Our twin-screw compressors, which we developed under a concurrent DARPA contract, comprised the compressor subassembly and served as prime movers. Innovative TMS of these weapons systems has long been a challenge to optimization of their performance.

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Management Services Group, Inc. dba Global Technical Systems

Management Services Group, Inc., doing business as (dba) Global Technical Systems (GTS) provides advanced ordnance engineering products and services for the Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security and other US Government conventional and special weapons customers. We provide cradle-to-grave ordnance and weapons engineering services spanning research, concept development, design, modeling and simulation, prototyping, test and evaluation, low-rate/full-production, logistics and sustainment. Our innovative, cost-effective, high-tech engineering services, products and product-based support services encompass the latest generation software and hardware for new weapon systems and legacy weapon product improvement programs.

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ManTech Advanced Systems International, Inc.

Now in our 50th year, ManTech is the trusted partner supporting America’s mission-critical national and homeland security programs. We proudly serve the Department of Defense, the Intelligence Community, the Space Community, and federal civilian agencies that include the Departments of State, Homeland Security, Health and Human Services, Veterans Affairs, Justice, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation – and many other agencies through some 900 contracts. We tailor best-in-class technologies to meet their needs in full-spectrum cyber, data collection & analytics and enterprise IT, crafted by world-leading experts in systems and software engineering. For more information on ManTech, please visit our website.

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Marotta Controls, Inc.

Founded in 1943, Marotta Controls is a fully integrated solutions provider which designs, develops, qualifies and manufactures innovative systems and sub-systems for the aerospace and defense sectors. Our portfolio includes pressure, power, motion, fluid, and electronic controls for weapon systems, shipboard applications, satellites, launch vehicles, and aircraft systems. With over 200 patents, Marotta continues to build on its legacy as a highly respected, family-owned company based in the state of New Jersey.

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MaTech focuses its skills and capabilities in areas that ultimately support our customers’ requirements to manufacture high quality, cost effective products in both the military and commercial marketplaces.

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Materials Research and Design, Inc.

Materials Research & Design (MR&D) is a small business that provides research and design services to the advanced materials community. Typical programs at MR&D focus on the simultaneous design of material and structure to optimize component cost, weight, or structural performance. Additional areas of interest focus upon research into the behavior of composite materials and the development of micromechanical models to analyze and understand observed properties. The analytical approach employed by MR&D is based upon a practical understanding of engineering issues founded upon a strong background of theoretical mechanics. In the area of armament technologies, MR&D has been active, through ONR and SBIR funding, in the development of materials and designs for electromagnetic rail gun (EMRG) projectiles. The work has included arc jet tests of projectile nosetips and sub scale rail gun tests of aft skirt materials.

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Materials Sciences LLC

Materials Sciences Corporation (MSC) is a small business headquartered in southeastern Pennsylvania that has provided engineering services to the composites industry since 1970. As a recognized leader in the design, analysis and testing of composite materials and structures, MSC is committed to excellence in all stages of the engineering development cycle: research, design, analysis, testing and prototyping. MSC’s core competencies include composite material development, specialty manufacturing and testing, and product design. MSC has participated in numerous programs that demonstrate the ability to: perform advanced composite design, analysis and testing; provide overall program management; work in a team environment; and transition new product development to the military and commercial sectors. MSC's corporate mission has expanded steadily beyond basic research and development to include transitioning of advanced material technologies from the research laboratory into innovative new products and applications. This commitment is demonstrated through increased staffing and a more than 3-fold expansion of facilities to enable in-house manufacturing and testing of advanced composite materials and structures.

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Materion Brush, Inc.

Materion Brush Inc.is an advanced materials manufacturer that enables next generation technologies or products. We are a wholly owned subsidiary of Materion Corporation which employs over 2500 materials professionals worldwide working in many different engineered material solutions (http://www.materion.com). At our facility in Elmore, Ohio, where we have over 600 employees , we have large scale materials manufacturing ranging from metal casting to powder metal production and also produce prototype materials or finished components. We have an extensive background in beryllium metals processing, used in many defense applications ranging from electro-optical systems to classified satellite use and nuclear weapons. But we also produce non-beryllium containing materials which allow our customers more advanced material solutions without the difficulties of handling beryllium under certain conditions. We manufacture SupremEX® materials which are primarily powder-based aluminum metal matrix composites reinforced with silicon carbide for steel and titanium replacement in wear resistance components or for ballistics protection. We also manufacture bulk metallic glass or amorphous metals which can be utilized for reactive fragmentation warheads, reactive ballistics protection or solid state energetics. We have demonstrated gravity casting of Zr bulk metallic glass in a fully amorphous state up to 1 Kg and are confident to cast larger components. We have expertise is vacuum induction melting of exotic metals and developing new materials with this key processing technology. In addition to casting, we have extensive powder metal processing equipment which includes large vacuum hot pressing or hot isostatic pressing. We also have the capability to machine the materials we produce to finished parts or semi-finished parts. In addition to materials manufacturing, we have chemical and mechanical testing laboratories. Lastly, we have an application engineering group which is focused on our customers and industry partners needs and can assist with design and development of finished products.
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MATSYS, Inc. works on the design and processing of new structural reactive materials. We have developed reactive powder formulations to meet the requirements for structural reactive materials on density, strength and energy release. Using our unique capability to monitor powder consolidation during Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP) in real time, we are able to densify blends of reactive powders into fully dense bulk reactive material safely and cost effectively. We have also demonstrated the feasibility of fabrication of "scored” reactive cases for fragmenting warheads and developed the technology for net shape forming of complex shapes.

MATSYS has developed the technology for consolidation of nanostructured powders, prepared by high energy milling, into fully dense bulk nanostructured materials. Our target applications include lightweight materials for structural and lightweight armor and high density materials for KE penetrators.

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Maxim Defense Industries, LLC

Maxim Defense is a defense development company aiming to give our military and first responders the next generation of tools and equipment to succeed in today's most extreme environments. The company primarily engages in small arms manufacturing focusing R&D on producing better, lighter, more reliable weapons and accessories. As an industrial-design-centered organization, Maxim seeks to improve and enhance existing weapons platforms alongside developing cutting-edge technologies for redefining the future. Maxim is headquartered in St. Cloud, MN. To learn more, please visit www.maximdefense.com and follow us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. @maximdefense

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MaxPower, Inc.

MaxPower, Inc. offers research, development, prototype, and small production services of Lithium and Lithium-ion batteries to the government, medical, automotive, aerospace, and military industries.

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MBDA Incorporated

MBDA Missile Systems is the world’s leading company that specializes in missiles and missile systems. MBDA Incorporated, a US Company, leverages the best of MBDA Missile Systems’ global expertise, products, and technical innovation to meet the needs of the US warfighter. With products like the Dual Mode Brimstone missile, Viper-E munition and Diamond Back Wing Kits for the Small Diameter Bomb, MBDA Incorporated provides integrated solutions from systems engineering through full production.
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McCormick Stevenson Corporation

Are you an Aerospace & Defense Program Manager or Project Engineer in search of capable, reliable and affordable mechanical engineering support? If so, you’ve come to the right place. At McCormick Stevenson Engineering + Design we offer a wide range of mechanical engineering expertise; from deep systems engineering to routine drafting and design, and everything in-between. We help you reduce your program risk through clear requirements definition, firm-fixed-price engagements, and the immediate application of a qualified & experienced staff; a staff armed with our own well-honed engineering tool-set. All of this is delivered at competitive small-business prices, with a focus on schedule, and an eagerness to work together with your team to ensure success. We stand ready to help.

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McLaughlin Research Corporation

Incorporated in 1947, McLaughlin Research Corporation (MRC) is a family-owned, small business defense contractor that provides technical services to U.S. Navy Research and Development centers for submarine and surface combatant weapon, sensor, and command and control system programs in the following core competency areas: Systems Engineering and Technical Services; Computer-Aided Design and Drafting; Integrated Logistics Support; Configuration Management; Program and Financial Management; Environmental and Safety Compliance, Infrastructure, and Management; Information Assurance and Cyber Security; Technical Documentation; Multimedia Graphics and Communication; and Training. In May 2016, the Small Business Administration honored MRC as the SBA’s 2016 National Prime Contractor of the Year.

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McNally Industries, LLC

Since 1942, McNally Industries has served the United States Department of Defense and the world’s largest prime contractors with hydro-mechanical and electro-mechanical systems as well as complex, precision machined components for critical defense and aerospace systems. McNally is a full-service manufacturer providing product design and testing as well as build-to-print manufacturing. Our strength in design engineering coupled with extensive manufacturing experience provides a unique capability for product development. We offer full engineering services, including original design or re-engineering of legacy systems. Our focus is on supplying our Warfighters with the parts they need today while developing the solutions they will need tomorrow.

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McQ, Inc.

McQ Inc, located in Fredericksburg, Virginia, develops high technology surveillance and remote sensor systems. With our team of engineers, computer scientists, production engineers and state of the art production facility, McQ works from a “concept to product” development process resulting in transitioning state of the art technology into fielded military capabilities In a very short period of time. McQ consistently develops new capabilities under research and development contracts, as well as, produces high technology systems that result in important advances in surveillance technology and products. For over 30 years McQ has been a major supplier of Unattended Ground Sensors (UGS)/video surveillance systems, supplying capabilities to the conventional Army and Special Operations that have been deployed in every Combatant Command as well as fulfilling requirements and deployed with the Navy, Marines, Air Force, DOJ, DHS and DOE. These tactical surveillance systems have successfully performed with excellent reliability in hostile and extreme environmental conditions.

McQ products are key components in Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) systems that are globally networked through Internet of Things (IoT) user displays and server based Information Technology (IT), providing solutions to customers around the world. These comprehensive ISR systems automatically detect target activities, initiate live video imagery of the targets and connect the information to users over Internet Protocol (IP) networks in real time. McQ The global networks include military radio, cell phone, satellite, WiFi and custom radio networks. User displays and system command and control is provided through any platform with network connections, such as, smartphones, tablets, laptops, and Common Operating Picture (COP) central monitoring sites. McQ is a leader in advanced surveillance technologies that provide Situation Awareness information on hostile activities from remote areas allowing real time command, control and confident operational response.

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Mechanical Solutions, Inc.

An engineering design, development and analysis company, Mechanical Solutions, Inc. (MSI) combines computational analysis with well-conceived testing to solve difficult mechanical engineering problems effectively. Advanced engineering techniques that include finite element analysis (FEA) and computational fluid dynamics (CFD), which are transferable to the development and enhancement of armaments technologies, are applied expertly by MSI’s personnel. MSI’s engineering services include advanced system/ component design, analysis, testing and troubleshooting; stress evaluation; predictive maintenance system development; and innovative electro-mechanical component/ system design. For example, MSI recently evolved imaging calibration techniques and advanced software technologies to post-process high-speed videos of weapon test events. Aimed at DoD Test & Evaluation (T&E) groups, MSI’s technology enabled the acquisition of quantitative data with cameras, versus the camera’s typical use as a collector of solely qualitative information. Therefore, considerably more data could be gained from warhead and missile live fire tests, potentially with inventoried camera hardware. Further instances of MSI’s DoD projects include machinery prognostics and diagnostics technology, a system for test ranges to evaluate missile target-miss distances, an anti-RPG solution for ground vehicles, and accurate, medium caliber munition prototypes for unique, less-than-lethal applications. MSI’s significant mechanical engineering expertise, in combination with its substantial investments in advanced technical problem solving software (and in the computational hardware needed to apply these tools effectively), will offer opportunities to advance the development of various weapon systems through the resolution of complex mechanical problems. Please browse MSI’s internet homepage, http://www.mechsol.com, for additional information that includes detailed examples of MSI’s capabilities.

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Medico Industries, Inc.

In 1996, Medico took part in a study by the Department of Defense which concluded that Medico has the existing technical expertise to manufacture ammunition parts for 60mm and 155mm for both high and low volumes.

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Meggitt Defense Systems Inc.

Meggitt Defense Systems (MDSI), part of Meggitt PLC, provides Ammunition Storage and Handling Systems used by militaries around the world. We develop, manufacture, market and service high quality Linear Linkless Ammunition Handling Systems, and large caliber Robotic Feed and Storage Systems, offering operational reliability and automatic handling of rounds, providing more efficient weapon systems to the field. We are a technology leader in automated feed and resupply of ammunition, and we manufacture to rigorous MIL-SPEC performance and environmental requirements. Meggitt delivers world class ammunition handling technology for hydraulic or electric powered platforms and is actively involved in the development of next-generation combat systems.

From 20mm through 120mm, Meggitt Defense Systems has developed and fielded lightweight, high-reliability systems on the ground, in the air, and at sea. Platforms equipped with MDSI Ammunition Handling Systems include: AH-64 Apache Helicopter, UH-60 Blackhawk Helicopter, AH-1 Cobra Helicopter AC-130U Gunship, Linkless Ammunition Loading System for USN and USAF, Phalanx Deckloader System for Naval Ships, Stryker Mobile Gun System, Scout Combat Vehicle for UK MOD, and development work for GCV for US Army.

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MEI Micro, Inc.

Merrill Technologies Group (MTG)

MERRILL Technologies Group (MERRILL) is a highly innovative American small business delivering contract manufacturing services to the defense, aerospace, heavy equipment, automation, energy and transportation markets. Headquartered in Saginaw, MI, we have some 350 skilled and value-driven team members and nearly 700,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing floor space. Our resources are dedicated to the design, fabrication, machining and integration of components, systems and programs. If you need it, MERRILL can make it. Visit us at www.MerrillTG.com.

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Metadyne Inc. (dba Towanda Metadyne Inc.)

Metadyne Inc. (dba Towanda Metadyne Inc.) is a manufacturer of precision powder-metallurgy parts specializing in cemented tungsten carbide and tungsten alloys. As a leader in the innovative processing of Tungsten Carbide powders, they have developed cost effective solutions that enable high quality, competitively priced products. Industries served include: mining, oil/gas drilling, construction/agriculture, lumber/woodworking, general wear, metal removal and defense products.

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Metamagnetics Inc.

Metamagnetics develops and markets advanced RF and microwave solutions to enhance the performance and effectiveness of mission-critical security, surveillance and communication systems.

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Mettle Ops

Mettle Ops is a Woman-Owned Small Business and a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business that offers a wide spectrum of technical, professional and administrative services. We have extensive experience with operations management, engineering management/services, risk management, safety assessment/management, administrative support and documentation. Mettle Ops is a small, family-owned business founded on 30+ years of Army service resulting in a unique, user-focused perspective. Our mission is to build a reputation of excellence with integrity, on-time delivery, and superior products.

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Military Systems Group, Inc.

Military Systems Group, Inc. (MSG) of Nashville, Tennessee has been a leader in weapons mounting solutions for over three decades. MSG is a vertically integrated Service Disabled Small Business (SDVOSB) that designs and manufactures turrets, machine gun mounts, swing arms, and comprehensive vehicle mounting and armor solutions. Its product line and expertise spans ground, air, and naval applications.

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Millennium Corporation

Millennium Corporation is a strategic management, cybersecurity and systems engineering firm and committed partner to the Government – driven by results and focused on people as we help our customers achieve mission success. We have a proven record of performance supported by successful contract results with customers within the ARMY, NAVY, OSD, DHS and other civilian agencies. We offer large company capabilities with the agility and flexibility of a small business, meeting and exceeding evolving requirements.

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Missouri University of Science and Technology

Founded in 1870 as Missouri School of Mines, Missouri University of Science and Technology has evolved into a world-class technological research university. In 1964, the institution’s name was changed to the University of Missouri-Rolla as the technology flagship of the four-campus University of Missouri System. Then, in 2008, the name officially became Missouri University of Science and Technology. As one of 16 technological research universities in the nation, Missouri S&T is a member of a small but elite group of American institutions that distinguish themselves by having a mission-based commitment to improving the world through the study and application of advanced sciences and technology. Research strengths at Missouri S&T include materials science/engineering, infrastructure engineering, intelligent and trustworthy systems, electromagnetic compatibility, steel, energy systems, manufacturing technologies, as well as a broad array of others from environmental through explosives engineering.

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Mixed Signal Integration

Mixed Signal Integration specializes in analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits. MSI offers both standard products and custom ASICs in CMOS technologies. Consumer audio and video, wireless personal communications, automatic test equipment and medical are some of the markets where MSI enjoys excellent customer relationships. A corporate commitment to continued research and development has allowed MSI to innovate in the areas of low noise, low distortion audio; high frequency filtering and low voltage operation. These breakthroughs are featured in the company's standard products and are available for implementation into custom designs. MSI is particularly strong in integrated circuit filter design, both switched capacitor and integrated RC active filters. MSI works in conjunction with select wafer foundries and assembly vendors to offer its customers a broad choice of processes and packages.

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Modern Technology Solutions, Inc.

Modern Technology Solutions, Inc. (MTSI) is an employee-owned engineering services and technology solutions company delivering first-choice capabilities to solve problems of global importance. Our mission is to make important and lasting contributions to the nation's defense and security by providing leadership and best-value solutions to solve America's most technically challenging strategic problems. Founded in 1993, we have achieved stable growth and have been recognized for our core values and commitment to our customers' success.

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Monte Sano Research Corporation

MTA, Inc.

MTA, Inc. is a Woman-Owned Small Business based in Huntsville, Alabama that has been providing research, development and technology solutions to the defense industry for over 30 years. Over the past 2 decades, we have provided a wide-range of advanced fire control and missiles program support to the U. S. Army Armament Research, Development and Engineering Center (ARDEC) located at Picatinny Arsenal and Aviation and Missile Research, Development and Engineering Center (AMRDEC) located at Redstone Arsenal. We have established longstanding industry relationships and work collaboratively with our partners to develop effective solutions for our Government customers.

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Nalas Engineering Services, Inc.

Nalas Engineering offers chemistry and chemical engineering expertise that enables the development of safe, robust and low-cost chemical processes. Nalas has extensive experience in pharmaceuticals, fine chemical and hazardous chemistry. These experiences range from new molecule synthesis, analytical method development, proof-of-concept demonstrations, process modeling, process design, cost modeling, and full-scale production start-up.

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Nammo Energetics Indian Head, Inc.

Nammo Talley Inc.

Nammo Talley, formerly Talley Defense Systems,a ISO 9001:2008 certified division of Nammo, is a pioneer in developing aircrew escape systems, automobile airbag components, sub-munition dispensing systems, shoulder-launched weapons, and other key propellant loaded devices.

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nanoPrecision Products, Inc.

Principal business activities include design and development of ultra-high precision products and their associated manufacturing processes. We set ourselves apart from the competition by our ability to manufacture these precision products at high speeds and large volumes. Our markets include medical devices, telecommunications, and aerospace. Per our marketing strategy, we do not currently share information to the public about our product and technology plans, but will as products launch.

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NASCENTechnology, Inc.

NASCENTechnology, Inc. is a developer and supplier of multi-layer transformers and inductors for high reliability applications in defense/aerospace, medical, and down-hole markets. We utilize low temperature co-fired ceramic processes in conjunction with layers of ferrite tapes to realize these magnetic components whereby the ferrite becomes the package and magnetic material in one, thereby eliminating the plastic bobbins, brittle ferrite cores, and weak wire used in traditional wire-wound magnetic components. This approach also results in a hermetic part that is shielded from Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) and lends itself very well to integration with other components into very compact modules. Ideal topologies for this component technology in the warheads and fuzing market are fly back converters and boost/buck converters. Our products are designed into or being evaluated for Electronic Safe and Arm and Initiation Safety Device systems. They are also used as trigger transformers. We are a 100% U.S. owned and controlled small business registered with the Directorate for Defense Trade Controls. We qualify as a non-traditional defense contractor. NWEC member organizations interested in our technology or joint business development can contact Daryl Schofield at 605-882-8513 or dschofield@nascentechnology.com.

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National Technical Systems, Inc.

NTS‘s Defense Group provides a wide spectrum of defense technology research, development, test and evaluation (RDT&E) services for the military, DoD, government, and commercial industry. These extensive services evaluate the weapons, ordnance, munitions, avionics, electronics, hydraulic and pneumatic controls, engines, and communication systems that make up today’s modern battlefield elements. Our extensive T&E capabilities include live fire, environmental, dynamics, safety, and MIL-STD-2105 Insensitive Munitions (IM) tests at our Camden Operations division in Arkansas. Multiple NTS divisions around the country provide 200 v/m up to 40 GHz EMI/EMC and MIL-STD-810 and MIL-STD-331 testing. NTS-USTL in Wichita, Kansas performs safety and ballistics testing of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), including body armor and helmets, for military, industry, and Law Enforcement. This facility is an NIJ certified test laboratory for body armor and other PPE. Our DTI division in Virginia specializes in MIL-STD-901 Shipboard Shock testing and engineering, including Heavyweight barge tests. Our Ordnance Science division in California provides 3D CAD Modeling and TDP Development with ProEngineer Foundation XE, Finite Element Analysis, Projectile Design and Analysis and the Design and Development of Custom Test Apparatus. The Albuquerque, NM based Test Systems Engineering (TSE) group designs and integrates test, measurement, automation, data acquisition and control systems utilizing diverse hardware platforms, operating systems, and instrumentation standards. NTS TSE provides systems and services for defense, automotive, medical/biotech, materials science, and semiconductor research, testing and measurement applications. This expertise involves projects ranging from National Instruments LabVIEW instrument drivers to full-blown automated turnkey systems.

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Navatek, Ltd.

Navatek is a world leader in the design, analysis, and prototyping of novel systems for Department of Defense customers headquartered in Honolulu, Hawaii with a second office in South Kingstown, Rhode Island. Customers to date include NAVSEA, ONR, DARPA, TARDEC, USMC, USAF, US Army, and US SOCOM. Navatek has detailed experience in computational fluid mechanics, kinematics, mechanics, engineering physics, the physics of plasma, acoustics, structural modeling, signal processing, and control of systems. Our corporate headquarters has a commercial shipyard and prototype yard for the construction and testing of systems. Located on Honolulu harbor, at sea testing of systems is easily accomplished. Further, Navatek is located adjacent to Pearl Harbor allowing for easy access to ships for installation, testing, and maintenance of prototype systems. Navatek’s sister office in South Kingstown, Rhode Island is well situated for working with NUWC on systems and armament design. Navatek’s knowledge base will allow for a better understanding of systems like towed arrays, the Large Displacement Unmanned Underwater Vehicle (LDUUV), and other UUVs.

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NBS Enterprises, LLC

NBS Enterprises, LLC (certified ED-WOSB/8(m)) performs analysis and optimizes system portfolio structures for the delivery of mission operations. The rapid advancement of artificial intelligence, due to great expenditures by commercial firms and military research, brings promise to the near-term applications of robotic and autonomous systems (RAS) in the battlefield. To facilitate applications, decision support is required. The Dynamic Assessment and Optimization (DAO) service is a family of algorithms and procedures developed by NBS Enterprises. DAO has the capability to support multiple tactical missions. It provides commanders and staff with the capabilities to analyze and compare courses of action (CoA) during mission planning and execution. Running estimates of future operations also can be addressed. DAO transitions qualitative data to quantitative models used for performance analysis and optimization. It assists mission planners with the analysis and comparisons of courses of action in near-real time. DAO is platform agnostic: therefore, it can be integrated into many existing and new military systems and environments without disruption and the need for expensive additional equipment. DAO has the capability to assess, prioritize, predict and enhance system performance in response to the dynamics of tactical missions. The differentiator of DAO is dynamics. It provides results continually and in near real-time as a tactical mission evolves. The results indicate the status of robotic and autonomous systems (RAS), assist with command and control, and provide running estimates of future events and RAS requirements.

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Near Earth Autonomy, Inc.

Near Earth Autonomy's technology enables unmanned aircraft ranging in scale from sub-meter to full scale to autonomously inspect, map, survey, and transport. We work on applications in infrastructure maintenance, agriculture, mining, emergency response, and cargo delivery. We are serious about system design, development, and real-world testing, and delivering to customers working, useful systems.

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nLogic, LLC

nLogic is an 100% employee-owned, small business that delivers logical solutions to our customer in research and development in the field of armament technologies. Our customers include Army, Navy, Air Force, Special Operations, US Strategic Command, Missile Defense Agency, and NASA. Core competencies include systems engineering and integration, software life cycle, modeling and simulation, test and evaluation, training, logistics, information technologies, and cybersecurity. nLogic capabilities in the field of armament technologies include target detection, acquisition, and tracking sensors; missile electronics; seekers; guidance and control; lethality; payloads; radar; datalink and communication; materials and structures; power systems; aerodynamics; navigation systems; modeling and simulation; weapon cybersecurity; propulsion systems; missile launchers; and support equipment. We are ISO 9001:2015 certified, AS9100D certified, CMM-I Services Level 2 certified, NIST 800-171 compliant, and ITAR registered. We are known for our responsiveness and agility with a commitment to integrity on a daily basis. We have an excellent reputation, proven capabilities, experienced staff, high employee retention, and competitive rates.

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Northeastern Energetic Process Services Co, LLC

Northrop Grumman Missions Systems Sector, Missile Defense and Protective Systems Division

Northrop Grumman is a leading global security company providing innovative systems, products and solutions in aerospace, electronics, information systems, and technical services to government and commercial customers worldwide.

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Nostromo LLC

Nostromo is a consulting company that develops cutting edge advanced concepts, and provides services to include engineering, aeronautics and aeroballistics. We have hands-on experience developing and fielding UAVs, munitions, control systems, system engineering, fire control, missiles and rockets. Our team has a strong multi-disciplinary background with experience in international programs, testing, product certification, and associated teaming and contracting relationships. We also specialize in many aspects of energetic materials and related ordnance items from detonators, pyrotechnics, propellants and warheads to studies on insensitive munitions.

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Nou Systems, Incorporated

Nou Systems, Inc. (nSI), founded in 2012, is a woman-owned small business (WOSB) headquartered in Huntsville, Alabama, with offices in Colorado Springs, CO, El Paso, TX, Boston, MA, and the National Capital region. We have a rich history of supporting the missile defense community across several areas, to include sensor design, command and control systems design, system performance assessment (test and evaluation), modeling and simulation, and cybersecurity engineering. nSI excels in systems analysis, engineering, and research and development of innovative solutions to complex problems. We employ advanced analytical tools to develop genuine insights into capabilities and shortcomings of products/systems by analyzing data and synthesizing facts to evaluate and improve capabilities and develop effective solutions.

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NovaTech is an engineering services company located in Lynchburg, Virginia. We specialize in the design and fabrication of first-of-a-kind systems and components for the nuclear, aerospace, and industrial markets. We routinely do things that other companies will not attempt. Our company is built on our reputation for successfully going the extra mile and making the impossible happen. That is why customers bring NovaTech their toughest jobs. Our engineering staff has designed superconducting magnet systems, nuclear and solar rockets, nuclear reactors, robotic machinery and manipulators, nuclear fuel element components and shipping containers as well as numerous other complex components and systems. On the cutting edge of commercial nuclear technology, NovaTech has formed a joint venture company called Ceramic Tubular Products to develop and commercialize ceramic composite fuel rod cladding to improve safety and enable significant power updates of existing plants.

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nP Technology LLC

nP Technology LLC develops and manufactures small caliber projectiles for sale to ammunition companies and ammunition loaders in support of military, law enforcement, other government agencies, and commercial needs. nP specializes in rapid projectile R&D, developed and built on process-matched high volume molding systems, for production on-site at the ammunition company’s facility, or delivered ready-to-load.
nP particularly focuses on training ammunition, currently developing and producing small caliber projectiles through 50-caliber, although the technology can be used for buckshot and medium caliber projectiles as well.

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NPC Robotics Corp.

NPC Robotics specializes in the rapid design, prototyping, testing and production of innovative electric and mechanical motion systems for military and commercial clients.
Established in 1983 to enhance the performance of electric wheelchairs, NPC (National Power Chair) quickly developed a reputation for powerful, reliable operation. Robot hobbyists were next to discover the power and strength of NPC motors, and to this day NPC remains a respected supplier of motors, parts and accessories for robot makers. Today, however, the company’s motion control technology meets the needs of a much wider audience, including several branches of the U.S. military and a wide array of commercial clients in sectors ranging from aviation to entertainment.
Whether powering a 30 lb. BattleBot or protecting the occupants of an 80,000 lb. MRAP, NPC technology reflects a spirit dedicated to providing innovative, reliable and cost-effective solutions in areas ranging from motion control for military vehicles, personal mobility, industrial power assist applications, surveillance robotics and numerous military and civilian robotic applications.

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PolyStrata™ is the premiere emerging technology for next generation 3D microwave and mm-wave devices. Its air-dielectric micro-coax transmission lines cross the chasm between the traditional technologies, filling the void between bulky high performance hollow waveguide systems and planar microstrip and CPW circuits. It is the first monolithic metal circuit and component technology offering customers highly three-dimensional microwave electronics with embedded active die. The technology enables heterogeneous integration of the best of breed GaN, SiGe, Si, GaAs, and MEMS die into a "parasitic free” 3D stacked circuit module yielding unprecedented performance, size, integration, and thermal management. Microwave signal routing is accomplished in air-dielectric micro-coax based transmission lines that provide a superior combination of low loss, high isolation, and high power handling. Micron level circuit precision across inches of distance enables embedded monolithic high performance passives such as couplers, baluns, splitters, power combiners, waveguides, and antennas. Because it is coax, it provides TEM mode propagation with no substrate modes and little radiation loss allowing design simulations to rapidly converge into real hardware providing rapid time to market. Precision interconnects and transitions are formed monolithically to allow interfacing to traditional connectors, circuit boards, and wirebonds. We are at a crossroads in microwave design, where the demanding new applications for airborne, EW, and space need low loss, low weight, miniaturized microwave circuit integration. Enter Nuvotronics, with the PolyStrata architecture, to bridge this gap and take you to new design horizons.

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Omnitek Partners, LLC

Located in Ronkonkoma, New York, Omnitek Partners, LLC designs, develops, manufactures, and implements products and solutions for clients within the military, medical, and commercial markets. Since its inception in 2000, Omnitek Partners, LLC has been actively pursuing new product and technology development in several areas including military-related equipment and devices, medical devices, sensory and diagnostic devices, new mechanical tools and devices, GPS-related consumer products, and safety devices for babies and children. The company develops and produces its products by following strict quality management processes, and is ISO 9001 certified. Omnitek Partners, LLC has over 75 issued U.S. and foreign patents, with many more pending in both the United States and foreign countries.

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Alliant Techsystems Operations LLC

Alliant Techsystems Operations is a world leader in defense capabilities. It is the largest provider of ammunition to US Armed Forces. A leading provider of advanced, affordable precision munitions and strike weapons that put firepower where it is needed while limiting the risk of collateral damage. Alliant Techsystems Operations is pioneering the development of new ammunition, including air-bursting, insensitive munitions, small-caliber systems, and new gun systems. Alliant Techsystems Operations has the capability to produce integrated medium-caliber chain gun and ammunition systems, including electronics and fire control, to deliver unmatched reliability and lethality. Alliant Techsystems Operations is expanding its armament business by developing lightweight integrated weapon systems, and advanced propellants. Its fuze production provides artillery and air-delivered weapons with ruggedness and reliability essential for success while Alliant Techsystems Operations’ countermeasure flares and pyrotechnics experience is protecting America’s warfighter. Alliant Techsystems Operations is a leader in the manufacture of energetic materials and development of new energetic materials and formulations. Alliant Techsystems Operations operates several of the nation’s critical defense assets including Lake City and Radford Army Ammunition Plants, and the Allegany Ballistic Laboratory. Solid rocket motors are produced by Alliant Techsystems Operations at facilities in Utah and Maryland.

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Orbital ATK, Launch Systems

ATK Launch Systems is the world's top producer of solid rocket propulsion systems and a leading supplier of military and commercial aircraft structures. It also specializes in small and micro-satellites; satellite components and subsystems; lightweight space deployables and solar arrays; low-cost, quick to market launch solutions; flares and decoys; and energetic materials and related technologies. The group also has extensive experience supporting human and space payload missions.

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Orbital Research, Inc.

Orbital Research specializes in two core technologies: Advanced Controls and MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems). Since our inception in 1991, Orbital Research has developed a strong foundation composed of intellectual assets, expertise/know-how and resources around these two core technologies. We have capitalized on these assets to become the fast growing company we are today providing custom solutions across multiple application areas in commercial and military markets. We address our customer’s needs through five main Application Groups:

  • Aerodynamics
  • Advanced Controls
  • Medical
  • Micro Devices

After more than a decade of research, Orbital Research has developed proprietary technology that offers state-of-the-art, affordable and cost-efficient solutions to a broad range of customers. Our solutions rely on the integration of low-cost, low-power, compact size and fast acting MEMS with flexible and high performance automation technologies.

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Pacific Scientific Energetic Materials Co.

Pacific Scientific Energetic Materials Co. is the industry leader in the design, development, and production of ordnance, electronics, laser, and vehicle arresting components and systems for the aerospace, defense, and commercial sectors. Our product lines provide force protection through the application of energetics and include solutions for Active Protection Systems, CAD/PAD Products & Systems, Egress Systems, Fire Suppression Components & Systems, Green Energetic Materials, Guidance Systems, Vehicle Arresting Systems, and Insensitive Munitions Compliance Systems.
The legacy of Pacific Scientific began in 1919 through the marketing of instruments, some of which were later employed on the Spirit of St. Louis flown by Charles Lindbergh. That pioneering spirit of our predecessor carries through today as we continue to provide innovative solutions to the aircraft, defense, and commercial industries around the world.

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Paragon Research Corporation

Paragon, a Woman Owned Small Business,has a senior staff with over 30 years experience designing, developing, simulating, integrating, engineering, and testing sensor based C4ISR solutions. We provide turn-key flight and ground-based hardware and software TRL-6 through TRL-9 technologies for various federal, state, and local government agencies. We maintain an outstanding cybersecurity (IA/CND) capability that is currently supporting the Department of Defense by leveraging the smart agent based technologies to detect/protect networks from penetrating cyber threats. These collective capabilities are unique among the small business community – the ability to provide totally integrated Hardware & Software solutions.

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Pelican Products / Hardigg Industries

Pelican Products /Hardigg Industries designs and manufactures reusable protective shipping containers used by the military, industrial and commercial customers in extremely demanding environments transporting the most sensitive of equipment. The company currently has over 400 standard case sizes available and has the ability to customize our rotationally molded containers to the size that is needed using our military approved processes. In addition to over 2000 assigned NSNs for specific products, our capabilities include, Injection molding, Rotationally molding, Blow Molding, metal fabrication, custom foam cushioning, shock isolated platforms, and an in house testing facility.

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Peregrine Technical Solutions, LLC

Peregrine Technical Solutions, LLC (Peregrine) is a small disadvantaged business, 8(a), Alaskan Native Corporation (ANC), operating under a primary NAICS code of 541513. Led by Dr Leigh Armistead, who has a PhD in Cyber Warfare, we are a Fully Qualified Naval Validator (C0124), and have significant cyber warfare / information assurance qualifications. Peregrine has significant expertise in weapons and tactical gear sales to the federal government. Our State Department prime experience is with the Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL) on five contracts awarded with 27 Contract Line Item Numbers (CLINs) including over 33,000 separate items (SWHARC-13-M0018/M0022 and SWHARC-14-M0006/M0012/M0014) in the 2013-2014 timeframe. All of these deliverables arrived to their overseas customers on time and budget. In addition, Peregrine’s expertise lies in its senior staff, each of who has over 25 years’ experience in key IT / IA positions in support of the DoD and possess multiple professional certifications to include the CISSP, CDFE and can provide expertise in the IA/C&A area. We have passed both DCMA/DCAA audits and we have a number of both prime / sub-contractor task orders and contracts with a variety of teammates, all of which have been completed on time and budget. We are an experienced small business, with a very solid senior staff, all of who have worked for a number of large / small defense contractors over the last decade, so we are very fast in responding to government requests. We have a very low wrap rate, we are DCAA compliant with over 275 employees.

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Phoenix Nuclear Labs (PNL) has developed next-generation nondestructive testing technology to make munitions safer and more effective. PNL’s neutron radiography platform provides real time, high resolution images of critical munitions and subcomponents, providing improved QA fidelity for increasingly complex and compact munitions. The 1000-fold improvement in imaging speed provided by the PNL technology is enabling deployment of neutron imaging into production settings, preventing catastrophic defects from making it to the field. PNL’s core neutron generator technology is also being used by government and industry for other applications including explosives detection, semiconductor manufacturing, and medical imaging.

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Phygen Coating, Inc.

Phygen Coatings, Inc., Minneapolis, Minnesota, founded in 1994, invented, developed and provides coating services for environmentally friendly and safe replacement for hard chrome plating using its innovative Plasma Acceleration Process to deposit a best-in-a-class thin film coating that is many times more wear and corrosion resistant than either hard chrome plating or conventional vacuum deposited coatings. The Phygen process is now being used to create greatly improved corrosion and wear resistant surface enhancement on M-777 howitzer spindles. Published Army test reports show a side-by-side, apples-to-apples comparison between hard chrome plating and Phygen’s FortiPHY UltraEndurance Coating™.

In addition, Phygen has developed advanced thin films, such as diamond like coatings (DLCs) for specialized applications needing ultra-low friction and nonstick in combination and in addition to providing superior wear and corrosion resistance. Recently, Phygen’s FortiPHY Diamond™ was a top performer in a loss of lube evaluation for U.S. Army helicopter gears tested at Penn State ARL.

Phygen offers a full range of tailored coatings services, technical support, and tailored solutions for demanding surface enhancement challenges.

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Physical Sciences, Inc.

Physical Sciences Inc. provides contract research and development services in a wide diversity of technical areas to both government and commercial customers. Our interests span basic research to technology development, with an emphasis on applied research. We develop advanced technologies for aerospace, chemical, defense, energy, environmental, manufacturing and medical applications. The company's core technologies have been developed with more than $500 million of federal and industrial funding over three and a half decades of operations, a period in which PSI has acquired an international reputation for technical excellence and innovation.

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Plansee USA LLC

Plansee is the market leader for refractory metals and composite materials such as molybdenum, tungsten and tungsten heavy metals.

In addition, Plansee USA’s state of the art facility provides innovative solutions in engineering, high precision machining, fabrication, thermal processing, brazing and cleanroom operations. We offer a variety of aerospace components for rocket motors, spacecraft, civil and military applications. Our typical products include: Shape charge liners, jet vanes, nozzles, propulsion components, balance and counterweights, guidance components.

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Plasan North America, Inc.

Plasan North America (PNA) specializes in customer defined, build to print armor solutions and metal fabrication with customer satisfaction being our #1 Priority. PNA manufactures metal and composite components for virtually every commercial or military application. Utilizing advanced technology, our engineers oversee every phase of your product development, from blue sky ideation to precision manufacturing. Our extensive capabilities include autoclave processing, composite pressing, pultrusion, laser cutting, welding, bending, large scale blasting and others. All of this combines to provide our customers with efficient manufacturing and high quality, built-to-print components. PNA is a US incorporated, Michigan-based small business affiliate of Plasan Sasa, Ltd., based in Israel. PNA is SAM registered, ISO 9000:2015 certified, NIST compliant, and will soon hold a secret level facility clearance.

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Plus Designs, Inc

Plus Designs, Inc. (PDI) was incorporated under the laws of the state of Pennsylvania in May 2016. PDI provides design and analysis engineering consulting services with emphasis on advanced materials, including composite materials, refractory metals, and refractory ceramics, to support the high temperature materials community in the aerospace and defense industry. Recent activities have been focused on various developmental efforts for advanced propulsion components, solid rocket motors, wind tunnel hardware, fusion reactor hardware, engine components, and mortar components. PDI possesses over nineteen years of aerospace engineering experience with composite materials, refractory metals, and refractory ceramics research supporting the development of advanced design solutions for extreme environment applications. PDI has relevant thermal-structural design and analysis experience with a variety of refractory non-metals/metals, oxides, carbides, borides, nitrides, alloys, superalloys, and composite materials including orthogonal weaves, polar weaves, braiding, involutes, filament winding, 2D layups, 4D layups, and needling. The core capabilities at PDI include design and analysis, modeling and simulation, transient thermal-structural analysis, heat transfer, stress analysis, finite element modeling (FEM), thermal shock, and materials selection. Although PDI provides engineering consulting services, we work with various suppliers of advanced materials solutions that specialize in a variety of fabrication techniques including Vacuum Plasma Spray (VPS), Air Plasma Spray (APS), Cold Spray, Electro-Chemical Deposition, Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD), Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP), injection molding, Spark Plasma Sintering (SPS), perform manufacturing, Melt Infiltration (MI), and Chemical Vapor Infiltration (CVI).

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Point Blank Enterprises, Inc.

Point Blank Enterprises, Inc. (“PBEI”) is a leading provider of high performance protective solutions, including bullet, fragmentation, and stab resistant apparel and related accessories. Through its key brands, Point Blank Body Armor, Protective Apparel Corporation of America (PACA), Protective Products, PARACLETE®, The Protective Group (TPG), Advanced Technology Group (ATG), First Tactical, Gould & Goodrich (G&G), and United Shield International Limited (USIL), the Company ranks as the largest global supplier of ballistic armor systems and systems integrator in the world. The Company’s ballistic solutions have been credited with saving countless lives for the most important customers in the world, including the U.S. Armed Forces, Department of Defense, Federal Government and law enforcement, corrections and security personnel, both domestically and abroad. For more information on our Company, please visit our website.

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Polaris Contract Manufacturing, Inc.

Polaris is a trusted partner for commercial electronic contract manufacturing with 25 + years of experience servicing high technology customers producing mission critical PCB’s/CCA’s and full box builds for; Aerospace-Defense/Robotics/Oceanographic/Medical Industries. We have a 40,000 sq.-ft. state of the art manufacturing facility located in Marion, MA. Polaris is capable of manufacturing for government and commercial customers. Our resources for manufacturing capabilities goes very deep from state of the art manufacturing, sourcing, technology resources, engineering and obsolescence management.

Contract manufacturing services we provide for small business and large commercial customers;
• SMT, Thru Hole, Flex Circuits
• Full Box builds
• Prototypes
• Conformal Coating
• Cabling
• Full Program Management
• Complete Environmental Testing (ESS, HASS, HALT)
• Support Government Manufacturing Contracts

We are known for our engineering manufacturing excellence providing DFM and DFT.
Polaris is a customer centric organization providing high quality contract manufacturing services cost effectively with on-time delivery.

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Polaris-Alpha specializes in a wide variety of services and product and is involved with sensor development, design, and prototyping; to sensor operation, testing, and data collection; to data analysis, data processing, and training. Polaris-Alpha provides a mixture of on-site and off-site support to its rapidly expanding customer base. The US Army’s Night Vision and Electronic Sensors Directorate (NVESD) is our biggest customer, and has been for nearly thirty years. Our technical and program management support extends across all seven of NVESD’s technical and operations divisions.

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Polymer Processing Institute

PPI remains an independent, not-for-profit research corporation, whose mission is to work with industry to advance knowledge and technology in the field of polymer processing and related areas. PPI is involved in extension activities for the plastics industry (through the New Jersey Manufacturing Extension Program), edits its own journal, "Advances in Polymer Technology", edits and authors its own Monograph Series, organizes meetings for member companies on generic aspects of polymer processing, offers training opportunities and advanced-level short courses for engineers and scientists in the industry, and supports the education and research needs of graduate and undergraduate students. PPI’s main research focus is the modification of polymers through processing into special property, high-value products that are suitable for the medical, health care, automotive, electronics, construction, and packaging industries. Other research initiatives include nanocomposites and conducting polymer systems, the development of on-line process/ product monitors PPI's special area of expertise is the development of appropriate polymer processing operations, including reactive processing and microstructure development by compounding and thermoplastic extrusion foam processing to obtain high performance materials and products. These activities are supported by excellent facilities in property characterization, in-and on-line process monitors and computer modeling.

PPI's research services encompass generic, multi-client and proprietary contract research associated with the development of polymer products and processes. The computer services include packaged software for single screw extrusion and die design and property analysis (WinSSD™), as well as materials and process data banks and custom software development as well as co-development.

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Practical Energetics Research, LLC

Practical Energetics Research is a limited liability company and was formed in 2014 to provide warhead and lethality consulting services and advice. PER's Core Product is the design and integration of lethal mechanism solutions for weapons systems. Systems Experience forms the basis of our practical application of ideas and technology to munitions. Our experience includes shaped charge, explosively formed penetrator, fragmenting warhead and other energetics design. We provide analysis of these systems and the effects on vehicles and other targets. We provide support to missile systems that include Javelin, TOW 2A, TOW 2B, TOW Bunkerbuster, HELLFIRE Romeo and the Joint Air to Ground Missile System.

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Progeny Systems Corporation

Progeny Systems is a privately-held, high-tech small business focusing on software and hardware system integration, computer-vision solutions, cutting-edge research and development, and manufacturing. We provide premium systems, services, and products for the Department of Defense, government agencies and commercial clients.
Since 1995, Progeny Systems' mission is to be a trusted provider of innovative, cost-effective technical solutions and quality products while maintaining positive relationships with our customers, vendors, and employees.
We are considered a technology leader in Technology insertion; Acoustic sensors; Signal processing; Combat Systems; Fire Control; Torpedoes; Information Assurance; Biometrics; Knowledge Management; Undersea Vehicles; Open Architecture; Electronics Surveillance Measures; Electronics Packaging; Image and Video Processing/Analysis.
As a small business, Progeny Systems is a participant in the Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) programs. These programs complement Progeny's ability to leverage flexibility, rapid turnaround, customer responsiveness, and encourage an environment for experimental research.

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Programs Management Analytics & Technologies, Inc.

Programs Management Analytics and Technologies, Inc. (PMAT) is a certified small business that delivers innovation and value to our client-partners. We succeed by applying our stringent management and software development processes. PMAT is anchored by subject matter experts who bring operational and user experience in the areas of Command and Control (C2), Information Operations (IO), Intelligence Systems and Combat Systems. We have partnered with R&D/prototype mission-focused organizations that rapidly and effectively deploy solutions to improve operational awareness using data frameworks, open-source and cloud computing technologies, flexible service-based architectures, Agile and DevSecOps, and cybersecurity. We work collaboratively with all DOTC and NAC partners to support the Research Development Test & Evaluation (RDT&E) of prototype solutions that advance and transition ordnance systems, subsystems and component technologies.

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Projects Unlimited Inc.

Projects Unlimited is a SMALL BUSINESS, Non-Traditional, EMS provider of circuit card assemblies and wire & cable harness cabling systems for Aerospace and Defense companies worldwide. PUI is certified AS9100C, ISO 9001:2008 and Nadcap-Electronics accredited in CCAs and CHAs. We meet J-STD 001 class 3 and IPC-A-610 rev E and IPC/WHMA-A 620 Rev B Specifications. Our manufacturing services include component assembly as well as complete box build and in house full functional testing.

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Protection Engineering Consultants, LLC

Protection Engineering Consultants, LLC (PEC) is a small almost decade old business with 16 technical and administrative staff located in San Antonio and Austin Texas. PEC’s Principal staff members have extensive (averaging over 20 years) experience in protection technology, including:
--weapon effects assessment on building structures and mechanical systems,
--design and testing of building and mechanical systems subjected to weapons effects,
--armored vehicle design, analysis and testing and
--human injury research.
PEC specializes in balanced design and analysis approaches using both high fidelity numerical simulations and experimental research.

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Purdue University

Faculty and staff at Purdue University have joined efforts to form an interdisciplinary team with an overriding focus on Energetic Materials. This research targets existing and emerging explosives-based threats to civilian and military infrastructure, commerce, and aviation. It also addresses the U.S. military’s need for more stable, more effective, less sensitive, and more easily processed energetic materials for use as propellants, pyrotechnics and in ordinance. Research topics include Synthesis and Fabrication activities aimed at creating tailored energetic materials. Improved performance, sensitivity, toxicity and lifetime are key drivers for these new materials. We are also interested in developing disruptive materials that are tunable, switchable, and multi-functional. Both top-down and bottom-up fabrication approaches are being explored. These include additive manufacturing methods, nanoscale encapsulation, and high energy ball mill mechanical activation methods. We are developing new chemical synthetic methods and materials, and improved cocrystallization schemes. Applications include all areas of energetic materials and include advanced propellants, enhanced explosives and novel pyrotechnics; Diagnostic and Characterization efforts are primarily aimed at improving our ability to study energetic materials during dynamic events. A variety of laser-spectroscopy and imaging techniques spanning the UV to the far-IR are currently being developed and applied to study propellant flames, explosions and detonations, shock impact, and electromagnetic stimulation. These efforts employ ultrafast-, burst-mode-, hyperspectral-, and wavelength-modulation-spectroscopy techniques, as well as high-speed and ballistic imaging to provide non-intrusive, time-resolved measurements of chemical species, temperature, pressure, and velocity. In addition, X-ray techniques for imaging optically dense, multi-phase processes are also of interest. A combination of commercial and custom-built light sources and imaging platforms are currently being used to extend such measurements to: additional chemical species, multiple dimensions (2D to 4D), shorter timescales, and increasingly hostile and optically dense environments. Drop-weight towers, Kolsky bars and gas guns are used to apply dynamic loads on the energetic materials to be characterized, optical and x-ray high-speed imaging techniques are used to determine the dynamic deformation and damaging processes in the energetic materials under impact. To identify the formation of hot spots, the temperature field associated with the deformation and damage is measured with a new 2D topographical temperature measurement method using laser-induced phosphorescence; Detection and Defeat activities are focused generally on interdiction of terrorists and improvised explosive devices. Improved materials and methods are being developed for better detection of explosives residues at security checkpoints using contact sampling methods. These approaches involve understanding the adhesion and mechanics of explosives, as well as the development of novel materials with optimized properties for explosives harvesting. In addition, standoff methods for detecting and defeating explosives are of great interest. These methods involve the application of novel MEMS technology for recognition of explosive vapors, and the development of directed energy methods for inducing deflagration within explosives and for detecting explosives residues in the vapor phase and on surfaces.

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Pyrolink International, Inc.

QinetiQ North America

For over 50 years, QinetiQ North America has been providing world-class technology development and revolutionary products to the defense, security and commercial markets worldwide. Our product offerings include vehicle and soldier protection, unmanned systems (robots), power sensors and control systems and transportation safety solutions. Customers rely on our products to increase readiness, improve processes, streamline operations, increase situational awareness, reduce costs and enhance security. Our products and technology make it easier to monitor, manage and protect critical assets and even save lives!

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QorTek, Inc.

QorTek's mission is to enhance national defense and homeland security through advanced research and testing of innovative electronics, materials and device engineering. QorTek leads the power electronics field in design and capability of high performance capacitive (piezoelectric, electrostrictive) drive electronics. QorTek can support advanced engineering efforts with our technology leading digital, analog and hybrid power & control solutions for peizomechinical and micromechanical systems. For nearly every piezoelectric device application low output noise is essential. Even small (voltage ripple) changes of the control voltage will cause perturbation from intended motion or position. Only QorTek can offer superb performance in extremely low noise ultracompact units. QorTek invented and holds multiple patents on the concepts of regenerative (energy recovery) power architectures for driving piezoelectric or electrostrictive devices. For dynamic high-power applications, our energy-recovery power amplifiers provide up to 15kVA single or 30kVA tandem peak power. QorTek is developing and applying its proprietary and patented micro-technologies in sensing, actuation, control and power to advances in non-invasive medical surgery, medical drug delivery, surgical training and patient safety. QorTek is at the forefront of developing integrated sensor, actuator, control and electronics systems for a wide variety of military and NASA customers. These include advances in flow monitoring/control, ultra-high precision active/adaptive optics, ultralight sensor measurement systems and signal/acquisition processing, customized mechatronic systems for isolation/positioning/pointing. To enhance QorTek's advanced Power, Medical and Security research, QorTek designs in house advanced digital controllers and algorithms. QorTek houses a whole suite of TI DSP and Microcontroller development boards, programming tools and software, including LabVIEW®, LabWindows/CVI™, MATLAB® and SPICE tools. Combining our digital microcontroller systems with micro/nano-level tools and devices, micro-UAVs, micro/nano factories, micro-sensing and fully solid-state micro-power conversion/conditioning and control enables us to develop state of the art systems.

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Qualis Corporation

Qualis Corporation is a Woman-Owned Small Business, headquartered in Huntsville, Alabama, with over 25+ years as a trusted Air Force, Army, Joint DoD, Missile Defense Agency, NASA, and Navy partner. Qualis employees provide award-winning support to complex technical and engineering efforts, helping ensure critical programs, products, and systems are acquired, tested, and fully operational when fielded. Our qualifications are deeply rooted in the entire acquisition life cycle for highly complex ACAT I – III, Urgent Operational Needs, and Joint Urgent Operational Needs systems and components in support of the Warfighter, Homeland Defense, and Human Spaceflight.

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Quantum Information Extraction, Inc. (QIE, Inc.)

Quantum Information Extraction, Inc. (QIE) is a non-traditional defense contractor based in Huntsville. QIE is focusing on the development of new sensors, missile seekers, free space optical data links, lasers, IMUs and fuzes using micro-mechanical and electro-optical technology to improve perfor-mance and dramatically reduce cost for the DoD. QIE is also designing test equipment to fill technology gaps for hardware-in-the-loop missile testing, high bandwidth missile telemetry data links, and missile tracking for live field test including remote locations. Our technology can dramatically reduce the size weight and power of these systems while simultaneously improving performance. QIE can develop complete systems to meet or exceed the cus-tomer's requirements, or provide components and kits to other vendors for in-clusion in their system designs.

QIE is also providing engineering services support to DoD customers for image processing, target detection and tracking, missile guidance and op-tics.

Quantum Research International, Inc.

Quantum Research International, Inc (Quantum), is an independent small business founded in 1987. We are a Huntsville-based ISO 9001:2015 and 14001:2015 certified contractor currently supporting the Missile Defense Agency; US Army Space and Missile Defense Command; Army Aviation and Missile Command; Program Executive Offices of Missiles and Space, Aviation, and Ground Combat Systems; and other DoD, DHS, and cyber intelligence agencies. Quantum helps our customers proactively develop requirements, analyze alternatives, conduct capability assessments, execute systems integration and prototyping activities, and develop strategic plans and program roadmaps. Our efforts result in agile, interactive processes, procedures, and solution outcomes that help organizations prioritize requirements to meet performance, schedule and cost goals. We provide engineering, analysis, fabrication, development, integration, test, and information technology services to both Government and industry customers. Quantum has a strong foundation of providing innovative engineering, integration, and development capabilities to our clients across the land warfare spectrum, from ground combat systems such as the Stryker and Armored Fighting Vehicle to strategic/tactical missile and command and control systems such as the Ground-based Midcourse Defense (GMD) System, Improved Sentinel Radar, STINGER Based Systems, Integrated Air and Missile Defense (IAMD) System, and systems under development by Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). Quantum is developing Cyber technologies, processes, and policies that will improve the capabilities of Armament systems and networks to protect themselves from Cyber Threats. In addition, we are developing prototype systems to address position, navigation, and timing (PNT) issues to overcome missions in Global Positioning System (GPS) denied environments. We are also working to develop prototype process, tools, and systems to evaluate advanced armament systems and technologies real-time in Warfighter driven exercises and experiments. This includes developing ways to include Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) in this process to improve system/Warfighter effectiveness. We also provide force development, modernization, logistics readiness, and fleet lifecycle analysis and support.

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Raytheon Company

Raytheon Company, with 2009 sales of $25 billion, is a technology and innovation leader specializing in defense, homeland security and other government markets throughout the world. With a history of innovation spanning 88 years, Raytheon provides state-of-the-art electronics, mission systems integration and other capabilities in the areas of sensing; effects; and command, control, communications and intelligence systems, as well as a broad range of mission support services. With headquarters in Waltham, Mass., Raytheon employs 75,000 people worldwide.

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Rayn Innovations, LLC

Rayn Innovations, a privately-owned company since 2014, focuses on the novel research and development of nanomaterials for the advancement of communication devices. These materials are used for a variety of applications in defense and aerospace, electronics, industrial and commercial markets. The greatest advantage of our materials is the multi-mode EM radiation spectrum, low production cost, and conformal designs.

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RDZM LLC is a joint venture between Day & Zimmermann and American Rheinmetall. This new joint venture, a wholly American company, combines the Rheinmetall Group's expertise in ammunition design and development with D&Z's outstanding manufacturing capabilities. RDZM was established to be an integrated systems supplier for new and existing munitions programs with the Department of Defense.

Reactive Metals International, Inc.

Resodyn Acoustic Mixers, Inc.

Resodyn Acoustic Mixers, Inc., has developed the "state-of-the-art” technology for mixing energetic materials and propellants. The advanced technology is currently available in bench scale, 5 gallon and 55 gallon batch systems. The system has been demonstrated to mix solid propellant systems in minutes, which take hours in conventional mixing systems. The technology is particularly well suited for mixing complex, hard to mix systems, as well as highly loaded polymers, including nanomaterials. The ResonantAcoustic technology has been used to mix both surrogate and actual propellants. The technology was originally developed for mixing of advanced propellants under sponsorship by the US Army, DARPA and the Missile Defense Agency. Resodyn can supply equipment, develop advanced formulations, conduct toll mixing, etc.
In addition, Resodyn’s parent company, Resodyn Corporation, a small business, has a staff of highly trained and skilled technical personnel across all of the sciences and engineering disciplines, laboratories and fabrication facilities that can provide support for a broad range of R&D and product development projects. Resodyn conducted contracted multi-million dollar projects for various federal agencies, including the US Air Force, US Navy and the US Army, Missile Defense Agency, DARPA and NASA.

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Reynolds Systems, Inc.

Reynolds Systems, Inc. develops various sizes of Low Energy Exploding Foil Initiators (LEEFI) for in line use in DOD safe-arm device explosive trains. RSI has been successful in developing a CL-20 based explosive, RSI-007, that can be reliably initiated in the low-energy threshold range.

Riptide Autonomous Solutions

Riptide Autonomous Solutions is a small business focused on Autonomous Undersea Vehicle (AUV) development bringing innovative capabilities forward that are more affordable and more capable. Riptide’s first product is the micro-UUV, a highly flexible, open source UUV that provides users a highly affordable development platform ideally suited for new autonomy, power system, subsea sensor, and payload development. Micro-UUVs have demonstrated multiple side scan sonar options, as well as cameras and acoustic communications. Since the introduction of the Micro-UUV, Riptide has fielded larger vehicles and has recently fielded vehicles with greater options for depth, all while maintaining a significant costing advantage over legacy UUV providers. Riptide’s efficiency also leads to vehicles with much greater persistence and they will soon field Open Water’s game changing power technology, providing multi-week operations.

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Rite-Solutions, Inc.

Rite-Solutions, Inc. is a CMMI Level 3-appraised systems and software engineering Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) based in Middletown, Rhode Island with offices in Pawcatuck CT, Virginia Beach VA, and Washington D.C. Rite-Solutions is noted for innovation and is committed to delivering information systems that provide sustained, informed, and decisive information apace or ahead of any adversary or competitor- the information advantage. We provide mission critical system/software development programs and Information Technology infrastructures. Our efforts range from advanced concept formulation and prototyping, to acquisition development and modernization, test and evaluation and training.

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Rockwell Collins

We bring systems integration expertise to military and commercial customers around the world. This open systems approach is the foundation to the proven Pro Line, Flight2™ and Common Avionics Architecture Systems (CAAS) solutions flying today.

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Rocky Mountain Scientific Laboratory

Our primary mission is to enable the defense of innocents from attack, the targeting and engagement of enemies whenever and wherever they may be, and provision of the best information, superior training, the finest weapons and tools, and unsurpassed protection to our military and law-enforcement personnel. Our main research capabilities are: Energetic Materials, Armaments Technology, Robotics and Remote Handling, and Systems Test and Evaluation.

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Ronin International

Ronin International is a Huntsville, AL based EDWOSB and ISO 9001: 2015 certified provider of high quality mission operations. We offer a complete System of System Engineering approach specifically in the area of C4I. Ronin International has adapted the "Agile Process" methodology in delivering products and services to our customer, and we have a proven record of customer satisfaction. Our core services include a System of System approach that focuses on Research and Development, Software Engineering, Hardware/Software Integration, Logistic Support, along with Engineering & Technical Support services. Ronin staff has extensive experience in Command Post Platform (CPP) Development and Integration (including the three CPP variants) in addition to supporting engineering services for special studies, vehicle platform engineering and test, performance specification governed by MIS-PRF-54581, interface design and development, integrated logistics support and configuration management.

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Saab Defense and Security USA, LLC
Saab Defense and Security USA's Sensor Systems division engineers, manufactures and provides life-cycle support for advanced radar and sensor systems. A premier surveillance mission partner and contractor, we serve many of the world's top militaries and related organizations through world-class technology and cost-effective solutions. Saab's U.S. product portfolio is based on technology developed both in Sweden and locally in the United States. We actively transfer technology from Sweden where appropriate, while utilizing a supplier base across 24 U.S. states to foster our nation's development capabilities. In the long term, this means ongoing U.S. growth for Saab, and more jobs for Americans. Based on our proven expertise, Saab USA is poised for continued expansion. Saab Defense and Security USA LLC functions under a Special Security Agreement with the U.S. DOD.
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SAIC’s advanced technologies are a portal to the future. We have more than three decades of experience making new technologies succeed in real-world, real-time business. SAIC performs hundreds of millions of dollars of research, development, test and evaluation activities annually, and we develop new technologies while solving problems for our clients.

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Satelles, Inc.

Satelle's mission is to deliver secure time and location solutions that augment and enhance existing solutions - including GPS. Our unique timing and location solutions are delivered over the Iridium® constellation of 66 low-earth-orbiting satellites. These timing and location signals are available anywhere on Earth, without the need for local infrastructure, making the system perfect for augmenting GPS and other location-based technologies. Unlike standard GPS, these high power signals can reach into many building structures. Most importantly, Satelles has customized the Iridium signal-in-space to provide a location-specific signature that can reliably prove (or authenticate) the location of a mobile device or other equipment, while being virtually impervious to spoofing and other attacks. Satelles team members have extensive experience and expertise in Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) such as GPS, including: precision real-time kinematic GPS; various augmentation systems to enhance performance; indoor GNSS signal reception; GNSS and other satellite signal authentication; GNSS and inertial navigation integration. Additional core competencies include: autonomous vehicle control; high-precision measurement and control; ultra low-noise electronic design; satellite-system design and prototyping; embedded system design and analysis; algorithm prototyping, development and implementation; agile embedded software development.

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Savit Corporation

A value-added NON-TRADITIONAL company supporting armament solutions (guns/bullets/fire control) to Team Picatinny:
ARDEC (METC & WSEC) and PEO AMMO (PM CAS, PM MAS, PM CCS, PM TAS) for over 40 years!

SAVIT’s engineering specialty: INNOVATION and PROTOTYPE MANUFACTURING. In-house quality INSPECTION services.

We are ISO certified!

SAVIT = save money. save time. save lives...SAVE-IT!

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Scaled Power Incorporated

Developing ultra-lightweight, compact, low-cost, fuel to electrical power source, a Turbogenerator. Ideal as a power source for UAV's, extending range by 4-5 times vs. batteries, and other applications requiring lightweight power. 40 kW Turbogenerator 30-60 lbs (depending on application). 10 kW Turbogenerator 10-20 lbs. (depending on application), 4-5 the power density of 3-5 kW Turbogenerator can size to applications. Developed under DARPA & NASA, for lightweight air applications. Moving to TRL 7, under AFRL program.

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SCD.USA Infrared, LLC

SCD.USA Infrared, LLC (SCD.USA-IR) is a U.S. company established in August of 2007. We provide customized infrared sensing solutions for our customers using state-of-the-art detectors, electronics and optics. We provide sensor analysis, performance modeling, design, and field testing as well as sensor integration and test in our facility located in Melbourne, FL.
• Supplier of Advanced Infrared Sensor Solutions – SWIR-MWIR-LWIR
• Key markets:
o Military and Security
o Aerospace
o Commercial Vision
o Quality and Process Controls
• Services that we provide:
o Sensor Engines and Cameras development for OEMs
o Camera performance evaluation and characterization
o Repair and Depot Maintenance
o Warranty / Post-Warranty Support
• Quality Certified AS9100 Rev C and ISO 9001:2008
• ITAR Registered Facility
• FAA Certified Facility
• NAICS – 334413

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SCHOTT North America Inc., Lighting and Imaging Division

For over 30 years SCHOTT has been actively involved in the high volume manufacture of fiber optic components for night vision devices. SCHOTT supplies fiber optic inverters and tapers that are incorporated into nearly all of the US Army’s night vision devices. Experience in the areas of specialty glasses and material has enabled SCHOTT to become a high tech supplier to the defense industry specializing in:

  • Fiber Optic image inverters for night vision devices
  • Fiber Optic Tapers and faceplates for Helmet Mounted Displays, used by helicopter pilots, tank crews and infantry
  • Optical glass and components for use in multiple military imaging applications
  • Flexible Fiber Optic Imaging guides for use in optical sighting and fire control systems

In addition, SCHOTT’s glass research and engineering expertise enables it to develop custom-built military fiber optic solutions for new types of optical sighting and fire control solutions for ground combat vehicles. The use of flexible imaging fiber optics reduces the physical size of the fire control sighting system, saving size and weight by eliminating the need for multiple prisms and fixed optical paths as well as multiple imaging tubes and associated components.

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SCI Technology, Inc.

For more than 55 years, SCI Technology, a Sanmina company, has designed, manufactured, qualified and supported superior products for military and commercial aviation, industrial applications, space-flight programs, ground-tactical defense operations, and subsea fiber-optic systems. With capabilities ranging from an experienced, multi-disciplinary engineering organization, to network-centric communications solutions and avionics products, to end-to-end testing, manufacturing and post-delivery sustainment, SCI provides unsurpassed quality, reliability and service to the Defense and Aerospace sector.

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SciTech Services, Inc.

SciTech Services, Inc. (SciTech) is a well established small business which specializes in providing scientific, engineering, and management solutions to Department of Defense customers. SciTech is headquartered in Edgewood, MD, and employs over 80 professional and technical staff, mostly at government sites. SciTech’s corporate experience includes chemical and biological defense research and technology; environmental science; munitions research, development, and engineering; development of techniques and processes for chemical analysis of energetic materials and chemical agents for both laboratory and field use; demilitarization of conventional and chemical weapons; program management; and IT services. A partial listing of current, relevant programs includes the following:

  • Energetic Materials Process Engineering (Picatinny Arsenal)
  • Laboratory and Field Detection and Identification of Energetic Materials (Defense Ammunition Center)
  • Energetic Materials Degradation (Picatinny Arsenal)
  • Chemical Agent Munitions Disposal and Demilitarization (Tooele Army Depot)
  • Toxic/Hazardous Chemical Agent Analytical Laboratory Operations (Edgewood Chemical Biological Center)

SciTech staff members have academic credentials in a broad range of scientific, engineering, and technical disciplines, which are relevant to warheads and energetics programs. Over 50% of SciTech’s staff hold bachelor’s degrees and 14% hold masters or doctorates, in a broad range of technical and scientific areas. Disciplines represented include chemists, biologists, toxicologists, environmental scientists, field and laboratory technicians, computer engineers and scientists, quality assurance/control specialists, certified industrial hygienists, program managers, and contract and financial specialists.

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Scot Forge Company

Scot Forge is proud to be a 100% employee-owned manufacturer of custom open die forgings and seamless rolled rings. Starting as a small hammer shop in Chicago in 1893, Scot Forge has over 120 years of experience. Today we have the capability to forge parts weighing up to 100,000 lbs., and roll seamless rings up to 252" in diameter. Operating with more than 1.3 million sq.ft. of manufacturing space between our five plants, over 250 million lbs. of forgings are shipped from Scot Forge annually. Customized equipment and creative operating techniques at multiple locations enable us to manufacture forged products that conform to your exact specifications. At Scot Forge, every employee-owner is dedicated to achieving the goal of Total Customer Satisfaction by safely supplying the highest-quality forgings and services possible. Scot Forge is certified to ISO 9001:2008 as well as AS9100C, and maintains NADCAP accreditation for heat treat and non-destructive testing.

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Sechan Electronics

Sechan ElectronicsIncis an established electronic contract manufacturing services company committed to the development, testing, and manufacturing of military electronics systems and subsystems for the Department of Defense and Prime Contractors. As one of the top contract manufacturing companies and department of Defense Contractors, our dedication to excellence has made us one of the most respected small businesses for contract manufacturing in America.

Our cutting-edge innovations have placed us among the leaders as a Department of Defense Contractor and electronic manufacturers in the electronics design and the contract manufacturing community. Sechan offers you contract manufacturing on-site resources, demonstrated flexibility, and small business responsiveness to ensure the timely delivery of competitively priced quality defense electronics products. Contact us for more information about our contract electronics manufacturing services and defense electronics today!

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Security Signals, Inc.

Security Signals, Inc. is a family owned small business specializing in illuminants, pyrotechnics, and flares. The company has been under one family’s ownership since its founding in 1948, and has been woman owned and operated since 1992. SSI originally manufactured railroad fuzes, but began to focus on defense contracts by the mid 1950’s Early products included a variety of fuses and ignition cartridges, including the M66 Ignition Cartridge (1955 through mid-1980’s) and the M60 Igniter (1963 through the early 1990’s). Many other related items, such as artillery fuses and training devices have been produced under competitive contracts over the company’s 62 year history.

In addition to pyrotechnic assemblies, SSI manufactures screw machine parts. The company has a large metal turning department, stamping operation, brazing ovens, and secondary machining capabilities including drilling, milling, broaching, EDM, and grinding. One of our strengths is the ability to combine our metal manufacturing capabilities with our history in pyrotechnics.

Prior to 1997, the entire plant was located in Cordova. The present SSI pyrotechnic facility was constructed in 1996 for the purpose of producing Hand Held Signals. Besides our fourth HHS contract, SSI is currently producing the A/P25S-5B and the M485 Delay Element, and is involved with a number of special projects with the USG.

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Selex Galileo Inc.

SELEX Galileo Inc. is a US subsidiary of Leonardo, a global high-tech company and one of the key players in Aerospace, Defense, and Security sectors. Leveraging a distinctive strength in airborne mission-critical systems for situational awareness, self-protection, and surveillance, SELEX Galileo Inc. brings a wide range of capabilities and services to customers that enhance mission success. SELEX Galileo Inc. is headquartered in Arlington, VA with facilities in Alabama, Georgia, and Arizona.

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SEMATECH was created in 1987 by leading chip manufacturers and the U.S. Government as a non-profit consortium with the mission to address the high costs of research and development (R&D) and improve the competitiveness of the U.S. semiconductor industry. Since its founding, SEMATECH has been the premier R&D consortium serving the needs of the semiconductor manufacturing industry. In 2015, the organization began its transition from a traditional consortium to a high-stakes R&D entity focused on semiconductors and related nanotechnologies. Today’s SEMATECH continues to be dedicated to performing leading-edge collaborative research, development and low-volume production with industrial, government and academic partners by leveraging the resources, talent and accessible infrastructure of the Albany Nano Tech Complex and its international network of collaborators.

SemQuest Incorporated

SemQuest designs and developed High Energy Laser (HEL) sensor systems for use in Test and Evaluation (T&E) of HEL systems. Prior efforts were successful in developing sensors for 81 mm mortars and rockets and large 1 ft by 2 ft electronic direct detect target boards.

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Senvol provides data to help companies implement additive manufacturing (AM). The data is provided through various products: Senvol ML, Senvol SOP, Senvol Indexes, the Senvol Database, and Senvol API.
Senvol ML is machine learning software that analyzes the relationships between AM process parameters and material performance.
The Senvol SOP is a standard operating procedure that details how to generate pedigreed AM data. The 100+ page manual is used by organizations to ensure that every data generation project follows a standard procedure.
Senvol Indexes are data sets for AM material characterization.
The Senvol Database is the first and most comprehensive database of industrial AM machines and materials.
The Senvol API provides access to the Senvol Database raw data and is indispensable for any AM-related software.
Senvol Services is the consulting division of Senvol. Senvol Services provides both business and technical expertise in AM, with a particular focus on projects that are data-related.

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Serco, Inc.

Serco Inc. is a leading provider of professional, technical, and management services focused on the federal Government. Incorporated in North America in 1988, we advise, design, integrate, and deliver solutions that help our clients achieve their missions.

Headquartered in Reston, Virginia, Serco has more than 100 locations in 45 states; Okinawa; Guam; four Canadian provinces; and 14 countries around the world. Serco has approximately 8,000 employees and annual revenue of $1.2 Billion, and is part of a $7 Billion global business that has helped transform Government and public services around the world. For more than 20 years, Serco has supported the Government’s most critical missions. Our clients include every branch of the U.S. military and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS); Department of State (DOS); Federal Aviation Administration (FAA); Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board (FRTIB); U.S. Postal Service (USPS); Canadian Ministry of Transportation; and the Intelligence community.

our wide range of capabilities allows us to assist clients with their need to respond to new mandates and expand the scope of their missions. In the area of IT & Professional Services, Serco designs, develops and deploys technology solutions that enhance the quality and accuracy of information. Our teams of experts integrate solutions that allow seamless and efficient information sharing. Our Managed Services practice helps keep operations and processes running smoothly and securely so government personnel can focus on higher priority assignments. Our portfolio of management services are designed for affordability, improved efficiency and productivity, and high quality of performance.

Serco delivers reliable services and meaningful operational improvements. Our customer-first approach, robust portfolio of services, and global experience enable us to respond with achievable, cost-effective solutions.

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Sheltered Wings, Inc. dba Vortex Optics

Sheltered Wings d/b/a Vortex Optics is a Veteran-Owned, Small Business, Non-Traditional Defense Contractor with NAIC Code: 333314 (Optical Instrument and Lens Manufacturing). The core capability of Vortex Optics is found within its multi-disciplined Engineering, Research and Development Team which consists of Optical, Mechanical, and Electro-optical Engineers, Designers, Machinists, and Program Managers. The optical and mechanical virtual prototyping, rapid 3-D printing, and high-tolerance precision machining capabilities have substantially abbreviated the technology development cycle of Vortex Optics from years to months. Vortex plans to support NAC's Mission by directly addressing current technology gaps in the field of armament technologies, specifically addressing emerging requirements for Advanced Fire Control Systems in the near term.

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Signalink, Inc.

Averatek specializes in very high-density interconnect technology capable of achieving 5 micron lines and spaces while using cost effective processes and techniques which are available and practical for printed circuit board fabricators. In addition to proprietary techniques, Averatek develops and manufactures key chemical products that enable very small feature sizes in printed circuit boards, IC packaging, interposers and in-situ interposers. This technology is applicable to a wide range of materials including metals, polymers, ceramics, glass and fabrics.

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Silvus Technologies, Inc.

Multiple antenna radios for Mobile Ad-hoc Networking. Silvus does not just repackage off-the-shelf wireless technology. We are rethinking communications. We design and develop mesh network systems that set a new standard for high-speed data transmission in challenging conditions. Mesh networks are needed for armament systems as they become distributed and intelligent. Silvus allows you to outmaneuver tactical challenges using a fluid, self-healing, self-forming mesh network to connect all your assets, so you can forget about communications and concentrate on your mission. Armament systems when facing peer and near-peer adversaries need robust wireless communications that can operate in congest and contested electromagnetic spectrum. Silvus is working on technology that can minimize the ability of adversaries to electronically detect (e.g., power control, spread spectrum modulation) and disrupt (e.g., interference avoidance and interference nulling) armament communication.

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Simulation Technologies, Incorporated

Simulation Technologies Inc. (SimTech) is a small Huntsville-founded business that has been supporting the U.S. Army in the design, development, integration, testing, calibration, configuration, verification, operation, maintenance, and improvement of simulators for over thirty years. SimTech’s technical expertise and background encompasses the areas of; Systems Engineering, Real-Time Hardware in the Loop (HWIL), Radio Frequency (RF) and Digital Hardware design and development. Our skills include software design and development, aerodynamics and airframe guidance algorithm development, airborne, range and laboratory data collection systems and methodology, modeling and simulation, Real time Infrared (IR) and Millimeter (MMW) signal/scene generation modeling and phenomenology. For the Longbow, PAC-3, JCM, JAGM, P3IBAT, and other systems, we designed, upgraded, and fabricated hardware for radar HWIL signal generation chain from the digital I/O out of the modeling computers to the antenna horns that transmit the signals to missile seeker. We performed both hardware and software design and engineering analysis for HWIL simulation development. We have built or designed and procured prototype hardware for digital signal generation. We have specified computer systems for real-time radar scene generation, written software and performed engineering development for real-time radar simulation.

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SimVentions, Inc.

SimVentions is a Small Business headquartered in Fredericksburg Virginia with satellite offices in Dahlgren Virginia, Quantico Virginia, San Diego CA, and Tampa FL performing Systems Engineering, Software Engineering, Cybersecurity, and Modeling & Simulation.  Experience spans these disciplines beginning with the engineering of capabilities to meet customer needs, prototyping solutions, and ultimately designing, developing, and deploying Cyber secure solutions to meet the need. Commercial tool development includes Program Management aids, contract requirements development, project execution and risk management, and strategic planning systems. SimVentions is considered a nontraditional defense contractor. For further information, please contact Bob Duffy, Business Development Director at (540) 372-7727 or bduffy@simventions.com

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Soar Technology, Inc.

Soar Technology, Inc. (SoarTech) is an artificial intelligence software research company providing software that “thinks the way people think”. SoarTech’s focuses on Autonomous Platforms (machines becoming teammates) and Intelligent Training (personalized adaptive systems), and is a leader in developing cognitive models of human reasoning: systems which perceive, decide, and act autonomously or alongside humans to enhance human performance.

Since 1998, when the company was started, we’ve studied and modeled many kinds of human behavior in order to create software that “thinks the way people think”: constantly learning, getting smarter, and adapting to new times and situations. Much of this scientific base is encoded within our computational cognitive architecture, which enables the creation of autonomous software agents that can reason over large amounts of human-level knowledge. The end result of users is a system that is not just a tool in their hands, but a thinking partner.

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Solution Now Enterprises, LLC

Solution Now Enterprises LLC (SNELL.COM) provides systems engineering and business development support services to federal government customers with a focus upon Electro-Optical Based Systems Solutions. We are a Veteran Owned Small Business with decades of experience in the acquisition, engineering and eventual production of products from the science and technology phase onto full rate fielding.

Southern Research

Founded in 1941 in Birmingham, Alabama, Southern Research is a scientific and engineering research organization that conducts advanced engineering research in materials, systems engineering, energy and environmental technologies research, and preclinical drug discovery and development. Using our state-of-the art research facilities, we provide clients with comprehensive engineering, design, and analysis in the areas of advanced aerospace materials research under extreme environments, electromechanical systems and integration, guidance and control, aerospace engineering, materials engineering, unmanned systems, and computational sciences among many other areas. We are nationally known for our expertise in thermal protection systems, propulsion materials, airborne imaging systems, stabilized platforms, and hypersonic vehicle material technologies.
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Southwest Research Institute

The Engineering Dynamics Department is one of five departments in the Mechanical Engineering Division at Southwest Research Institute. Department personnel investigate and study the nonlinear response of materials (solids and fluids), structures, and natural and engineered systems—and in particular, the behavior of materials and structures subject to large deformations at high strain rates—often to failure. A technical strength of the Department is its use of an integrated approach to problem solving: experimental, analytical, and computational techniques are used effectively to understand and solve problems for our clients. Research activities include fundamental investigations, applied studies and analyses, developmental studies, and software development and applications. Department staff, because of their experience, capabilities, and creativity, are at the forefront of solving problems involving intense, high-rate loads, and complex nonlinear phenomena.

The Department consists of 38 staff members, including 26 professionals, 9 technicians and 3 clerical staff members. The Department is divided into four sections: Computational Mechanics, Ballistics and Explosives Engineering, Ballistics and Explosives Range, and the Computational Mechanics—Minneapolis office. The expertise of these four groups includes, but is not limited to the following :

The Department is responsible for operating and maintaining the Ballistics and Explosives Range located on the SwRI campus. This 10-acre facility permits a wide variety of experimental programs to be conducted, including explosive loading, hazards evaluation and mitigation, foreign object damage, ballistic impact, armor testing, and hypervelocity impact. Our technicians provide expert support in the handling of explosives, firing of gas and powder guns, and high-rate electronic data collection. Range activities are supported with a complement of equipment including a small on-site machine shop, digital data acquisition and transient recorders, high-speed imaging equipment, and data processors. Two remote sites, within driving distance of San Antonio, support large explosive ordnance testing, such as IEDs and landmine response.

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Spatial Integrated Systems, Inc.

Founded in 1997, Spatial Integrated Systems, Inc. (SIS) is a Research, Development, Test and Evaluation (RDT&E) company that specializes in program management and technological support for integration of complex software and hardware systems. SIS develops, implements, and deploys high-end business solutions that incorporate technologies of Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Digital 3D Imaging, and 3D Visualization for engineering applications, products, and system solutions. SIS has been providing technical services to the U.S. government across this and other areas including C4ISR, autonomy, biometrics, product life-cycle management and reverse engineering. SIS brings its singular understanding of sensors and intelligent autonomy that enables them to develop economically viable solutions to achieve our Defense customers' desired outcomes. SIS has ongoing projects working with the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) and the Office of Naval Research (ONR) to develop cooperative group/swarming behaviors and planning capabilities for unmanned autonomous platforms to execute naval missions.

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Spear Power Systems, LLC

Spear Power Systems LLC (“Spear”), a leading provider of lithium ion battery systems, is a 100% U.S. owned Small Business, formed in 2013 and based in Lee’s Summit, MO USA. The Spear team has 10 years of experience developing advanced lithium ion battery cells and packs, and transitioning them from the lab/prototypes to mass production. Spear’s products support Defense, Naval/Maritime, Industrial) and Medical applications. In support of the Department of Defense, Spear has developed custom battery solutions in support of aviation platforms, as well as batteries to support auxiliary systems to support these platforms. Other batteries developed support unmanned systems (air, subsea and robotics), expeditionary forces, energy storage/battery solutions for high energy and advanced laser programs, as well as other defense applications.

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Spectra Technologies, LLC

Spectra is a small business (NAICS Code 332993), who se single-minded focus is lean, efficient explosive loading and assembly of ordnance using safe energetic materials processing methods and modern manufacturing automation to yield a precision, high-quality product. Spectra is uniquely positioned with a full complement of explosives loading equipment which together provide for an excellent capability to perform design pilot work and full-rate production. Spectra currently has every type of explosives loading process capability all under our roof; melt pour, mix/cast/cure (MCC), pressed and machined, and extrusion injection loading. Our facility includes remotely operated laboratory/prototype-scale and large/production-scale explosive processing and loading equipment. The laboratory scale systems enable Spectra to provide rapid prototyping services loading developmental test items quickly and at minimum expense. We have experience processing and loading more than 40 different explosive and propellant formulations. The NTS Camden test range is located in immediate proximity to the Spectra explosive loading facility such that transfer of test items from our facility to the test range is accomplished without the complication of having to first acquire a Government-issued interim hazard classification (IHC). Our vertical integration of senior management and program personnel results in a more responsive organization resulting in shorter production lead times and reduced costs. In a short period of time Spectra has emerged as a rising source for affordability, competency, and speed to first delivery for the production of tactical warhead and ammunition products. Spectra is currently providing explosive loading and turnkey ordnance manufacturing services to DOD and US prime contractors. Our pricing does not include the cost burden associated with maintaining unneeded capabilities (investor relations and compliance, legislative affairs, public relations, etc.) and the care and feeding of added layers of off-site corporate staff that contribute no benefit to the final products we produce. Unlike most other major or large business organizations, Spectra’s staffing and organization is stable; not subject to periodic reorganization and consolidation currently common in the present defense industrial market compression.

Spectral Sciences, Inc.

Spectral Sciences Inc. (SSI) is a research and development company that applies in-depth understanding of radiation and matter to solve client’s technical problems from conceptual design to prototype. SSI’s multidisciplinary technical staff is active in computational modeling of large bio/chemical molecular interactions in the condensed and gas phases, radiative transfer interactions of light and matter, spectral imaging instrumentation and processing, tomography, laser spectroscopy, analytical remote sensing instrumentation, and complex data analysis.

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SRC Inc.

SRC, Inc. is a not-for-profit research and development company with more than 55 years of experience in defense, environment and intelligence. SRCTec, its subsidiary, offers manufacturing and lifecycle support for complex electronics systems. Through innovation in science, technology and information, SRC is redefining possible® – helping keep America safe and strong. The company works with the customer for the best solution – not the bottom line – resulting in nationally significant, next-generation products and services.

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SRI International

SRI International is an independent, nonprofit research institute conducting client-sponsored research and development for government agencies, commercial businesses, foundation, and other organizations. SRI also brings its innovations to the marketplace by licensing its intellectual property and creating new ventures. SRI is well known for a legacy of innovations in communications and networks, computing, economic development and science and technology policy, education, energy and the environment, engineering systems, pharmaceuticals and health sciences, homeland security and national defense, materials and structures, and robots.

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Steelhead Composites, LLC

Steelhead is an engineering and manufacturing company with full service, in-house design, testing, prototyping and production of composite pressure vessels, seamless metal cylinders, composite structures and pressurant tanks with ISO 9001-2015 and AS9100 Rev D quality management systems and an ISO 14001 environmental system. Products include COPVs, compressed gas cylinders and lightweight hydraulic accumulators. Services include metal spin forming cylinders in aluminum, stainless steel and titanium, filament winding of vessels/structures and composite design, engineering and testing services.

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Steiner eOptics, Inc.

Steiner eOptics, Inc. designs and manufactures cutting-edge technology products that provide Military, Homeland Security, and Law Enforcement users with improved situational awareness in both day and night operations. The company’s products are grouped into four main areas: Imaging Systems, Laser Aiming Systems, Beacon Systems, and Illumination Systems.

Imaging Systems include low profile, digital, and fused night vision devices such as the AN/PVS-21 used worldwide by elite fighting units; Heads Up Displays and viewers (HUD / HMD); and Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) equipment. Laser Systems include a wide array of aiming solutions, such as the Dual Beam Aiming Laser (DBAL) series of products and the AN/PEQ-15A, as well as illuminators and pointers. Beacon Systems are focused on Combat Identification / Identification of Friend or Foe (CID/IFF) as well as Tagging, Tracking, and Locating (TTL) systems. The Battle Light product line is designed to guarantee high brightness Illumination Systems in any tactical situation. All our products are available in spectral bands that include UV, Visible, NIR, SWIR, MWIR, and LWIR.

Founded in 1979, Steiner eOptics Inc. was the first company to mount aiming lasers on small arms. This technology leadership continues today, reflecting the strong heritage and quality of Beretta Holding’s Steiner brand. The company is headquartered in Miami Township, Ohio where its products are produced, with a second location focused on research and development located in Waitsfield, Vermont.

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STG, Inc.

In a world where change happens in the blink of an eye, it is more important than ever that mission-critical functions survive and thrive. For approximately 25 years, STG has been helping customers meet that challenge by delivering flexible, adaptable solutions built on the foundation of a reliable infrastructure. STG is a leading mid-tier government contractor partnering with more than 50 federal agencies, as well as Fortune 100 companies and overseas organizations. STG provides performance-oriented solutions in the following five key areas: enterprise network operations, cyber security, financial services, systems engineering and integration, and software engineering.
Since its inception, STG has been forward thinking. STG was one of the first small companies to receive an ISO 9001:2008 certification and an SEI CMMI Maturity Level 3 rating. This foundation laid the groundwork for successful graduation from the 8(a) program. From Day 1, STG's successful approach has been based on providing performance-based solutions while using the best processes technology has to offer. As our customers' needs have changed, STG has stepped up to the plate to help them meet mission-critical requirements with excellence. In recent years, STG expanded its core competencies to include innovative solutions to new challenges. For example, some of STG's key projects included engineering solutions for rapid prototyping and battlefield support, development of unique name searching algorithms for six language families and niche scientific solutions for specialized agency missions.

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Strategic Marketing Innovations, Inc

Strategic Marketing Innovations (SMI) is a technical consulting and marketing firm that provides advisory services to companies that supply the Department of Defense with armaments or are interested in developing armament technology. The SMI team is comprised of scientists and engineers, some with PhDs, that are complemented by policy and defense business experts. SMI's lead for armaments technology, Mr. Ken Wetzel, is a chemical engineer (Masters of Engineering in Chemical Engineering) and is a former ARDEC employee. Mr. Wetzel uses his expertise to advise companies on technical matters for projects executed with ARDEC. Dr. Drew Ronneberg holds a PhD in Chemistry and also works on armament technology. Dr. Ronneberg has expertise in materials technology, including structural materials relevant to armaments and energetics. Mr. Wetzel and Dr. Ronneberg are supported by others in the firm, such as Mr. Patrick Davis and, a former Navy civilian chemical engineer with experience in a variety of Navy weapons systems and specifically battery technology. SMI’s technical team works with clients to identify potential applications for their technologies. SMI also uses its knowledge of armaments technology to shape the course of client’s independent R&D and assist them meet the DoD’s needs in R&D agreements with the DoD.

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Stratom, Inc.

Stratom, Inc., founded in 2001, is a team of highly skilled robotics, engineering, and manufacturing personnel who bring integrated solutions and services to government, commercial and global clients. Headquartered in Boulder, CO, we have additional locations in Colorado, California, North Carolina, and the DC region. We are a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) Non-Traditional Defense Contractor focusing on providing research and development (R&D), engineering, test, and system integration services in perception, autonomy and unmanned systems. We have a 15-year history of delivering solutions directly to Department of Defense (DoD) and to major defense contractors. In recognition of our exemplary past performance, we have been selected as a Colorado Company to Watch and have recently been honored by the SBA Administrator for our entrepreneurial spirit. To ensure consistent performance and delivery of quality products, we maintain an ISO 9001:2015 certification.

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Stryke Industries, Inc.

The STRYKE team is a non-traditional, forward-thinking, agile, nimble, and progressive "solutions” provider of disruptive technology driven IT, Cyber and Manufacturing materials, applications, products and methods achieving unmatched capabilities to problems (many in this arena are unwilling to tackle) directly advancing the DoD state of the art -- enabling future ground, air, sea, space and cyber space dominance with transformative solutions.
STRYKE’s vast capabilities lie, not only, within its limitless and expanding organic capabilities (listed below), executive leadership and subject matter experts -- but also through its sophisticated network of teaming members supported by Stryke’s robust technical program management, seasoned acquisition excellence, adept business acumen and years of high-level executive management in the most intense business environments.
Our teaming members are rigorously selected based upon unmatched and complimentary capabilities. All members are third body-certified and have achieved exceptional past-performance within the eyes of government and other industry clients matching Stryke’s current standing within the DoD.
Stryke’s organic capabilities when matched with our collective network provides unprecedented value to our customers by delivering pinpoint solutions to challenging problems; while meeting the strictest of QUALITY requirements within demanding schedules.
Our true value comes into play when there is early collaboration with our customers and teaming members, thus allowing for project intimacy. This often leads to lower total-landed cost, superior design-for-manufacturability (DFM) and compressed lead-times (BEST VALUE). Below is a top-level list of our capabilities.

-Aircraft Modifications
-Additive Manufacturing
-Engineering-Simulation and Testing
-Exothermic/Endothermic Materials
-Humans Resources for Technical Project Management
-Information Technology
-Metal/Polymer Fabrication
-Metal Injection Molding (MIM)
-Polymer/Elastomer Injection Molding
-Disruptive Engine Design

Great People-Great Minds-Great Technologies

"Solving the DoD Innovation Challenging: Making a Transformative Difference for the Warfighter.”

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STS Technologies, LLC

STS Technologies offers complete Engineering and Manufacturing services for Full Product Development including complete Tech Data Packages , Quality Control Implementation, Machinery and Equipment Support and Training. Services include CAD/CAM and 3D Modeling, Tool & Die Design and Fabrication, Prototype Development and Fabrication, Manufacturing Process Set Up and Control , Project Cost Control and Record Keeping. STS Technologies has many years of diverse experience serving multiple industries such as Automotive, Medical, Electronics and Defense, developing new techniques and alternate manufacturing processes to improve cost, quality and manufacturability of both current and new products. Our main goal is to help our customers bring their concepts to full working prototypes and transfer that technology to production.
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Subsystem Technologies, Inc.

"Pride in Performance” has enabled Subsystem Technologies, Inc. to effectively serve and support our Government clients for more than 25 years. We at SUBSYSTEMs understand that simply providing highly advanced and innovative technology, or our first-rate consulting to our clients is not enough. It is the union of the two in a mission-centric environment that establishes the prominence and excellence in our work. Excellence is a vital foundational aspect of our operating principles. In every project that we undertake we provide the strategic consideration, management acumen, and an eye toward the future that make our projects and our clients successful. We measure our corporate success by our client’s success, as our clients’ goals and missions are parallel with ours.

We are consistently seeking out new and emerging technologies that help us provide robust and cost-effective systems, innovative solutions, and quality service to effectively and efficiently meet our clients’ needs. During our two plus decades of business we have successfully offered a broad range of Information Technology (IT) Services, Information Security Services, Engineering Services and Enterprise Program Management support to a diverse client base. We are a solid, conservative company that believes in recruiting and maintaining quality technical and management staff. We are very committed to our employees and through them we provide continued excellence to our clients. Many members of our staff have had previous employment and long-term careers with the Government and military. This factor enables us to understand our clients—the Federal Government.

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Swift Engineering, Inc.

Swift Engineering provides vertically integrated, multi-disciplined, product development services including design, development, engineering, testing and rapid manufacturing of prototypes, demonstrators and pre-production articles. Swift specializes in vehicles and advanced composites and provides customized solutions for clean sheet vehicle design, large assemblies, to individual components. Swift supports commercial and U.S. national security initiatives in highly complex environments requiring world-class engineering reliability, scalability, flexibility, and rapid manufacturing. Swift Engineering operates within a strict quality controls guideline as well as maintains a Nadcap Composites Accreditation, AS9100, ISO9001 certificates and many customer specific process approvals. Swift Engineering is a state-of-the-art facility. We house three autoclaves including a 10ft x 30ft, multiple clean rooms (including a class 7 certification), a separate radome approved low humidity lamination room, a large calibrated walk-in freezer, two Gerber CNC cloth cutters, laser projectors, ovens, and other processing equipment in our 60,000 sq ft facility in San Clemente, CA. Swift Engineering has assembled an experienced team of engineers to ensure all technical requirements are correctly understood and achieved.

Founded in 1983, Swift has designed and fabricated over 500 race cars in its 60,000 sq ft facility. Since 1997, Swift has worked on aerospace, space, aeronautical, terrestrial, and underwater manned and unmanned, defense and commercial systems. In 2001 Swift designed, fabricated, integrated, and tested the Swift KillerBee; a launch and recovery, runway independent 14 ft wingspan, 15 hr. endurance, 60 lb payload UAS which was sold to Northrop Grumman in 2009. In 2008, Swift designed, fabricated, and obtained an experimental flight certification for the Eclipse Concept Jet in just 200 days. In 2014 Swift started developing the Swift 020 fully electric, fully autonomous VTOL UAS. This aircraft is runway independent and transitions to horizontal flight through its autopilot software. In 2017 Swift Engineering designed, fabricated and delivered QTY 10, 10-ft IridiumNEXT payload adapter cylinders, structures for a 50 ft. XLUUV submarine, and was the main airframer for a 62 ft attack helicopter development program to prime aerospace companies. Also, in 2017 Swift designed three major unmanned aircraft systems: 1) 30-day endurance HALE UAS for NASA 2) USAF 7-Day Endurance ISR UAS 3) 20 lb heavy Payload ISR UAS (Electric SHELLE). Swift is continuing fabrication for 2 of those aircraft currently. In 2018 Swift delivered low-cost Ocean-Of-Things sensor technology to NOAA and in 2019 Swift is delivering a pair of low-cost (90% reduction), low weight (50% reduction) telepresence robotic arm replacements to NASA for their Valkyrie humanoid robotic assembly.

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Syntek Technologies, Inc

Syntek Technologies is a woman-owned small business with headquarters in Arlington, Virginia. Syntek’s core competencies include power/propulsion systems and electrical distribution systems engineering, particularly for applications in Navy ships. Syntek has led concept/ feasibility/ detailed research, design, development, test and evaluation of electrical machinery, electrical power systems, power electronics and related technology for Navy surface ship and submarine applications. Our R&D experience includes machinery sensors, control systems, magnetic silencing, superconductivity, sliding electrical contacts, high current switchgear, electric machines, ferromagnetism, power electronics, electric propulsion and other electrical technologies. We led the development and testing of numerous pieces of specialized shipboard power equipment, including harmonic neutralizer, active torque canceller, submarine shaft grounding sliding electric contact systems, oxygen generator ripple filters and power supplies, electric propulsion motor field filters, and main coolant pump passive filters. We have performed electrical system modeling and simulation of advanced power systems, marine gears, ship hydrodynamics, advanced gas turbines, diesels, fuel cells, energy storage, thermal and control systems. We developed the framework, data architecture and software designs for naval and marine propulsion systems and performed dynamic performance analysis, simulation analysis of gas turbines, integrated power systems and machinery control systems. Our experience helps our clients develop realistic, achievable technical requirements for systems / components they develop. Visit Their Website

Systematic Inc.

SYSTEMATIC innovates, produces and delivers cutting edge command and control software, and provides world-class training and support to simplify crucial decision-making in demanding situations. As a leading provider of reliable Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence (C4I) integration software through an Open Architecture, our software solutions help simplify critical decision making. Systematic’s interoperable SitaWare C2 software system has been developed over many years with customer requirement acting as the key to the process. With the SitaWare product suite Systematic is challenging the status quo of the C4I world, by offering a commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) solution that fulfills the majority of modern C4I requirements, including the all- important interoperability capabilities that allow nations to exchange C4I data with their coalition partners.

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Systems Engineering Group, Inc.

Systems Engineering Group, Inc. (SEG) is an experienced, highly regarded provider of Integrated Air and Missile Defense Threat Engineering, Combat System and Radar engineering and analysis, Missile Systems engineering, Software engineering and development, Combat System integration, Acquisition and Program Management support services to our Department of Defense customers. SEG provides high fidelity modeling, simulations, analyses, and engineering support that have proven instrumental to the design and assessment of our customer’s warfighting systems. SEG works closely with the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI), Missile Defense Agency (MDA), Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense (ABMD), Program Executive Office Integrated Warfare Systems (PEO IWS), Naval Surface and Mine Warfighting Development Center (SMWDC), Aviation and Missile Research Development and Engineering Center (AMRDEC), Marine Corps Systems Command (MARCORPSYSCOM), Naval Surface Warfare Centers (NSWC), University Affiliated Research Centers (UARC), Laboratories, and Prime Contractors. SEG is considered a key member of the Office of Naval Intelligence TAC-31 Missile Team. SEG was founded in 1991 with headquarters in Columbia, MD and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Telephonics Corporation (a Griffon Company). SEG has field offices in Dahlgren VA, Mt. Laurel NJ, Colorado Springs CO and Huntsville AL.

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Systima Technologies, Inc.

Systima Technologies is an industry leader in the aerospace, defense and commercial industries advancing state of the art technologies through innovation in engineering, research and development. Our focus ranges from concept through production of mature, fielded systems. These technology innovations enable our customers to overcome technical obstacles and achieve unsurpassed end-item performance goals. Our wealth of experience combined with our talented and multi-discipline staff allows us to provide world-class support and responsiveness to our customers and their technical challenges. Systima is unmatched in providing full-service, rapid, end-to-end, technology development and maturation.

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Tanner Research, Inc.

Tanner Research, Inc., founded in 1988, is a leader in various facets of microelectronic design. To streamline the design process, Tanner Research also provides training and consulting services for its customers. The areas of consulting expertise include integrated circuit and micro-electro-mechanical systems design. The advanced research and development arm of Tanner Research is focused on applications that promise to deliver unprecedented capabilities, including image processing, speech recognition, laser interferometry, and optical communication.

Tanner Research has been providing affordable, high-technology design software for ICs, analog VLSI, and other technologies since 1988. Tanner Research is also active in performing cutting edge research in speech recognition, MEMS technology, MCM technology, and other areas of investigation.

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Targeted GeoSystems, LLC

Targeted GeoSystems, LLC has many years of experience utilizing the most up-to-date software development tools available on the market. It has subject matter expertise of ESRI and qualified database professionals. It has practical hands-on experience with NAVFAC ESC and the Quantity-Distance (Q-D) Engine. Targeted GeoSystems, LLC personnel have been working with ESRI ArcObjects since the year 2000 and with ESRI products in general for more than fifteen years. Our most recent spatially-enabled applications include projects that take advantage of ArcObjects. Development experience includes applications built upon such ESRI tools as AML, ODE, MapObjects, Avenue, ArcObjects 8x, and ArcObjects 9x. Our staff also has experience with MapObjects IMS and ArcIMS.

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TDA Research, Inc.

TDA Research was formed in 1987 by two staff from the Solar Energy Research Institute (now the National Renewable Energy Laboratory) in Golden, CO. TDA is a privately held R&D company which develops new materials (polymers, carbons and ceramics), catalytic and sorbent-based chemical processes and military and aerospace components, we bring them to market either by forming internal business units, or more frequently, in partnership with larger Global 2000 manufacturing companies. TDA's Direct Oxidation Technology removes sulfur from hydrocarbon streams, our fullerene production technology is used by Frontier Carbon to manufacture up to 40 tons per year of fullerenes, and our processable conducting polymers are available from Sigma-Aldrich.

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Teamvantage Molding LLC

Teamvantage is a contract manufacturer for a wide range of defense and aerospace programs offering capabilities to support programs from concept through development, and into full production. Our capabilities include engineering design support, project development services, plastic injection molding of thermoplastic and elastomeric materials (including micro molding), silicone molding, machining (metals, plastic, and ceramics), tooling design and fabrication, mechanical assembly, electronic testing, leak testing, heat staking, spin and ultrasonic welding, testing, packaging, and complete supply chain management. Teamvantage is ISO 9001: 2008 and AS 9100C certified. Our company, located in Forest Lake MN, has more than 45 years of experience. In 2013, we moved into a new facility with more than 112,000 square feet of manufacturing space designed to allow for continued growth. Teamvantage is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, multiple clean rooms and numerous proprietary development areas to serve our customer’s needs now and into the future. Teamvantage is a small business offering a highly experienced team and broad capabilities to meet all of your project development and manufacturing needs, including those difficult programs that no one else wants to take on. Please visit www.teamvantage.com as we are continually adding new resources and capabilities.

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Tech62, Inc.

Tech62 is a mission-centric firm committed to providing clients with premier engineering, science, research and development (R&D), intelligence, health science, program management, and acquisition management products and services. We provide the government with a high-level of expertise in areas such as chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) weapons, conventional weapons, improvised explosives effects and countermeasures and associated prototype concept developments, instrumentation, sensors, test and evaluation (T&E), and analysis products and services. We have deep expertise in test and evaluation of explosives and CBRN sensors, as well as, in modeling and simulation of engineering problems using high-fidelity finite element analysis (FEA) software running on high-performance computers.

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Techie Innovative Solutions, LLC

Techie Innovative Solutions is a minority (Hispanic) and woman owned small business dedicated to the advancement of a wide spectrum of technologies. Our specializations include supporting the defense industry in energetics testing and development through our close working relationship with the EMRTC. Other specializations range from the Biomedical Engineering field that include helping the disabled and curing cancer. We are located in Socorro New Mexico next to the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technologies. We have a close working relationship with the university and utilize their vast resource base and have the ability to engage the student community to help in developing projects.

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Technology Service Corporation

Technology Service Corporation (TSC) is an employee owned, small business engaged in providing engineering products and services to the Government and Industry. We specialize in sensor, communication, and electronic warfare systems and components. TSC is an ISO 9001 and CMMI Level 3 certified business. With 12 office locations across the US, including Huntsville, AL, TSC provides direct support of advanced hardware and software products as well as innovative engineering services to our clients.

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Teledyne RISI

Teledyne RISI specializes in the manufacture of precision secondary explosive components including initiators and detonators utilizing the Exploding Bridgewire (EBW) and Exploding Foil (EFI) concepts. EBW and EFI devices manufactured by Teledyne RISI contain no primary explosives such as are commonly used in "blasting caps.” Both the EBW and EFI concepts rely on the rapid discharge of electrical energy to vaporize a wire or foil to directly initiate a secondary explosive. EBW and EFI detonators are immune to accidental initiation by radio transmission, static charges or proximity to high tension wires. Teledyne RISI also distributes and manufactures a wide selection of Electronic Firing Systems for use in initiating EBW and EFI detonators in the field or in research laboratories.

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TELEGRID Technologies, Inc.

TELEGRID Technologies, Inc. is a Woman Owned Small Business founded in 1984 and providing the US military and Government agencies with unique custom solutions in the field of C4ISR. TELEGRID designs, develops and produces secure equipment and systems that satisfy complex requirements of our customers – the US Army, US Navy, USMC, DISA, DHS, and other federal agencies. The company’s expertise includes digital and analog design, firmware design for FPGAs and DSPs, RF design, mechanical design/ production, embedded software design including Linux and Droid, and cyber security design, specifically PKI-related. TELEGRID’s Embedded Security Framework (ESF) was awarded the 2018 Cyber Security Product Excellence Award. TELEGRID’s products have been deployed world-wide with many registered with a National Stock Number (NSN) by DLA. The company provides on-going maintenance and support for its fielded products including patches and IAVAs generated in response to cyber security gaps.

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TeraSys Technologies

TeraSys Technologies LLC is a small business founded in 2007. We specialize in radio frequency and wireless products, used in a variety of applications ranging from electronic warfare, precision guidance, and communications. We offer rapid prototyping capabilities and research and development and have an extensive partnership network to support full production manufacturing. Our core competencies are in the intersection of RF with machine learning and artificial intelligence.

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Tethers Unlimited, Inc.

Tethers Unlimited, Inc. (TUI) develops transformative technologies for space and defense missions. Founded in 1994 to pursue commercial applications of space tether technologies, over the past 20 years TUI has expanded its space technology portfolio to include: high-performance small satellite components such as software defined radios and propulsion systems; end-of-mission deorbit modules; and in-space additive manufacturing technologies. Additionally, TUI has successfully commercialized multiple defense spin-off applications of its space technologies, including optical fiber dispensers for mobile robots and underwater communications, launchable anchors for bridging operations, and sensor towing systems for UAVs.
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Texas Research Institute Austin, Inc.

Texas Research Institute Austin, Inc. (TRI-Austin) develops innovative materials-based product solutions via applied research and development. Areas of experience include pulsed power, variable velocity electric guns, lightweight armor, munitions packaging, electro-explosive ordinance devices, resins for composite rocket motor casing, and long term missile aging assessment and reliability predictions. TRI-Austin brings these solutions to market through our sister company, TRI-Applied technologies, and through strategic partnerships with industry and prime and sub-tier contractors.

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Texas Tech University

Texas Tech University (TTU), a public research university, is providing innovations and advanced basic research and early-phase translational research in pulsed power, energetic materials, and advanced optical nanomaterials of interest to the Defense Community. TTU has advanced capabilities in plasma, pulsed power and power electronics research involving high- powered RF and microwave generation, high-power switching, high-power advanced electrical and thermal packaging and high bandwidth monitoring and control of electronic machines. TTU is also developing superior energetic materials that can enhance the range, effectiveness, survivability, and scalable performance that are required in modern armament systems. New nanomaterials and systems are being developed for both innovative new energetics applications, and new optoelectronics for advanced visualization and situational awareness systems. TTU research provides early-phase, basic research to advance these defense applications, and to assist with technology transfer to defense contractors who produce such systems at scale.

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Textron Systems Corporation

Textron Systems Corporation, a Textron Inc. (NYSE:TXT) company, has been providing innovative solutions to the defense, homeland security and aerospace communities for more than 50 years. Known for its unmanned aircraft systems, advanced marine craft, armored vehicles, intelligent battlefield and surveillance systems, intelligence software solutions, precision smart weapons, piston engines, test and training systems, and total life cycle sustainment services, Textron Systems includes AAI Corporation, Lycoming Engines, Overwatch, Textron Defense Systems and Textron Marine & Land Systems.
An operating unit of Textron Systems, Textron Defense Systems develops and manufactures state-of-the-art smart weapons; airborne and ground-based sensors and surveillance systems; and protection systems for the defense, aerospace and homeland security communities. Its innovative systems for the military provide precision effects, actionable intelligence and force protection. Key products include the company’s combat-proven smart-area weapon called Sensor Fuzed Weapon, or SFW, as well as the Scorpion networked munition and sensor system. To learn more, visit www.textrondefense.com.
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The Boeing Company

Boeing is the world's leading aerospace company and the largest manufacturer of commercial jetliners and military aircraft combined. Additionally, Boeing designs and manufactures rotorcraft, electronic and defense systems, missiles, satellites, launch vehicles and advanced information and communication systems. As a major service provider to NASA, Boeing operates the Space Shuttle and International Space Station. The company also provides numerous military and commercial airline support services. Boeing has customers in more than 90 countries around the world and is one of the largest U.S. Exporters in terms of sales.
Boeing has a long tradition of aerospace leadership and innovation. We continue to expand our product line and services to meet emerging customer needs. Our broad range of capabilities includes creating new, more efficient members of our commercial airplane family; integrating military platforms, defense systems and the warfighter through network-centric operations; creating advanced technology solutions that reach across business units; e-enabling airplanes and providing connectivity on moving platforms; and arranging financing solutions for our customers.
Headquartered in Chicago, Boeing employs more than 158,000 people across the United States and in 70 countries. This represents one of the most diverse, talented and innovative workforces anywhere. More than 123,000 of our people hold college degrees--including nearly 32,000 advanced degrees--in virtually every business and technical field from approximately 2,700 colleges and universities worldwide. Our enterprise also leverages the talents of hundreds of thousands more skilled people working for Boeing suppliers worldwide.

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The Pennsylvania State University

The Pennsylvania State University is a leading research institution with more than $765 million of research expenditures in FY 2009. Based on these statistics, Penn State is one of the top three academic institutions for engineering research, and leads the nation in materials engineering research, according to the National Science Foundation. Penn State’s Materials Research Institute was created to coordinate the highly diverse and growing materials activities across the University. Research strengths include:

  • Electronic materials and devices
  • Material synthesis and processing
  • Computational materials science
  • Surfaces, thin films, and coatings
  • Optical materials and photonics
  • Materials testing and characterization
  • Functional polymers
  • Nanoscience, nanomaterials, and nanostructures
  • Materials for medicine and biotechnology
  • Materials for energy
  • Energetic materials and propellant characterization

The University’s defense-related research units, Applied Research Laboratory and Electro-Optics Center, accounted for 24% of the 2009 expenditures, or $186 million. As a center of excellence in naval science and technologies, with preeminence in undersea missions and related areas, the Applied Research Lab provides solutions to problems in national security, economic competitiveness, and quality of life. Created under a cooperative agreement with the Office of Naval Research, the Penn State Electro-Optics Center promotes the development of innovative electro-optic materials, components, and systems needed to advance technologies for our nation’s defense forces.

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The Samraksh Company

The Samraksh Company is a small business performing research and development of wireless sensor network (WSN) products and solutions since 2006. It is recognized as a leader in developing core technology for scalable sensor systems and for scalable, heterogeneous mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs).
The company has a proven track record of developing software components (for both networking and sensing), frameworks, and tools for sensor/network systems; it is expert in energy management and wireless security. It also has substantial experience in manufacturing low cost, low power sensor and sensor node hardware in quantities of thousands, as well as significant experience in packaging and web-based user portal design. Application contexts for its products and solutions include DoD surveillance, area denial, contested environments, inventory/workflow management, and systems of systems.

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The Shenton Group, Inc.

The Shenton Group (TSG) is a veteran-owned, small business provider of management consulting services, with demonstrated capabilities in the exploration, definition, and deployment of enhancements to the lifecycle management of conventional munitions. Core competencies include financial analysis, acquisition strategy, industrial base sustainment, manufacturing optimization, risk management, and more. Since 2003, our practitioner roots have allowed us to offer objective third-party solutions that balance proven concepts with custom application.

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Thermacore Materials Technology Division

Founded in 1970, Thermacore specializes in the custom design, development, and manufacturing of innovative, high performance thermal management and material solutions. Thermacore’s thermal management and material solutions can be found at both the system and component levels for a variety of OEM applications across a diversified set of global markets that includes military/aerospace, computer, communication, electronics, energy storage and conversion, industrial, medical device and equipment, temperature calibration, transportation/automotive, and test equipment. Thermacore has the industry's broadest collection of thermal management technologies, products, and services, which include: k-Core encapsulated Annealed Pyrolytic Graphite (APG) based solid conduction heat spreader assemblies and thermal straps (all metal and k-Core based); passive two-phase devices such as heat pipe assemblies, vapor chamber assemblies, thermal ground planes, loop heat pipes, extreme temperature heat pipes, CCHP and VCHP Spacecraft heat pipes, and more; liquid cooled cold plates; aluminum vacuum brazed assemblies, cold plates, heat exchangers, chassis; pumped single and two-phase liquid systems; Intelligent Thermal Management Systems (iTMS); rugged liquid cooling systems (rLCS™); and enclosure air-to-air and liquid-to-air heat exchangers. Other unique capabilities include the ability to develop custom refractory metal alloys, cryomilled aluminum and magnesium, and material characterization and testing services. Thermacore brings unparalleled engineering design expertise and thermal management solution performance, quality, and reliability to help enable our customer's products and services. Thermacore employs more than 175 employees at 3 primary facilities located in the United States (Lancaster, Pennsylvania; Philadelphia, PA, Pittsburgh, PA) and the United Kingdom (Ashington, Northumberland). Thermacore facilities are certified to the AS9100, ISO 9001, and ISO 14001 standards.

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Tiburon Associates, Inc.

Tiburon Associates, Inc. provides the defense community with program expertise and technical innovation in the areas of logistics, manufacturing, engineering, technology insertion, research and development, and acquisition management. We provide logistical support to include developing, testing, fielding, and sustaining missile defense systems and their required life-cycle activities. Tiburon has supported the Patriot Modernization Program since 2009 and have manufactured, acquired, and successfully integrated multiple systems, subsystems, and materials through testing and evaluation worldwide at the field, intermediate, and depot level.

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TimkenSteel Corporation

TimkenSteel creates tailored alloy and carbon steel products and services for demanding applications, helping customers push the bounds of what’s possible within their industries. The company reaches around the world in its customers’ products and leads North America in special bar quality products (1 thru 16+ inch OD) and seamless mechanical tubing (3 to 13 inch OD). We also offer supply chain and steel service solutions. Military applications including artillery, projectiles, gun barrels, mortars, mortar barrels, military vehicles, missiles and warheads have used our high-quality steel products for over 75 years. We develop optimum materials to help our military customers’ products complete their required missions. We strategically align with these customers to provide the highest possible value to the warfighter.

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TORC Robotics, Inc

TORC enables the rapid integration of unmanned and autonomous vehicles through a suite of modular, customizable products. Leading academic, commercial and government organizations use the Robotic Building Blocks™ product line to shorten the development process, lower costs and mitigate risks. These products are used on more than 100 mobile robots ranging from 15 pounds to 15 tons. TORC provides off-the-shelf products and custom solutions for drive-by-wire conversion, emergency stop, power management, autonomous navigation and operator control. Founded in 2005, TORC is a HUBZone Certified Small Business based in Blacksburg, VA.

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Total Reliant Consulting

Total Reliant Consulting (TRC) is a Service-Disabled-Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) established in 2014 with a focus on providing our customers with low cost access to industry expertise in software and support utilizing the latest technologies in system and web application development. We provide expertise across a wide spectrum of software and weapons system development and sustainment.

Primary Focus Areas:
• Software/System Architecture Design and Engineering
• Web Application Development
• System Integration
• Data Analytics Exploration and Development (Predictive, Machine Learning, etc..)
• Information System Security Analysis
• Web Based Collaboration Development and Sustainment
• Nuclear Weapons/Systems Sustainment Analysis
• Maintenance and Logistics Analysis
• Aircraft Armament Support

Open to collaborate on any DOTC initiatives where our company skill sets may be applicable

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Total Technology, Inc.

Total Technology, Inc. (T2) is a woman-owned small business with headquarters in Cherry Hill, NJ, and offices at Picatinny Arsenal. T2 provides a variety of services to its customers at the Department of Defense (DoD) and National Institute of Science and Technology (NIST) including automatic test equipment support, program and acquisition management, software engineering, and configuration data management. We have extensive expertise in a wide variety of technical areas such as test support, systems engineering, mechanical design, product data management, engineering drawing support, and logistics support. While T2’s offerings are diverse and span different market segments, the company’s core philosophy remains the same: to utilize the power of technology, balanced with the appropriate levels of management oversight and operational support, to deliver comprehensive, effective, and economical solutions to its customers. The integration of technology and skilled support to create comprehensive solutions is what T2 considers “total technology.”

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Toyon Research Corporation

Toyon Research Corporation is a small business that performs research and develops prototype sensor components and signal processing systems. We specialize in developing unique RF antennas and the processing of sensor data from RF, EO/IR, and acoustic systems. We develop and research novel new ways of processing data and implement our algorithms in real time software that can operate on large computing systems as well as small size, weight, and power systems. Our antennas and signal processing algorithms have been deployed in operational environments with solid customer feedback regarding their performance.

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TPL, Inc.

TPL, Inc. is a materials science-based technology development and manufacturing company, a technologies to products leader based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. TPL, Inc. has three divisions the Capacitance Products Division, Defense Systems Division, and the Micropower-EnerPak Division. The Capacitance Products Division is developing advanced capacitance materials and products for a number of applications including electromagnetic weapon systems, proton accelerators for cancer treatment. Capacitance Products also manufacturers nano size ceramic dielectric powders, Barium Titanate, Strontium Titanate and Custom formulations of Barium and Strontium Titanate. Capacitance Products also specializes in monolithic ceramic capacitors and substrates, as well as specialty dielectric materials.
The Defense Systems Division is a leader in demilitarization technology, utilizing resource recovery and reuse processing (R3) and Ultrasonication for the demilitarization of energetic materials, allowing many materials to be reused. Defense Systems has introduced groundbreaking technologies that enhance warfighter capabilities. TPL, Inc.'s expertise in the Explosive Cladding of Gun Barrels extends the life of the weapon system six to ten fold in resisting bore erosion. TPL, Inc. also produces Flashless Gun Powder which provides a distinct improvement in combat effectiveness and soldier survivability for close combat, nighttime engagements.
The Micropower Technologies Division has developed EnerPak, an endless power system for wireless sensor networks based on micro-battery and micro-supercapacitor components. EnerPak is an energy harvesting technology that can harvest energy from Solar, Vibrational, or Photovoltaic.

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TriVector Services, Inc.

Established in 2008 and headquartered in Huntsville, Alabama, TriVector is a SBA-certified Small Business founded by three former NASA senior engineers. Since its founding, TriVector has grown to include a highly capable workforce that is wholly dedicated to serving the customer and contributing to the safety of the country. Our executive management team has years of technical, engineering, and leadership experience that has established lasting relationships with our existing customers and has laid the groundwork for new opportunities in the company’s future.

TriVector is respected by our customers for our unique lean systems engineering approach, diverse engineering analysis, strong configuration/data management background, and efficient project management lifecycle. Our support is requested by Customers such as National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), Army, U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), U.S. Missile Defense Agency (MDA), National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Commercial Energy, Commercial Space Ventures, and International Customers (Canada, Singapore). We provide the following capabilities to our Customers: systems engineering, program management, engineering analysis, software lifecycle management, test engineering, configuration management, and modeling & simulation.

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Ultimate Training Munitions Inc.

Ultimate Training Munitions (UTM) was founded with a mission to produce the most technologically advanced, non-lethal training ammunition in existence. By safely converting service or duty firearms and using precision engineered training ammunition, UTM products allow military and law enforcement professionals to ‘train as they fight’ for the most realistic, force-on-force training possible. Ultimate Training Munitions manufactures an array of training ammunition and over 150 firearm conversions at one of two locations; Suffolk, United Kingdom or New Jersey, USA. With over a 100,000 square feet of state-of-the-art manufacturing space and its fulfillment warehouse in Brownsville, Texas, UTM is poised for unlimited growth in production and technology.

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Undersea Solutions Group

Undersea Solutions Group (USG) is part of Huntington Ingalls Technical Solutions. USG is an engineering, design, development, rapid prototyping, testing, limited run production organization in Panama City Beach, Florida. We focus on the development of undersea vehicles and systems, land-based countermine and counter IED systems, sea mine warfare systems, and mine countermeasure systems. Our capabilities include systems engineering, engineering design and rapid prototyping, test and evaluation and limited run production, and system life-cycle sustainment.

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United Support Solutions-LMT Inc.

United Support Solutions - LMT, Inc. (USS-LMT) is a manufacturing services company serving both the defense and commercial industries for over 20 years. In addition to offering a comprehensive set of manufacturing capabilities to handle the full range of customer requirements, USS-LMT prides itself on maintaining a high degree of quality and craftsmanship. Our primary focus is to transform designs into military grade hardware that support our Warfighter. We tackle this by engaging in all phases of the product life-cycle, providing DFMA insight during design phases & providing prototyping, LRIP and full rate production services as a product matures. Our scalable set of manufacturing technologies, engineering processes and flexible supply-chain allow us to adapt to a wide variety of customer requirements. With a unique combination of manufacturing capability, scalable capacity, technical competency and commitment to quality, USS-LMT is the right partner to tackle the most complex military applications.

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Universal Technical Resource Services, Inc. (UTRS)

UTRS, the 2009 SBA Prime Contractor of the Year for Region II, is a technically diverse organization with a client base that includes federal, state, and municipal governments, as well as commercial activities. Our clients in the public sector include the U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, U.S. Air Force, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and Federal Laboratory Consortium for Technology Transfer (FLC). UTRS is, above all, a technology firm. UTRS takes pride in the remarkable number of diverse business areas supported by our highly skilled personnel. UTRS has helped government and industry meet the challenges of modern business effectively and efficiently for over 25 years, giving our clients the competitive edge in such diverse areas as: Aviation Safety, Business Intelligence/Enterprise Resource Planning, Clean Water Technology, Configuration/Data Management, Communications & Marketing, Corrosion Control, Environmental Science, Information Technology, International Operations, Logistic Support, Materials Science, Program & Acquisition Management, Prototype & Manufacturing Support and Technology Transfer.  UTRS currently supports every ARDEC directorate, as well as PEO Ammo and PEO Soldier and is proud to support ARDEC and the PEOs at Picatinny Arsenal on a variety of initiatives that directly support our warfighters in the global war on terror (GWOT).  We have provided integral support to many critical ARDEC initiatives such as the Objective Gunner Protection Kits, Cupola Shields, Mine Roller Kits and the Strategic Manufacturing and Metals Initiative.

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Universal Technology Corporation

UTC offers technical and management service expertise and flow through subcontract services primarily for the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL). The Company plays a key role in connecting research and integrating industry professionals to government and commercial interests and priorities. UTC’s Aerospace Systems Division includes experience and expertise in aerospace fuels, aircraft and spacecraft power, turbine engines, hypersonic propulsion, and combined-cycle engines. UTC’s Materials and Manufacturing Division assists the AFRL Materials and Manufacturing Directorate in programs involved in the development of new materials, processes, and manufacturing technologies for aerospace applications including aircraft, missiles, rockets, and ground-based systems. The Space and Directed Energy Division provides support and expertise in several facets of this complex area of science and technology for the AFRL. UTC’s Data Analytics Division leverages commercial off the shelf software products as well as customized software development to design and implement robust, user friendly and scalable solutions to fit each of our client’s individual data analytic needs. The Meetings Management and Visual Graphics Division offers complete planning and management services to help the AFRL and other organizations conduct conferences and workshops. The Commercial Products Division is focused on the development and marketing of products to enhance management and client experiences in retail, banking, and security as well as to provide force enhancement for law enforcement officers through the application of data analytics. The 3D Innovation Lab consolidated initiatives in additive manufacturing (AM) and 3D printing and has recently launched a commercial product line in AM systems and sensors.

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University of Delaware

The University of Delaware’s Center for Composite Materials (UD-CCM) has been internationally recognized as a center of excellence for interdisciplinary research, education, and technology transfer in the areas of materials and synthesis, multifunctional materials, processing science, mechanics and design, sensing and control, and software. Utilizing 58,000 square feet of state-of-the-art facilities and equipment valued at over $25M, UD-CCM develops models and simulations in a “virtual manufacturing” environment for process optimization and tool design, leading to improved quality, affordability, and innovative new composite manufacturing processes.

UD’s Center for Composite Materials has recently launched a new institute called Delaware’s Digital Design and Manufacturing Institute (3DMI). This comprehensive and interdisciplinary manufacturing initiative is dedicated to the creation of new materials and advanced manufacturing methods and/or the use of existing materials and manufacturing methods in novel ways to achieve new levels of functionality, affordability and performance for DoD Systems, including armaments.

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University of Florida

The University of Florida (UF) is a major, public, comprehensive, land-grant, research university. The state's oldest and most comprehensive university, UF is among the nation's most academically diverse public universities. UF has a long history of established programs in international education, research and service. It is one of only 17 public, land-grant universities that belong to the Association of American Universities.

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University of Hartford

The University of Hartford College of Engineering, Technology and Architecture has the capabilities to conduct aerodynamics simulations and experimental studies on unmanned, autonomous projectiles.  It has significant expertise in wireless sensor networks and other radio technologies to support man-in-the-loop approaches to autonomous vehicles. It also has considerable capabilities in signal processing, embedded systems technologies and control algorithms.  In addition, the College has strengths in many product realization disciplines including Design for Manufacture, mechatronics, and lean manufacturing that can be used to meet aggressive cost targets and product delivery timelines.

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University of Pittsburgh

The University of Pittsburgh is a leading engineering and science research institution that is well-positioned to make significant contributions in the field of armament technologies. Advanced capabilities in materials manufacturing and processing, nanotechnology, modelling & simulation, sensors, and bio engineering (among many others) can be deployed in support of diverse ARDEC objectives such as:

  • Reducing weight of armament and protective devices
  • Increasing material resistance to impact and corrosion
  • Computer modelling of blasts and non-lethal phenomena
  • Data management in sensor-rich environments
  • Human performance optimization

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University of Rhode Island, Research Office

URI works in explosives detection, developing new sensors for trace and for standoff detection. URI develops new materials for armaments and for warfighter protective gear. URI characterizes new explosive threats; specific expertise is in homeland explosives, e.g. ammonium nitrate, urea nitrate and the chlorates.

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UTC Aerospace Systems

UTC Aerospace Systems is one of the world’s largest suppliers of technologically advanced aerospace and defense products. We design, manufacture and service systems and components and provide integrated solutions for commercial, regional, business and military aircraft, helicopters and other platforms.

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UTEC Corporation, LLC

UTEC Corporation is an independent explosives laboratory, offering state of the art testing and analysis to clients worldwide. The company is a leader in commercial explosives technology including development, analysis, testing and manufacturing. UTEC operates a chemical research and development laboratory near Riverton, Kansas, which specializes in commercial explosives development and analysis. UTEC also operates a destructive test facility near Hallowell, Kansas, which specializes in determining the detonating characteristics of commercial explosives. UTEC is unique, as one of the few remaining independent commercial energetic material testing, development and manufacturing companies in the world. UTEC has the only remaining actively used underwater energy testing facility in North America. The current test facility has been in operation for over 40 years, with continual upgrades to meet today's marketplace demands. UTEC's staff consists of a team of highly trained scientists and technicians, who represent over 100 years of combined experience in the handling and testing of explosives and energetic materials. UTEC was founded over fifty years ago to serve the needs of commercial explosives producers in the coal and metals industries, and has grown to serve the top domestic and international commercial explosives producers, key Department of Defense contractors, and numerous regulatory agencies including the ATF, DOT, and security services.

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UTRON Kinetics, LLC

UTRON Kinetics is a materials science innovator who manufactures compacted metal & ceramic powder parts. Our patented Combustion Driven Compaction (CDC) technology pressing process manufactures higher-density components currently benefiting defense, energy, aerospace and other commercial applications. UTRON Kinetics has in-house R&D abilities to efficiently design, conduct tests for quality assurance, and manufacture parts with customer unique and specific attributes. UTRON Kinetics currently manufactures and supplies our parts to aerospace and various DoD Agencies.

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Veloxint Corporation

Veloxint is a startup company making high value products enabled by novel nanocrystalline metal alloys discovered at MIT’s Materials Science department. The metals have extraordinary properties (e.g. >200% stronger than incumbents) and allow for faster more efficient processing. Applications in military and defense include kinetic energy penetrators, vehicle and soldier armor, and lightweight vehicle components. Veloxint’s Nanocrystalline Tungsten penetrators are expected to be significantly better than the Tungsten Carbide systems that are used today. The Veloxint process is highly-scalable light manufacturing, allowing the target high value products to be made with minimal capital investment. The company has several funded agreements in place with potential customers, and is currently expanding its prototyping facilities near Boston to prepare for product launch. Please contact hjoshi@veloxint.com for more details.

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Veritay Technology, Inc.

Veritay is a small business, specializing in gun and ammunition RDT&E since our formation in 1983.  We have developed unique facilities and innovative capabilities to support our work on ordnance-related programs. Our capabilities include: ammunition development, interior ballistic analyses, propulsion system design and development, warhead development, consolidated propellant charge design and production, barrel wear abatement, propellant charge ignition system development, and ballistic (weapon and ammunition) testing.  Our modeling and simulation tools include: CAD solid modeling (SolidWorks), FEA software (ABAQUS), Interior ballistic modeling (IBHVG2 and XNOVAKTC), LabView, C++ and Fortran programming, and electronic circuit design software. Veritay’s Products include ballistic In-wall Thermocouples (IWTC) for barrel heating measurement, Barrel Erosion Paste Inhibitors, consolidated propellant charges, custom electronic controls, and thermocouple amplifiers. We provide a range of services to our customers, including: precisely located gun barrel instrument port drilling/installation, Live-fire ballistic testing in our three enclosed firing ranges, field test support, thermal analysis, finite element analysis, solid modeling, and custom instrumentation development. Our facility is located in a reclaimed Nike Missile base, and contains three underground test ranges; it also includes a small machine shop and electronics design & fabrication laboratory.

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ViaSat, Inc.

ViaSat is uniquely positioned to solve the military’s most challenging communications and sensing problems. We have a broad array of military and commercial products and services including; high-throughput satellite systems, SATCOM terminals, antenna systems, ISR products, Link 16 systems, data networks, and information security capabilities. Over the past two and a-half decades, we have developed technologies that provide our customers with game-changing advances in CONOPS, efficiency, and performance.

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Victory Solutions, Inc.

Victory Solutions, Inc. is a Service Disabled Veteran- and Woman-Owned, Small Disadvantaged, small business, headquartered in Huntsville, Alabama. We provide products and services in the areas of Information Technology (IT), US Government Engineering Support, and Subject Matter Expertise (SME) in Solution Management. Our customers include NASA, the US Air Force, US Army Test Centers and large aerospace firms.

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Weibel Equipment, Inc.

Weibel is dedicated to developing and manufacturing state-of-the-art velocity and position measuring instruments based on continuous wave Doppler principles and the latest radar hardware and software technologies. We have delivered test equipment for over 70 years, primarily to organizations in the aerospace, defense, military, and forensic-science sectors, and have invested more than $50 million in modern electronic Research and Development. As the leading global producer of Doppler radars, Weibel delivers superior high-technology products today and in the future.

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Wichita State University

Wichita State University's National Institute for Aviation Research (NIAR) supports the aviation industry by providing research, development, testing, certification and training. Laboratories include Additive Manufacturing, Advanced Coatings, Aging Aircraft, Ballistic & Impact Dynamics, CAD/CAM, Composites & Advanced Materials, Crash Dynamics, Environmental Test, Flight Simulation, Full-Scale Structural Test, Mechanical Test, Nondestructive Test, Research Manufacturing, Reverse Engineering, Robotics & Automation, Virtual Engineering, Virtual Reality and the Walter H. Beech Wind Tunnel. NIAR operates on a nonprofit budget and is the largest university aviation R&D institution in the U.S., located in Wichita, Kansas, the "Air Capital of the World."

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Willbrook Solutions, Inc.

Willbrook Solutions, Incorporated is a Woman-Owned Small Business (WOSB) located in Huntsville, Alabama supporting the defense and aerospace industries. Willbrook’s experience in the modeling and simulation of DoD and NASA systems is recognized by AMRDEC, MDA, and NASA technical communities for providing innovative, timely, high-quality products. Willbrook’s capabilities are deepest and broadest in missile defense systems, in particular the weapons and their related armament, sensors, and targets, but also spans tactical missiles and space access systems. Our focus is primarily upon the use of M S to support product life-cycle decisions related to system development, acquisition, integration, operation, and technology insertion. Willbrook engineers conduct advanced studies and perform detailed analyses on missile design and modeling for multiple defensive missile systems, from targets to intercontinental ballistic missile defense systems, low orbit satellite delivery systems, geo synchronous satellite delivery systems, and armament for the weapon systems. Our engineers have expertise in data reduction, data transmission, and analytical methods and can identify trends or anomalies in test data or modeling data. We have developed multiple post processing tools for data from models and simulations and can automate data processing resulting in time and cost savings. Willbrook supports the Army aviation community by reviewing fixed and rotary wing flight characteristics, flight controls, and dynamic components analysis in support of system design, vibration testing and flight testing. Willbrook provides avionics support for communication systems, navigation systems, secure communications systems, and cockpit configurations including review of specifications/interface control documents, electrical load analysis, antennae surveys, and electromagnetic interfaces. In addition, Willbrook is developing and testing innovative, state-of-the-art spectrum analysis devices and radar characterization and calibration devices for various uses in both the corporate and military domains. These devices have the potential to provide enhanced capabilities to users in their unique environments.

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Wyle Laboratories, Inc.

KBR Government Solutions ensures mission success for customers on land, at sea, in the air, and in space and cyberspace. We create value and drive innovation by combining engineering, technical and scientific expertise with our full life cycle capabilities, mission knowledge and future-focused technologies. We are known for excelling in complex and extreme environments and trusted to overcome the nation’s most pressing challenges. When it’s mission critical, customers call KBR first - We Deliver.

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Wyvern Security LLC

Wyvern Security is a Minority Business Enterprise-HUBZone; Economically Disadvantaged Women-Owned Small Business founded by leading industry leaders and researchers providing strategic advisory, cyber and information security consulting services and cost-saving solutions to public and private sectors. Our staff is composed of technical subject matter experts with over 60 years combined experience in Cyber Security, Forensics, Artificial Intelligence and IT Infrastructure management. Our management and subject matter experts hold industry recognized certifications such as CISSP, CHFI, CCISO, CISA, CCIE, CRISC, CCNP, CCNA, CEH, CNDA, MPE, ACE, CASP, PMP, CCSE, CCSK, CBCP, and ITIL. Wyvern Security provides full life-cycle cyber and information security support to ensure government agencies and commercial companies can meet their regulatory and business security requirements. Our expertise and proven cybersecurity experience provide cost-saving solutions to customers to protect them from the most sophisticated attacks. Our services can be procured as a complete package or individually based on your needs.

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